Google Tends To Equate An Overabundance Of Advertising To Lower-Quality Or Spam” Websites: Google Traffic

 google traffic This was by dumb luck and I may have even let it default to the headline and first article paragraph.

Let me ask you something. Great product descriptions are part but we undoubtedly should better blog about things that interest the people who buy your products? Create video products reviews you sell, demonstrate how you package your products and stuffand similar There are a bunch of possibilities for retailers who want to create original content.

In the last few months, my readers have tripled so why has my ranking dropped from a 3 to a I don't pay for clicks. Anybody know, right? Make sure the topic is a good match for their site, include what you plan to cover and provide a little information as to why you are the person to write the post.

Guest posting was notis not too hard to do, if I may offer a suggestion. You'll simply approach blog owners whose audience might also be interested in what you sell/do. Eventually, if you sell something for dogs, you'd look for pet lover related blogs. You'll see if they state somewhere on their site that they take guest posts otherwise, you'd contact them and ask. You might talk about a product benefits or service you offer, you won't sell directly. It is a neutral, informative type piece. Hopefully they will click to your web site because you will be able to put a couple of sentences at the end about you/your site, if people like what you have to say. If you can't you might think twice about writing for that particular blog. Hope that gets you started.

Start by looking at the site from the user perspective searching Google, whenever it boils down to search engine rankings and improving SEO.

Does website provide the best, most relevant information for a given search term and if not, what can you do to fix it? In an earlier post I wrote on how to increase your Google ranking, By the way I talked about using blogs to increase pages number indexed in Google. Of course while it still holds true that more pages indexed for a given search term gives you a better chance of achieving a high Google rank, it is notain'tain't enough just to publish text optimized for keywords. Now please pay attention. Did you know that the content quality is now a factor.

Brian is right on target. Try to determine what information your customers are looking for online and provide it. On top of this, this doesn't always have to be technical or highly informative. Sometimes entertaining content can be just as effective if done well. Too much advertising can also result in lower Google rankings. This again is a result of Google's attempts to improve search results for the user. Google tends to equate an overabundance of advertising to lower quality or spam websites.

My poor google PR has never cracked 0 and despite myvaliantefforts, I have never been able to correct this.

Both are good suggestions. Cheryl that guest posting ain'twas notwas not all that difficult.

In another article on ways to improve your blog SEO with inbound links, I suggested that press releases were a good way to generate incoming links because distribution services often generated back links as articles were placed on various press release syndication websites. This link building strategy has also changed 'postPanda' update, as these links are not as highly valued as they once were.a well written press release can still be very effective when picked up and reported by a journalist or major publication. Google tries to present the most relevant and original content and omit the rest, instead of showing 20 pages with the same content.

What are your thoughts on video and Google page ranking, am I correct?

Google is placing lots of weight on those that produce quality videos. Actually, apparently video is 60percentage more likely to be watched than reading text, this is the case right? Keyword stuffing and intentionally filling meta descriptions with keywords that don't match the page in an attempt to deceive will only hurt your search engine results. For example, the closer the match, the better.

Jim, I think all of your suggestions are valid. You recommended that guest posting is a good strategy to acquire high quality links, and I agree. How would you recommend that a small business owner go about doing that, this is the case right? Remember, Google has attempted to screen out those publishing high volume, low quality articles, since the Panda update. In Google eyes, it's better to have fewer highquality pages then a lot of lowquality pages.

Optimisationsite promotion fundamentals will always remain the same, google is constantly evolving.

Highquality' content that people want to share will always do well in Google eyes. Search Engine Land has put together a free guide that will help you gain traffic from Google just like Google and Bing. Brian's suggestion about good product descriptions.

Site promotionSearch Engine Optimisation game is totally change. We can't depends on SEO alone now. We need to integrate social media marketing as well. In an interview with Wired Magazine, Udi Manber, Google's head of search, said that Google will make as many as 550 changes to its search algorithm this year. The bigger changes happened this past winter in what has been called the Panda or Farmer update.

Keep it short, simple and too the point.

The worst that can happen is they don't accept your idea. Take it to the next website and offer it there, So in case it's a good idea. Looks like you're at a PR 1. It looks like you don't have a XML Sitemap. This is sort of a road map for Google and pretty important. Try the Google XML Sitemap plugin, Therefore if you're using WordPress.

Google's ongoing efforts to ensure quality articles rises to the top. In the end, I think that's the point. The basic concepts haven't changed at all. Notice that people want to make this so a lot more difficult than it is. With all that said... Google is doing what they've always done, try to provide the most useful results for a given search.

