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Yomtobian allows that tab unders are low quality traffic and that Bonnier complained about that.

He says his firm checks its traffic supplying partners for bots and sends only real humans to the Bonnier websites. We would never deliver traffic that we don't think is real, he says. Remember, yomtobian also disputes Edelman's claims that Advertise. People sometimes do see tab unders and click on them, right after all. There is a huge distinction, he says, between worthless traffic and 'low quality' traffic. Also, you've probably never visited MyTopFace. Whenever, with video ads fetching far more money than display ads, It's a cosmetics advice site that sells ad slots for anywhere from 73 to for every 1000 visitors.

One ad tracked in the study was a video spot for Chrysler that ran last year on Saveur.

In accordance with a person who was briefed on data provided to the study's participants, only 2 ad percent views registered as human. Eventually, chrysler, thatthatthatthatthatthat doesn‘t dispute the data, ceased buying ads on the site once it became fraudulent aware activity, says Eileen Wunderlich, the automaker's spokeswoman. White Ops, thatthatthatthatthatthat left out the advertiser names and website in its published study, declined to comment. Then again, executives at Bonnier, the publishing company behind Saveur. White Ops study looked at 5700 ads, a very small number. They also say there arethere're multiple methods for detecting nonhuman traffic, and that there's no single standard used by the industry. Of course we weren't aware of any problem or complaint. Says Perri Dorset, a Bonnier spokeswoman, I'd say in case it had been brought to our attention we would have fixed it.

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Bot Traffic by Domain Category.

About 18 months ago, he set to figuring out how much of his inventory ad spaces for sale was fake. The answer mortified him. Two thirds was either fraud or suspicious, he says. He decided to remove all of it. Consequently, that's per year buying high quality traffic for MyTopFace from Facebook. Then he spends another billion this year. Whenever something that companies learn to control without ever eradicating, Ad fraud may eventually turn into a manageable nuisance like shoplifting. Advertisers generally see lower levels of fraudulent traffic by dealing directly with publishers rather than using programmatic exchanges. Basically, that also means missing out on the scale that automation provides. Notice that with its billionplus users, sites such as Facebook, are relatively bot free, if expensive, places to run an ad. Furthermore, earlier this year, Facebook said advertisers would have to pay only when their ads are actually seen by humans.

Amram is at Heineken USA now, where the annual ad budget is in the increase in revenue for every traffic is a lot more expensive. Taboola, let's say, charges publishers from 20 to 90 per visitor for video content, targeted to a audience on desktops only. Bonnier can sell a video ad for 1 to 2 per view in a programmatic auction, thatthatthatthatthatthat is how the company sold most ads on its video sites. It might be losing 19 per view or more, if Bonnier had gone with Taboola.

Bonnier is a '211 year old' Swedish media conglomerate.

It has struggled in its transition to the Internet era, like lots of traditional publishing companies. Generating digital revenue to offset declines in the print business is paramount, and video ads are particularly lucrative. Whenever Working Mother, and Popular Science, Last year the company began to build videocentric sites for Saveur and a couple ofa fewa couple ofa few of its other titles, including Outdoor Life. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Fake traffic has become a commodity. Needless to say, there's malware for generating it and brokers who sell it. For instance, some companies pay for it intentionally, some accidentally, and some prefer not to ask where their traffic comes from. It's given rise to an industry of countermeasures, thatthatthatthatthatthat inspire counter countermeasures. It's like a game of 'whackamole', says Fernando Arriola, vice president for media and integration at ConAgra Foods. Consumers, meanwhile, to the extent they pay attention to targeted ads at all, hate them. Furthermore, the top paid iPhone app on Apple's App Store is an ad blocker.

Less ethical methods are cheaper.

Popups those tiny browser windows that you ignore, click to close, or never see are one way to inflate visitor numbers. You're counted as someone who's seen the ads, as soon as that window appears on your computer. Let me tell you something. An even more costeffective technique and as a rule of thumb, fake is always cheaper is an ad bot, malware that surreptitiously takes over someone else's computer and creates a virtual browser. This virtual browser, invisible to the computer's owner, visits websites, scrolls through pages, and clicks links. It's just the malware, No one is viewing the pages, of course. Therefore, it's counted as a view by 'traffic measuring' services, unless the bot is detected.

The situation became more infuriating when Kellogg tried to get a simple breakdown. Do you know an answer to a following question. How much was each labyrinthine part digitalad process costing, this is the case right? Needless to say, answers were impossible to come by. They all refused, kellogg asked for itemized bills from the various ad agencies and data companies it hired. Besides, it wasn't a smoking gun, Kiszka says. You can find some more information about it on this site. It was more like a detective story where you had to piece together the evidence. It was clear that in a system with that little transparency, there was bound to be problems. While removing the agencies from the process, In response, Kellogg's 'inhouse' ad department assumed control of its contracts with publishers and ad platforms such as Google and Yahoo. Kellogg started using software that alerted it when ads ran on suspect sites and refused to do business with any sites that wouldn't allow 'third party' validators to screen for bad traffic. Kiszka says the company has seen a 50 percent to 75 percent write in bot traffic and a significant jump in its return on investment in advertising for Raisin Bran and Corn Flakes.

When visitors went to MyTopFace.

Myspace player would pop up in the bottom righthand screen corner. An ad would show, followed by the editorial content a '15 second' video of a guy driving a car at night. So an analysis by SimilarWeb, a traffic analysis firm, shows the majority of it arrived from a handful of 'identicallooking' sites with names like Omnaling, bonnier declined to reveal its traffic suppliers. Of course connectcom, each describing itself as an advertising network technology domain. You should take it into account. While pumping traffic anywhere on the Internet, the domains work like fire hoses. They're registered anonymously but have shared computer addresses with other sites, including one called 'DanielYomtobian'. Daniel Yomtobian is the chief executive officer of a traffic supplier in Sherman Oaks. Fact.

MyTopFace operator agreed to meet with Bloomberg Businessweek, right after more than a dozen emails and phone calls. He's 28, lives in Brooklyn, and introduces himself as Boris. On a warm September afternoon, he shows up at a trendy Flatbush Avenue cafe with his wife and their '1 month old' son in tow. He's wearing a pair of brownish, tortoiseshell glasses and sports a goatee with a waxed, handlebar mustache. Ron Amram has been in the brand marketing business for about 20 years. In the 2000s he was media director for Sprint's prepaid cellular group, mainly figuring out where the carrier should spend its ad dollars print, outdoor, digital, or broadcast. TV was always at the pyramid top. TV campaign was like the Air Force, Amram says. Although, you wanted to get your message out, you did carpet bombing. TV wasn't cheap, nor did it solve that ageold question. Furthermore, half of my marketing is working, half of it is not, and I don't know which half.