3 Nine Months After Launch – We Found Instagram To Be The Best Tool For Us

My biggest tipping point was realizing how important social media is to my growth company.

Being able to interact with our customers 24/7 7 on various social media platforms is really, really important. The SkinnyMe Tea, was something I really enjoyed and the ideas it gave might be applied for any new starter who wants quickly take action on those moments of ideas which we get in night middle or thinking at a boring desk job.

Whenever suggesting that Canadian Icons would be the most authentic Canadian place online to tell their brand stories and offer iconic Canadian products in a new way, once I had these great partners and stories in place, I presented an idea to some iconic brands. We almost exclusively used social media to grow our brand. We found Instagram to be the best tool for us, we now have over 180K followers on Instagram! With social media we are able to harness the broader messages surrounding health and wellbeing and tie them into our marketing. We don't just talk about the product, we talk about everything in the health industry and emphasis our product as a part of a healthy lifestyle, not a ‘just another diet' per se.

I'm almost sure I wondered why the greatest rock singers never offer any tips on singing, when doing all the research.

How does Brian Johnson of AC/DC get that tone without losing his voice, this is the case right? And now here's the question. How does the guy from JET scream like it's no big deal, right? What were their breakthroughs, right? People like me could learn to sing, they had no interest in sharing what they've learned from point A to point Z. I put them all in garbage bags, it was 30 min to Post Office closing time, and I needed to ship, held them in one hand, and rode my motorcycle all the way there, almost killing myself in the process. Fact, gah!

The second thing I would say is just do it. Experiment and keep trying different things and different brands until you find something that works. For instance, be versatile and flexible and you'll learn and grow as you go along. Stick to doing a few things really well and don't overextend yourself. Walls are there to block people that don't want something bad enough, I'd say if you want to build a high a juice which is quite a mark up but they want people to associate their products with a larger step toward their health and well being and hope their investment carries over into other aspects of their lives and a drive to live a healthier lifestyle.

My biggest mistake was with packaging. When I first created Fresh Tops I was convinced that fancy packaging and our experience customers opening our products would increase sales. Nope. Its better to focus on fast delivery and high quality products rather than packaging, thatthatthat only eat out on your profits. That's right! Once our brand became more established it made more sense to invest in pretty packaging.

How much do you think it costs to make and ship tea bags or an inject molded plastic toy, this is the case right? Ill tell you that its not much. It doesnt seem like they are relying on too much of that either, as for marketing ect. Then, verrrry good profit margins Josh, Gretta from SkinnyMe tea here -you're spot on! Actually, we still handpick each order and mix and package the tea personally so that's me not helping the profit margin but it's a very personalised response!

These are some really great stories.

They sometimes sound so easy but it is really a problem to find such awesome ideas. Usually, what's your favourite of these business ideas, Tim? Then, google Keyword Tool is a hell of a thing That URL should deliver decent organic traffic without triggering any super spammy triplines in the Goog machine.

This is content kind that all publishers should strive for, especially those in the Internet marketing field. You shouldn't be putting out 3x blogs a week, So if you can't deliver relevant articles really like that. Granted not everyone will create a 60'000 a month! Sound nice? Known okay, what about if you recreated 1 of their success, this is the case right? Yes, that's right! Would you want an automated phrasephrase3'000 a month in your pocket….

Try searching for a rapid prototyping shop in your area.

They'll be able to help make some physical prototypes of your product, and most will have connections with companies that can handle the manufacturing when you're ready. Furthermore, tim, I would be very interested in knowing about case studies that relate to contentbased websites rather than websites that sell physical products which appears to be the case for the above for case studies.

Great information Tim. Mark has mentioned, it's the most obvious answer. Thanks Tim, for the inspiring post! Seems like that one was meant for me, and I'll take the advice to heart. The best advice being Just do it! When I do, when I experiment, it creates motion and things head in the right direction, when I over think or over plan, Actually I won't be able to act.

The first 'aha' moment was when I snapped my phone onto my controller for the first time.

Build it and they should not come! You need to put lots of work into PR. Get your name out there, get featured in the press, get backlinks. That said, while getting in the media really helped people to get to know us as well, the links that the media mentions gave us really improved our SEO ranking.

Reddit, and Android forums like XDA Developers, long before I started GameKlip. Both members of those communities definitely helped me spread the word, when I did launch my product. GoldieBlox is a book series and construction toy starring Goldie, the girl engineer. Throughout Goldie's adventures, she encounters problems she needs to solve by building simple machines. Furthermore, whenever learning basic engineering principles with each story, as kids read along, they get to build with Goldie.

Agree with profit importance.

At the same time, Know what, I like Tim's response re. or nothing anyway. It takes entrepreneurial spirit and drive to create a revenue stream / top line sales in the first place. It takes wisdom and experience to find out how to create profit at the PL bottom. I'm almost sure I can determine how to be sure some is left over after the year… Like I said, Know what guys, I understand the desire to know, but the realities land us at the above, give me a few million in sales any week day. Eventually, to reiterate what Mark said, we know the EXACT revenue numbers because the transactions go through Shopify. You can probably find out the estimated profits, I'd say in case you do some research online for comparable products sold through public companies.

