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They and previous galleries have had different senses of what to price the pieces at in their location but they also market online. If I post my normal price I'd be undercutting them. That's my concern. Finding out what your customers want is the beginning and end of your marketing efforts. Get this right, and you can make mistakes with a few of this list and still make sales. Get it wrong, and you will struggle no matter how well you execute the rest. This is relatively easy -since clients will tell you about their problems, challenges, loves, and hates, So if you're a service provider working closely with clients. Notice, they'll let you know when you're giving them what they want -and vice versa! Pay attention to what they tell you and use it to improve your service -and develop new offerings.

At this point there's no substitute for professional standard copywriting. Teaching yourself copywriting skills could be one of a kind investments you make, if you're a confident writer. As a result, or hate penning thought a sales page, you should seriously consider hiring a copywriter, So in case you can't write for toffee. Anyways, offer a free subscription -to your blog, your newsletter, your podcast, or some other form of communication channel that gives you permission to stay in touch with them over time, as well as making your sales offers abundantly clear. There's some more information about this stuff on this site. Like, and trust you via the free samples and advice you send them, they'll be more likely to pick you when they're ready to buy, once they get to know.

buy website traffic free trial To be honest I removed prices awhile back because I had prices that differed from galleries and I don't want to confuse or frustrate them.

How would you suggest handling that aspect, this is the case right? Eventually, what's their first impression, when a new visitor lands on your website. Let me ask you something. Does it look professional or amateurish, this is the case right? Now let me tell you something. Uptodate' or neglected, right? Popular or obscure? No prizes for guessing which qualities are more attractive to buyers.

Just those pieces specifically. The brutal truth is that hardly anyone will buy the first time they land on your web site. This is particularly true of sophisticated creative products or services -these purchases are usually not made on the moment spur.

What do you want people to DO when they come to your website?

Buy my stuff' or ‘hire me' should be at your top list. Next up is to subscribe to your blog or newsletter, sign up for a free trial, or do something else that moves them closer to buying. Make a prioritized list of these actions. For each desired action, you have to make an offer. Really good article and letting your potential customers see the service price or product is very important. This is the case. If you want lots of attention to your web site one of the concerns to look into is guest posting on sites within your industry to promote your free offer to their audiences to get a larger following. That is one technique I have been using this past summer with promoting my community blog and ebook and the results have been really amazing.

Particularly if you are selling a complex product or service, you ought to make it clear exactly what you can do for your customers, and how it will benefit them. The more specific you are, the more believable your claims, an expert more you will appear. Ask your best customers for testimonials -you may be surprised how eager they are to help out. Get them to be as specific as possible about the benefits they received from doing business with you. Basically, photos, URLs, and even videos will make the testimonials more credible and reassuring.

buy website traffic free trial

I will apply some of your logic and see if I can turn the site around, we suffer from this syndrome of having a decent amount of traffic almost zero conversions.

Thankyou. Nonetheless, my pleasure Daniel. Just keep reading! Re the pricing question, why do you have different prices for online/galleries? On top of this, who are you trying not to confuse -your customers or the galleries, this is the case right? For example, how you present it will depend on the answers.

Thanks for the positive mention! The timing is funny as I'm pondering simplifying the site. It's great to have that description on the About page but people have to get there. Furthermore, my front page needs less stuff and more focus. Thanks for the positive mention! The timing is funny as I'm pondering simplifying the site. It's great to have that description on the About page but people have to get there. Normally, my front page needs less stuff and more focus. Empowering the Creative Community.