Cheap Website Traffic – Buying Traffic Was Notwas Not Much Of A Deal

The question is. What do you mean by honest publishers? Buying traffic was notis not much of a deal. We buy traffic for our niche because, we want that published. Essentially, you mean we're opposite of honest, right, am I correct? Needless to say, opposite of honest publisher wouldn't be those who buy traffic. Did you hear about something like that before? We buy real traffic, that comes directly from google to our niche, not the bot traffic to reload my page, LOL This is just touching on the problem. It is extensive. There is a point where even people with good intentions will look the other way when the 5000visitors. For me i prefer to use Native ads because the conversion is better.

Cancel the buy remainder reallocate these funds to the top performer, Therefore in case the huge poser continues with the ad network. The biggest mistake an advertiser can make is to not keep a close eye on campaigns while they're in market. Needless to say, once it has ended it is too late to take action.

This has been going on for years and I was Google part lawsuit in the 90's which recouped maybe 3 of my PPC ad budget.

One company was hitting my PPC ads via a Google data caching mechanism even after Google had banned their click farm. As a result, they had no way to ban them from entry via other mechanisms, at the time they were coming in on new ip's everyday and google was banning them on a daily basis. There should be no CPM advertising. Also, there should only be affiliate marketing. Get paid per sale, not per impression. Things would change. Maybe they like to have pretty graphs with traffic spikes to show the investors or nobody knows. So in case they like to be played, they must be attempting to play someone themselves too.