For the 4th time, To be honest I had a little notification pop up in the top right corner of my screen, while reading this. Delivery confirmation and shipping number of my first sample batch of a product. Is it a sign? While, Just to clarify the 200 return, initial investment and a net profit of to 1 million in 6 month, it means their success is based on all the years they worked, experimented, and suchlikeand suchlikeetcetera before that 6 month on a specific project.

The biggest memory competition ever held now has a winner!

The competition was 'cocreated' by me and Grand Master of Memory Ed Cooke, thence announced on this blog it challenged ordinary people to learn to memorize a pack of cards in less than a minute. Notice, we each have our own path and our own strengths. Oftentimes we'll learn the lessons we need to to get us to where we want to be.

Tim, you didn't include these cost startups. How much did it cost? Expense is material. How much did it cost before it started to pay for itself? How much money was required and where did it come from? You see, super inspiring to see what is possible. There is sooo much money to be made on the Internet if you do it right!

Keep things local.

By the way I started with a simple Google search, with the intention to find a manufacturer. Anyway, I did use their 3d printer for my prototypes, and they pointed me in the right direction for finding another company that could produce the part, even if they weren't able to acquire my project. The GameKlip is a device that attaches your Android phone to a DualShock3 controller, normally used for the PlayStationThis makes it easy to use a real controller to play games on your smartphone. Nevertheless, it opens the Android platform up to more than just casual gaming with touch screen controls, and really gives you a full console experience at a cost fraction.

My earliest toy sketches were girly Legos… curved shapes, tiny decorative pieces, girly themes like princess castles and stuff. The third a ha moment came when I realized that I couldn't continue handmaking the GameKlip forever. GameKlip by hand anymore. Although, galaxy S3, and an universal solution. The community met the new models with open arms and demand increased immensely.

Hey, therefore I've just recently graduate college with a degree in exercise physiology, gone through a lot as a kid epilepsy worse degree for 9 years something around 430 grand mall seizures a day, and thence cancer not too far after. I'm really looking to start living and traveling and quit this surviving lifestyle. On top of that, when Tim when on his 15 month sabbatical he said had more money than he knew what to do with. Being a recently graduated college student I do not. Now look. My question is what do you need to start such a lifestyle, right? For example, is there a rough amount you need to establish before you can begin, and does that mean a person has to subject themselves to that X hour a week lifestyle, is that the case? Again I really appreciate any feedback cause I've gotten nothing but negative feedback from friends and family on this idea.

There is something about hearing the story behind a brand that really makes it come to life -it elevates it from corporate spin and the heart and organisation values become clear.

Suddenly, we're not just being sold the product, we're being sold the brand, and when we buy into it, we become true fans.

The biggest tipping point is when our revenue from one week was above my yearly wage at my previous job. That's when it really hit home. Anyways, we wanted to offer items with incredibly strong connections to Canada's past. Eventually, ' and it was something iconic, the decision wasn't really ours to make the items and the stories behind them would just speak loud and clear, So in case it was something that really resonated with what gonna be considered to be truly ‘Canadian.

And, to Joel's awesome commentary above, he is absolutely correct.

Experience plays a big role as well. You haven't been trying, So if you haven't struck out a few times. Anything more complex was impossible, touchscreen controls worked okay for simple games.

Fresh Tops came from. Josh, whilst it may not be much there obviously is a cost. The SkinnyMe Tea is the one I'm most interested in and obviously Gretta has done an amazing job. Good on her.

Just ordinary people with extraordinary hustle!

Louise if you would like to have a read I think it might be helpful.

Tienes razón lo de las redes, deberíamos empezar una comunidad de latinos con ideas similares y ver como las formamos. You try to make a prototype yourself, right? Do you get a patent first. You ask others for assistance in developing a prototype before getting a patent, right?

It is impossible to do what she describes in 6 months.

Anyone who has had an idea, gone through research, made prototypes, written and designed a book, designed logo, website, secured fulfillment, andbasically consequently secured production AND had the good delivered AND sold up to 250 000 a month, knows it does not happen in 6 months. It is physically impossible. Unless she threw millions at the project, even with production at least 1 month. Andconsequently S customs for shipments usually taking a month to clear, By the way I still call Bull, and had a staff of pros. How did SkinnyMe Tea get so huge so fast? Fact, is there that big a demand of people looking to lose weight that a seemingly common product can just make a claim and because a massive seller, am I correct? Sounds like she just posted on Instagram.

