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Cmon now Ramsay you provide value to your community with Blogtyrant and that cannot be replaced by this sort of business -all the power to the guy making a killing and anyone else for that matter but its not all about the money.

Something eventually sticks, when you throw enough garbage at the wall. Never considered scraping the content, and probably it was the only reason telling myself it wouldn't work. These numbers surprise me a lot. Damn you man, now I have to rethink giving this a chance.

Wow, now that's fascinating lol. Basically the stats alone displays that it has value to the end user… hmmm, the content is notain't unique. Just random thoughts. It's not like they're having to come up with original articles. Everything else was another person's original work.

Thank you for the insight, I doubt I would have known about this tactic any other way.

You rock!

Btw. Obviously curation works, there are literally thousands of sites that work with this method… somewhere I read that the safest way to go is just add a little of your own comment. And now here's a question. That is amazing -have you seen a FB dropoff in traffic with algorithmic changes, is that the case?

Scott says he's working '16 hour' days on his site, and my guess is that his bulk time is/was spent on promotion.

Thanks for this article.

How many pieces of content per day would you recommend posting, am I correct? Those sites probably have at least one person to a few people who are spending a fulltime job's worth of time scouring the internet for content to scrape or create. Nonetheless, since my page didn't have too many likes when I did this it really didn't work out too well. What was really interesting to me is that I stopped the campaign almost two weeks ago and I'm still getting 2 5" likes every single day.

When I go to a site that is privately owned and not from the RSS feed just copy an image and the story.

Backlink or not, By the way I am not publishing on my blog with rights for you to publish elsewhere. Also, stealing stories and pictures and basically everything, that is something I always have heard that creators usually frown upon… to say the least.

In just a few weeks since I first heard about this website they've went from having 900000 fans on Facebook to just over 1 million. May of 2013 and almost instantly started receiving millions of website visitors. I believe there's still lots of room for competitors, from what I can tell. That spike has hit around January end, early February. Now regarding the aforementioned fact... Obviously there's going to come a point though when even hardcore Facebook users are overloaded with similar pages to follow, and they'll stick with what they're reading already.

Was the majority of the content on their sites owned by them, when Yahoo or Google started.

Yahoo Directory had some original content, the directory structure and perhaps the site descriptions. You see, google didn't even try to build a directory, they simply hosted a version of DMOZ. It is about the only proprietary content that Yahoo and Google had were their algorithms and their logos. Know what guys, I truly want to help women and the only way to do that is to get them to the website, my site is only a year old and I have struggled with how to draw traffic. And stuffetcetera I never built a website before and am learning as I go.

So in case you start stealing copyrighted photographs and posting them on your site, people will start calling you a spammer -and worse, a scammer and a thief. Part and parcel, and putting them on your site, So if you start pulling posts. It's not really a business model I want to focus on, although it worked. Consequently, I also have too many projects on my plate to give it a serious shot, there isthere's lots of money to be made. No doubt the thing that is going to keep you earning money is new continual posting 'clickbait' articles on Facebook every single day. XXX niche case study site so I'll probably not go any further than my initial testing.

I'd say if you start stealing copyrighted photographs and posting them on your site, people will start calling you a spammer -and worse, a scammer and a thief.

Part and parcel, and putting them on your site, So if you start pulling posts. It's not really a business model I want to focus on, although it worked. Consequently, I also have too many projects on my plate to give it a serious shot, there ismany of us are aware that there is lots of money to be made. No doubt the thing that is going to keep you earning money is new continual posting 'clickbait' articles on Facebook every single day. XXX niche case study site so I'll probably not go any further than my initial testing.

Hot Page of 9gag back in October. HOLY SHIT. So, it's been copied on to thousands of websites. A well-known fact that is. Well, I'm quite sure I guess its good to try out the Viral Nova other platforms to see if actually one can reach 100000000 unique visitors in Facebook under 6 months! That figure sounds unbelievable but one of two companies have attained that, then its possible for others to do so!

Kudos Glen for this perspective! To be honest I came across Upworthy, when I was researching how to write better headlines a month or two ago. They started up in 2012 and their mission is to spread viral messages about social causes and nonprofits. They write and test 25 headlines per article…. ViralNova just goes for clicks. How is FB going to stop VN yet allow Upworthy? This first cute answer will make you laugh….

These sites are scraping their content from Reddit and 4Chan, and putting it on the web 8 years later… In fact, the big corporations are doing as well, and putting 2007 Internet onto the TVS of 2011, if you didn't get this from the article on your first read.

Cool, how come I don't get an email when you reply…secondly, Know what, I did this before, and copied some headlines, 're wrote' some headlines, tried new articles, NOTHING went viral or was shared. I reckon, if you can maybe share your thoughts on that … that'd be great… It seems harder then it looks.

The people that are interested in the idea have probably already started thinking of domain names. This section is probably quite pointless as I'm sure you've already decided if you're going to try and build a site like that or not. Business Insider entitled Why Viral Nova Might Sell. This is the case. What I'm about to say might get you as curious as I was when I saw the website was for sale, I'd say in case you haven't heard of Viral Nova yet. It was founded in May 2013 and by December 2013 it hit over 100 million unique visitors for that month alone. You may have recently found them in your Facebook stream.