Any help in the matter would be muchappreciated.

Interesting that Google punishes the one concern that makes them so rich. Is it low good content they're concerned about in this case, or competition, right?

Incoming links have always looked good in Google eyes. One way to move a site up the search engine rankings was to generate a high number of incoming links all pointing to a given web page. Udi Manber's Introduction to Algorithms sitting on the chair next to me.

Had to do some room tweaking and IbelieveI do have a sitemap now.

Perhaps the google gods will reign their PR love upon me now! On top of that, unless surely my blog is just crap. PR of 0, or now 1 at least. Hi Jim I agree we launched a ski jobs site.

Blogging is still the best ways to move up the search engine rankings as it is a good way to add highquality information to a website. Web pages or blog posts offering little of value can now negatively impact a website. Removing these pages might actually help a website move up the rankings or recover from a drop in ranking.

One thing about Video is that Google can't read it like it would an article.

This means it's far more important to get the SEO right for video. Essentially, start by looking into video sitemaps for Google. Excessive advertising can also hurt your Google returns. Note how the actual content on this site is notis notwas not even visible above the fold. I'm sure you heard about this. This website is also scraping content from Social Media Examiner which can also hurt search engine ranking.

Find a company with a blog you would like to contribute to. Interact with them on their posts, Facebook, and stuffetcetera and they may invite you, especially if you include a link to your own blog that already has great content on it. That worked for me, and I wasn't even trying! You could Email them and make the offer. Anyway, whenever nothing has really changed, for those looking to build quality websites that achieve high Google search results. Then the key is to focus on publishing highquality content that readers will want to share, as always.

This only becomes a problem if you're using canned content or directly publishing RSS feeds from other websites.

Content of this sort might be seen as lowquality and result in lower Google returns. Hopefully stolen days web content and RSS scrapers will soon be a past thing. However, people will share your content and build your own virtual community or social circle, Not only good articles but WOW content.

For the small business website owner, this should come as good news. Website owners can now focus on creating fewer 'highquality' articles or incoming links, as Google is no longer placing much value in links from article distribution sites just like Ezine, instead of generating 50 articles with subpar content. You see, the key words came naturally. The reasons I think blogs can be so powerful. Loads of info can be found by going on the web. It's not complicated SEO if you are naturally writing about what people are searching for. Figuring out what they are looking for, that's another story.

My first and still my primary blog climbed the rankings by pure dumb luck.

In one of my early articles, Know what, I wrote out a season prediction which came true pretty much as I predicted. Also, the article was filled with naturally occurring key words because to be honest, I had no idea what key words were at the time. Google indexed it about a month before people really started searching for the given terms and it quickly moved to the top spot on Google. It is according to a report by Sistrix. Of course, google rankings take a drastic drop. Notice, sites just like Ezinearticles. With that said. Google, although a 90percent drop in visibility may seem extreme. Then, in the process, a number of unsuspecting websites got caught in the fray.

On one of my sites I provide a listed physical description features after I give a benefits, how they can use the product, or how they will feel when using the product description. You know the 'warmfuzzies' pictures in your post do a good work to attract the Google. If you title your pictures with good keywords these alone will come up when customers are searching for a product. Did you know that the pictures will take them to your web site.

It also turns out one of my new blogs, that is very technically oriented, is getting picked up by Google, despite having NO links to it, and without any promotion whatsoever.

That's right. ZERO promotion. It's pure, distilled, very high quality technical content. It's a great reminder that it's as simple as doing the things that have always worked.

You won't have a problem, as long as you do it with respect for your readers. Google is looking at the sites with quite a few advertising and very little quality articles. These are the sites that pump out key word stuffed articles with little of value hoping to draw impressions and advertising clicks. You should take this seriously. Understanding what the XML Sitemap does probably helped me the most in understanding SEO from the technical side. Notice, it basically gives the search engine machines clear directions and without those directions the machines just don't know where to go. It becomes second nature to ask yourself, now that I've communicated my stuff well for humans, do the machines know what I'm talking about, when you get this. That's where it starts getting very intriguing, right? Is there something I can do to make this communication easier for the machines to understand.

There arelook, there're plenty of quality sites that have advertising, and the majority of it, while I agree that noone likes a small piece of content floating in a sea of ads.

It pays the bills. Eventually, for the average small business owner, stories like this can be concerning. It's hard enough to move to the Google top search rankings, let alone keep up with the constantly evolving magic that makes Google work.