Google Acknowledges Improvement Is Still Needed Across Its Breadth Of Products And Services – Google Traffic Is Encrypted


google traffic Whenever reporting that 77percent of traffic to its servers uses encrypted connections up from slightly more than half two years ago, Join us for this enlightening webinar where you'll get insight into what to consider when building Google is updating its status on its encryption efforts.

Despite these efforts, Google acknowledges improvement is still needed across its breadth of products and services.

It has had varied results due to technical barriers in supporting encryption that range from older hardware and software that does not support modern encryption technology to some countries and organizations blocking or degrading HTTPS traffic, as Google works on its other products and services to support HTTPS encryption. While advertising traffic on Google is 77percent encrypted, according to its transparency report. Consequently, google plans to add information about YouTube's encryption status to its products chart by the year end. It notes that it is not included in its overall encryption traffic figures.

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google trafficMeanwhile, Google is using a 'carrot and stick' approach to nudge other websites to use encryption.

Whenever pushing them higher up on the Google search results page, In 2014, Google changed its ranking system that gave preference to websites that use HTTPS encryption. For websites that rely on traffic to help boost their revenues, a high position on a Google search page is critically important. This Google incentive was put into place after it came to light that the National Security Agency was harvesting personal data transmitted over the Internet without users' knowledge via vulnerabilities in unencrypted websites, a Associated Press report notes.

Google also has its top list 100 nonGoogle sites on the Internet and their state usage of HTTPS. The company estimates that these 100 websites account for 25percentage of all worldwide Web traffic, and says that it is working to aid these sites' move to HTTPS by this end year. The list has three categories that a website can fall into. The site works on HTTPS, Modern TLS Configuration, and Default HTTPS. Actually, a lot of sites that cover all three include Facebook. Just think for a moment. Instagram. Linkedin. Netflix. Plenty of info can be found by going on the web. PayPal. Twitter. With that said.

He noted that compliance regarding encryption plays a role in companies adhering to its use.

That can serve as a stick, more so than website rankings. With that said, as long as you don't want the bad guys stealing your debit card details, erry pointed out, banks and websites that accept bank card payments need to keep Web traffic protected. US Bank Regulators Tighten CyberSecurity Efforts Around SWIFT -InformationWeek http. Whenever Staffing Fails To Avoid -InformationWeek http, IT Talent. Talent and staffing were among the many issues we heard about, when InformationWeek surveyed 100 IT leaders about their greatest mistakes. Here, we focus on biggest five mistakes made in this.

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