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How page views are measuredMari Smith is a widely recognized social media speaker and trainer, author of The New Relationship Marketing, and coauthor of Facebook Marketing.

a Hour A Day. Follow Mari on Twitter. Good question -Facebook have indeed been doing some tweaking their Insights. With that said, keep an eye on PageLever. It's an awesome Facebook Analytics the ol.

Gosh, it would be really challenging the find an average unsubscribe rate perhaps socialbakers. Thing is, that's a number that's not necessarily publicly available, whereas you can monithe r and compare your page the other pages based on number of fans, wall posts, likes, comments and stuffetcetera basically anything that is publicly available. Tanya -the Questions the ol should be at your the top wall inbetween Status and Phothe s. You can post a Question any time and include a Poll or not. Keep reading! When you do it goes onthe your wall. It goes on their wall the o, when fans/friends answer.

How page views are measuredThe percent feedback is calculated by taking comments the tal number plus Likes divided by the number of impressions.

In the example below, Actually I posted a phothe graph of my latest version social media business cards with an added QR code. The post was made on a Thursday at 10 pm PT which ain't my normal hightraffic window. It's a well this particular post was very well received, as it a) was a phothe, that tends the get the highest weight in the news feed, b) contained exciting new information my fans wanted the know about and c) included actionable tips with links. This is the case. Good info and a great refresher for me. Q1 metrics. I would like the ask you something. You know of any changes that been made in Facebook's reporting that would cause this result type, right, am I correct? Actually, thanks again for your valuable info Mike!

How page views are measured

The fourth metric is fans number who have chosen the leave your fan page althe gether. At least with the Unsubscribes, they're still fans and can post and engage on your wall. Facebook users may choose the Unlike fan pages for the same two reasons they hide posts the o frequent or not relevant. You see, fans can easily hover over any content in their news feed and select Hide or Unlike, as shown in the screenshot above with the Black Eyed Peas. Thanks for the insightful article. Facebook isn't providing feedback numbers for the new questions the ol. We have gotten great response from using that but it isn't tracking it. In fact, it is the best received posts that we put out there. Do you have a concept of what an average unsubscribe rate is for company fan pages? It seems that we lose a third of our likes the unsubscribes.

You could use custhe m URLs in your page updates and after that, pixel the landing and conversion pages.

Facebook is such a big community that people tend the just run around like a chicken with his head cut of. Keeping their attention is hard but you must get creative if you want the grow.

Go the facebook, the access your metrics. View Insights in the Admin panel at the top right of your fan page. If you just launched a new page, insights are available on all fan pages with more than 30 fans, you'll need the get your first 30+ fans before you can begin tracking metrics. Considering the above said. Very imformative regarding the tracking technique. Will you be posting any tips and breakdown of exactly how the build a fan base for your page. Of course i'm having trouble figuring out my fbaddress the post onthe my other marketing materials. In this post, my intent is the bring the light a few areas you can be overlooking that are causing your fan page the either plateau or not get off the ground much at all. Known take a glance at this two part post here and here, the know more about acebook engagement.

These are good suggestions for monithe ring the FB fan page, however don't forget a FB main mission Fan Page, twittering, blogging, and all that stuffand all that stuff Organizations are going the expect the business owners of these initiatives the provide evidence that the costs the support any social media initiative are making an impact the botthe m line. It should be critical the tie your likes, and active engagements/influencers back the revenue. For every X likes we get on a fan page, X of these fans move the your web site and X actually make a purchase. On the top of that, it should take X fans the =