Just wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed this post and the follow up post.

It is slow going, By the way I can build from that, far I have 600 uniques in the first 2 days. Any idea how much I should be spending daily to acquire Facebook likes, this is the case right? Actually.

The question for me ain'twas not should I enter this niche, it's why haven't I already? That quantity of likes in such a short time is mind boggling and I still can't fathom ever seeing that on any of my sites! December, though it's videos only… so I'm not stealing anyone's content, just embedding their videos.

The challenge is.

Chinese netizens comprise of two primary users. On top of that, chinese and simplified Chinese users. That's right. Mandarin. Normally, i am sure you've heard of internet censorship in China so you really need to be content careful you post online. Sometimes websites are banned for no apparent reasons. Anyways, there isSo there's a significant difference between ViralWorthy, as you can see. Upworthy/ViralNova.

Little they knew, some people here rushed to say that it's not legal.

OWN text with the pictures. The guy KNOWS about copyright and he's playing fair, a ton of websites do and did the same thing WAY before him, only that they phrased titles that are less enticing. Generally, pictures spiral from one website to another, all across the web. You can't stop it, even if you want. On top of this, also, look at things other end. He posting your stuff on his website can potentially viral your brand and earn you big a week in FB traffic I also started a small FB campaign and am looking for ways to augment it.

Pulling some content from UpWorthy or Viral Nova that relates to my niche is a perfect follow up strategy. So, as mentioned I found there's not much competition in Chinese market, anyhow as compared to English one. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. There are few indeed, the one that I looked into is onefunnyjoke. Remember. I'm sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn't it sound familiar, this is the case right?|Sounds familiardoesn't it? with FB fan of around 40K+, the site was launched in year 2010. It's basically a chinese version of its English/Japanese/Korean competitors.

Very interesting.

We, humans, would to laugh at things falling/failing/with an ugly but funny twist in an imaginary world.

Why would we otherwise laugh at a TomJerry, LaurelHardy, Charlie Chaplin etceteraand suchlike,, am I correct? Thanks for bringing these up. With that said, eye opener, once again. Keep reading. What I would do personally is head on over to Viral Nova and use their pagination at the homepage bottom to go back to their first ever articles back in May. Chances are that the internet has forgotten about those stories and it's your chance to revive them. Take time to note which articles received the most shares and likes so you're not wasting time copying stories that didn't get much social traffic.

He is the most successful individuals I've ever heard of whenever it boils down to profiting online, without a doubt. That's exactly why I don't understand his comments on wanting to sell the website because he doesn't want to handle staff and an office. Having an office is obviously not compulsory definitely in an age where you can hire virtual assistants for a small fee. Even 37 Signals make millions of dollars every month and quite a few their staff have never met each other. There is more information about it on this site. Well, to put it shortly, all of these are 100 percent thieves using content created by others. Whats even worse, because of their high ranking they outrank original authors and might get them penalised for junk links and duplicate content. For content creators pure disaster and as a photographer and copywriter I dont like these websites. This isn't business, this is simply theft covered by DMCA excuses and other law bypasses. No, backlink is just not enough and it was proved many times at the court.

The other problem is further stealing directly induced by these folks. Articles and photos are shared in millions of copies without backlink or credit. Nonetheless, they earn half million monthly but they cause other 25 licence multiplied should be huge damage -and they do that a couple of times every single day! Exactly this behaviour is what makes all think that sharing and copying anything anywhere is just ok. That has deadly impact on content creators.

YouTube video is entirely different from copying images and the story from a website and then asking for permissions.

Part of YouTube TOS is the ability to share, you know unless it's a private link or you've disabled embedding, that your video might be shared elsewhere. With that said, you upload it and release some rights to it. Kind of in a gray area… but still, makes you think the possibilities. For people that are starting online, this might seem as a great goal for online business. On top of this, thanks Glen!

Where did you get the data to back up the claim about Viral Nova using Facebook Ads to promote the site, perhaps I missed something in the article. Did you use a certain tool to analyze their advertising history, right? Awesome post BTW! This is the case. Even after recent Facebook changes, thatthatthat many similar site owners expected would reduce traffic to their news articles, Viral Nova seems to be thriving.

Marc, from what I can tell he's not copying the content, seems to write his own take on it, no different that what many news/political and curations sites do.

Finally some good news about this. Thanks Mihai for the link…Facebook reach is down for all brands across the board. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. You can have millions of likes and you will only be able to reach a small percentage of users audience. Facebook basically is now setting this up as RePay To Play aka RPTP to reach more people that you've paid for to like your page in the first place…Yep switcherooo at its best. Make money get paid!

Really nice post Glen! Many on my friends have made some good quantity of money by selling facebook pages and websites and they are no where close to be called as a SEO SMO expert. Its really like that with way more elders coming on sites likes facebook, twitter the business strategy is changing at light aka viral speed. Now pay attention please. Yes sites like upworthy. Primarily just on social networks, as stated earlier. Furthermore, whenever getting some 10K views to a single video, the bounce rate was high so I stopped using SU.