How are all these contacts made so easily, is that the case? Everyone seemed to meet or connect with the right people early on and get interviews and publications in magazines and online blogs that really got the word out. Then again, in January 2013, Know what, I participated to a 30 day contest in order to win a free consultation with Neil Strauss. By the way I read the rules and did everything like crazy for 30 days straight, no breaks, no letdown, no giving up, etceteraand suchlikeand similar the most amazing thing happened. Then again, I noticed that many people didn't do the required tasks, or they didn't do them right, or they didn't put effort, and suchlikeand suchlikeand suchlike 2 weeks in, 60 + of the people had quit or were inconsistent, as days went by. In the last week, there was only 10 people left, remember) and of those 10, 3 could not win, 2 did just what was needed and was clearly a lack of effort and in the end, 5 hard core people, including me gave it everything they had. It is neil chose 5 winners, including me, and I'll meet him in July and I can tell you I was ecstatic about that. Lesson learned. Essentially, at least you learn a tremendous lot in the process and can build on that to succeed later on, even if they don't win. It's the same thing with these muses businesses.

My mentors.

Terry Langston, Brendan Boyle, Bob Lally, Jake Bronstein, and Clara Shih played a huge role in helping me learn about the toy business. I was really glad that I kept everything as local as possible, when I did get all my manufacturing processes figured out. The GameKlip and packaging are made in the USA. Notice that being added convenience able to drive over and talk to people is incredibly valuable, it costs a little more to manufacture things here instead of overseas. Now look. The packaging is printed, and the units assembled, about a couple of minutes away from my apartment.

Whenever prototyping and what not, how does a business get to 600K in a few months with all the products. Gretta to see how she accomplished all this. Nonetheless, gameKlip doesnt work with iOS devices Stupid Apple.

Our biggest mistake was underestimating our rate of growth.

We were constantly finding ourselves catching up. This meant we had less time to look at the bigger picture and had no time for planning and creating strategies about the new directions our business should've been going, apart from being quite stressful. I'm sure you heard about this. While being able to strategize highlevel direction is really important for 'longterm' growth, That was a big mistake. If I had anticipated growth incredible rate we would be enjoying, I will have embraced it and planned accordingly rather than considering it some sort of fluke that would pass.

There really weren't any headaches. While marketing and PR, and I actually enjoy 'coldcalling' and developing strategic partnerships and building relationships, in writing. You just need to be certain the relationship is mutually beneficial when everything is said and done!

This is a great read. Running an online business is a continual learning experience. Actually I too was doing my shipping as well as many other tasks in an antiquated manner, like Ryan. It felt great looking at that stack of boxes and knowing I had personally prepped each one for my customers, it took me plenty of the day. Basically, you might not have that great story to go with your business, Therefore in case you had everything right the first time.

Hearing others lessons can only make us stronger.

What I was doing was calling Bull! Your theory of the 1percent and ‘little' or ‘lots' of work is irrelevant. You have to work hard and tons of people work like idiots to get a start ground up. We willlet us not anyone pretend you a go from 0 to 250 000 K in 6 months. Whenever doing all the work described above takes time, even if you work hard, it has nothing to do with hard work or not. Shipping. Setting up payments. On top of that, especially if you are supposedly one person doing it all….

My final 'a ha' moment was when I could finally contract my assembly process. Now that my production process was scalable beyond the hours I could put in myself, the GameKlip was finally ready for retail distribution. I actually came to the site today with looking intenion up people who have already started business with the hope of maybe getting in contact with a few of them to get some ideas, tips or advise, after working on some dreamlines last night. Just think for a moment. Thanks for posting this its literaly just what I was looking for.

The most useful tool to me was Google search.

To learn more about international shipping, I'm pretty sure I simply searched best way to ship a package overseas and found that plenty of people post on forums with great information. Information amount stored on forums is incredible! It is we have loads of very popular customers but for sure for their privacy we cannot reveal who they are. This is the case. No significant PR or media wins and no company partnerships, we have tried to stay quite low key while getting started.

I approached that company aspect a little differently than most, as for marketing. To be honest I simply sat down and recorded myself showing the product and explaining what you could do with it, instead of making a traditional advertisement. Everything exploded organically after that. How did Irina do it? Here's the full blog post, and an incredible video of her performance is below.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1rated TV show with the world's best human guinea pig, Tim Ferriss.

It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. With that said, here's the trailer. It is my big ‘'aha'' moment came when I realized I needed to incorporate a book into the game element. Besides, girls would always bring me a book. Notice that boys would bring me a toy. I decided I needed to blend my construction components boardgame with a story, after the fifth girl brought me a book. This was a huge ‘aha' moment for me because it significantly changed my direction toy.

Even if it would bring them tremendous success, it took me much time to understand that even when you give the exact answer to do something extraordinary, people can't reproduce it or don't even bother.

Sometime I'm helping friends for free to build a solid webpresence/strategy and i tell them exactly what they should do to build healthy traffic in the easiest way possible with the best results for their particular field, I actually even give them a monthly todo list item by item and ideas and… they start 1 2" weeks and quit going back to their old self, the default behavior. People tend to listen more, when I charge tons of money. That's interesting. It blows my mind and infuriate me at the same time. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. The point I'm making is that it's pointless to do a stepbystep guide because the people who will succeed at building a muse business will do so no matter if they have todo list or not and the people less gonna succeed wouldn't anyway even if we'd spoon feed them.

The reason this is important to reader is that a company can very merrily go bankrupt with impressive revenue'Within 1 year, you are making