Even If So It’s Link Building – Bring On The Masses: Untapped Sources To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

targeted trafficBased on my learning, Actually I am intending to share three untapped traffic sources thatmost of the newbie bloggers are unaware of.

I know it's often ignored by many bloggers, blog commenting is among the powerful strategies to get targeted visitors on your blog. Most newbie bloggers will not do this just as long as the links they are getting by blog commenting are nofollow links. Then, well, you are wrong.

targeted traffic

The main aim of commenting on other blogs is to get targeted visitors rather link building. Commenting on a dog blog would make no sense, Therefore in case you are a beauty blogger. And now here's a question. The question arises How do I get targeted visitors to my blog by commenting on other's blog posts, is that the case? Therefore, it's crucial to have nofollow links to maintain a balanced ratio of do follow and nofollow links, even if So it's link building. The answer is pretty simple. They click on your name to learn more about you. As a result, it's how you get targeted traffic on your blog. You write an interesting comment that grabs reader's attention. You get relevant traffic because Make sure the blog posts you comment on are relevant to your niche.

targeted trafficSlideshare is a silent, yet giant social media platform where you can upload presentations and share them with the world.

It's simple and doesn't require much time. Brand awareness and targeted traffic are a couple of benefits you get by sharing your content on Slideshare. Now please pay attention. Be sure to optimize your titles and descriptions for Yahoo as well. All you have to do is to create engaging presentations that are informative and 'eye catching' at similar time. Convert all of your blog posts into slides and present useful information. Write interesting titles and descriptions.

Don't forget to mention your blog links after every presentation. Quora gives you 'long term' traffic which is an added benefit. This will get you targeted traffic to your website. Users who like your slides will seek for to visit your blog to know more about you, and it's more likely that they are intending to share on social media as well. Remember, we've got a detailed marketer's guide on how to use Slideshare effectively. Write a brief answer that adds value. There's a lot more info about this stuff on this website. You keep on getting clicks as long as the question stays there and people are watching your answer. It is it is a good idea to share the link in youranswer, I'd say if you have a relevant blog post on your personal blog. All you have to do is to sign up on Quora and add relevant categories to your interests. As a result, you gonna be notified, if someone posts a question in that category.

Content is king.

Great has always been the primary source to attract visitors to website. He is a published author on The Huffington Post blog as well. He is a IT consultant, a web developer and blogger. Make sure your website looks appealing and is loaded with valuable content at quite similar time. Forget the traffic, So if you follow the above-mentioned strategies very well but don't write great content. Aqib Nazir is a father to a beautiful son, husband to an amazing wife and son to a great mom with an vast interest for IT. They might never come back again, if a new visitor lands on your website and doesn't find anything useful.