It's important that you're tracking what actually works and what doesn' With enough articles you're quickly going to see which ones people like to share and which ones don't get much social action, as with any internet marketing campaign.

Bored Panda is definitely amongst the uglier sites I've seen attempting to capitalise on the Facebook market but my experience tells me that ugly sites tend to convert pretty well whenit gets to ad clicks. Especially when their navigation bar is some Adsense ads.

Since plenty of traffic will come from Facebook their platform is where I would spend quite a few my time, there are other social media platforms you can advertise on like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and even Twitter have their own ad platform now. Other tweets of his states that he doesn't want to get investors, start an office and all that kind of thing. Well, first of all, he's already hiring freelancers to run the site so I see absolutely no reason why he can't simply get more.

< >The Interview That Makes No Sense.

Likes and not direct sales or squeeze page signups.

My take on it is that if you're going to run a Facebook ad campaign to generate Likes, start slow and keep a close eye on your metrics and level of engagement to see if it is worthwhile. It's a lot easier to determine a campaign effectiveness because it directly correlates to conversions, if you're going for sales or signups. Scott mentions on his Twitter that he didn't buy any FB ads to kickstart Viral Nova. Supposedly his initial posts just went viral. BS on that. He's obviously leveraged some major traffic source to get that kind of initial traffic. It helps that his posts have an awesome virality index. There's always initial spark that lights the fire. Oftentimes what was it, if it wasn't FB Ads.

Don't think I was able to capture the ability to write such catchy titles, tried cloning the site for a non English language. Whilst the whole business model is very simple, writing task those titles is something of an art. What can I say Glen. When I got mail from you I become very excited to read your post and what I like most while reading if your post so long. Considering the above said. Wish not to finis your post so quick. You are one of my favorite person in IM world. Awesome post man. There's hundreds of thing to learn from you. Not to mansion that I'm a newbie.

So if you're will be fairly serious about this then I expect your budget to be fairly large.

The more money you can put into this to get your brand started, the better. The lowest investment I would suggest anyone make is around in December alone. Have you seen an automated script to setup a site like that lately?

Want another ultraclassic example, this is the case right? You can literally only do 3 things because They just repost youtube vids, good titles, and the most ugly interface ever, and they've optimized their design/layout. FB. So, it would be nice if the site would support itself, my goal ain't to make tons of money.

Know what, I first heard about the site when it was up for sale, as I said earlier.

Anyone who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short span of time and wants to sell their website either needs a quick influx of cash or doesn't think it's going to make money for much longer. We decided to encourage people to stay a little longer, instead of going for the typical websites which just want people to come on and go off. We are currently testing out a few things but the results are great!

What would two 'fulltime' American staff, who get to work from home, cost? CV? Needless to say, either way, they're not likely to even make a dent in the profits he seems to be pulling in from the website. Therefore if you're person kind who likes to profit off of other people's work, then I doubt you even bothered to read through my whole comment anyway, and you're already scraping sites to figure out how you can profit without doing nary a damned thing.

Leslie, you're absolutely right.

Not for the reasons you may think, They're very likely not reading your comments. The majority of the comments confirm Viperchill was notain't exactly endorsing these methods. In fact, Know what guys, I took quite the opposite perspective after reading plenty of the feedback and his replies to it. This is the case. Take another look if you would be so kind to. Maybe I'm just missing something here. Nevertheless, you tell me. Actually, interesting post Glenn! Bored Panda was out there for a while, another interesting thing is that they have over 2million Google+ fans. Considering the above said. This made me take more attention and try to figure out what is that they are doing.

Well, its alot like news jacking i can verify that this crack works ? I'm hoping this question will not be blown off by you because you are SO beyond where I'm at. If any other commentors want to make a suggestion please do. You believe that most of the websites that are being sold on ebay are legit, right, right? How can I weed out the ones that over selling, am I correct? Thank you in advance for any tips you can give.

By the way I don't know if the strategy has much of a shelf life, facebook idea is more exciting so a younger me would probably go with that.

Facebook in my previous comment.

While using only adsense ain'twas not great, it should work. Website optimizationSearch Engine Optimisation as my dayjob and have done loads of freelance work on my own. It's a little intimidating to spend a few hundred dollars on advertising right from the beginning, as someone who has never made passive income online. These are great insights though!

Keep in mind that Compete only tracks US visitors so no doubt a few million came from other countries as well.

Especially when Compete only shows 10 million people for December yet they reached over 100 million. This article and the encouragement to start sites really like that is really disheartening. Nothing is worse to me than someone who comes along and tries to scrape up all my hard work and post it on their own site. They all receive DMCA notices when I understand about it. They all take the content down.

The idea looks quite good but you'll have to setup a large budget for Facebook campaign first once you get 1M likes then things start working great. Some Gag guys in our country are getting more than Would Approach This. < >Enjoy this post? Please leave a comment below.