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Brad's 100 spoton,.

Facebook Exchange is incredibly important precisely because it's one publisher, no jive, just ROI and scale, his post is a plug. Make no mistake this gray traffic -maybe fraud, maybe just really poor traffic -generates a whole lot of revenue and provides inexpensive performance for many if not dozens of the Media Trading businesses, From a recovering senior Publisher and Operations guy with a decade experience. Whenever trading desks, all of them at one time or another may look the other way and buy here to achieve campaign success and ROI as defined by CTR + eCPM, audience ad networks. That can be what's demanded by advertisers to stay on a plan. Cheap impressions with high CTR's pay the bills -most don't care to look too closely at where and how this success is achieved.

I can say without hesitation that every single SSP, DSP, exchange and network quoted in the article is just one more gaping hole and gateway for all of this junk traffic, as a high volume buyer across exchanges who also studies site transparency lists daily and maintains staggeringly vast blacklists. It's time to call BS on everyone from Google on down and get this cleaned up before it brings the whole ecosystem down. At Zenovia Digital Exchange, our Velvet Rope blocks over 23percentage of the ad tags we see prior to our allowing it in the ecosystem. On top of that, vR is blocking bots, proxies, click bots and IPs which see too many ads over a given period of time. To also prevent that 23percentage of bot traffic to clog our systems with the demand partners,. Also, this has become a ‘holy war' for us as we fully believe that the problem will only become greater with complacency.

We set up meetings with SSPs and data providers to find out how we were using their tools wrong, we assumed we were doing something wrong. We'd get light red faces and embarassed looks, when we explained our issues to them. It turns out, we were using their tools correctly, we just weren't supposed to be examining the results so carefully. Although, for instance, we showed a spam site to one contextual data provider and asked how we could avoid having our ads appear on sites like that. The data company rep's response was to point out that the content on the spam site's page, a piddling 3 sentences, was in fact relevant to the topic we were targeting. He said that if we spent more money with them, they could help us potentially. It was a pretty embarassing meeting for all parties and one that we reference internally often to let us know inform us regarding how much smoke and mirrors and advertiser fraud is present in digital advertising.

What I don't want to happen because of this article is brands give up and stop buyingonline. Let's take step towards the solution and keep the pressure on this topic to help thisindustry for the long term. Don't be Joe Paterno…see something say something, Don't let today be an one time event, the only reason this stuff gets so big is if we don't deal with it head on. The IAB has developed the Quality Assurance Initiative andsoon it will be releasing the 0 specification. We all should be paying attention to this and get behind programs like QAG. Then, it will be available to the public soon and I urge you to make sure you review and comment. It is maybe we can figure out how to address quite a few of this stuff and fix it, Therefore if more people are involved. Therefore, these evil doers win, we all lose, Therefore in case we don't.

Anyone know how AdX is filtering publishers, right?

Seems like they could have an amazing advantage from tapping into Google's Search Quality Rating Program. It scores sites on the basis of a large number of quality criteria and maintains records of domain characteristics over time. Programmatic whitelist? This is the case. Adtomatik is the best solution for publishers. They have a capable team that is focused onincreasing the revenues and improving monetization. With awesome results, thanks to their advice and support I have successfully tried ad formats such as Native, and In image.

Cost the SSP/Exchanges more