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Network Account

Cost $0.00
1. Go to TaboolaAdsense, Fiverr, Flippa or your favorite ad network and create an account.  If you already have an account, you’re ready to go.  However, if you’ve been suspended previously, please don’t create a new account and use the same tax information because policies are strict and will recognize and suspend your account a second time, maybe on the first day, maybe after 30 days, so don’t waste your time or money.  Once you can access the account, start monetizing your website.  Effective sizes for monetizing are 728×90 display only, 728×15 link unit, 300×250 display only, 300×600 text/display ads, all per page.  Add all these ads to your site for the best click through rate.  Any questions, just ask.  We have a lot of experience with our traffic.

Site and Traffic

Cost $45.00+$84
2. Go to and select the $45 “website build” and the first $84 “traffic package” for 14 days.  Once purchased, you may contact us for further instruction, specially if it’s  your first time.  Even if you know nothing about these methods, just shoot us an email or ticket and we’ll advise and answer your questions. In the end, you’ll then own your very own unique, niche website to do with whatever you want, of course we suggest buying traffic from us (:  The domain itself can cost anywhere from $0.99 to $10 per year.  The cost of the hosting is generally in the $10/m range for most clients.   Follow our simple methods and anyone can be extremely successful with an online business.  Get going now!

Make Money!

Earn $X,XXX
3. Go to Screenshots to see what your earnings could look like.  Upon receiving your ad network pin number in your personal home mail box AND after verifying your EFT bank deposit, you can now receive automatic payments every 30 days around the 22nd to 26th of each month.  So, now each month, you can purchase a new “month” package and continue receiving income without hardly lifting a finger. Each month the traffic package can be increased to. At some point, you’ll recognize how profitable it is and want to create additional ad network accounts. At that point, you can contact us and we’ll advise in multiple accounts safely even if you’re in the US and or suspended previously AND the process will only cost $10 per account. This is a service we do not offer at this time, however can advise once you reach that point. Do it, you won’t regret it!

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