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An increasingly popular and effective refinement to paid search is retargeting.

, So in case 2 of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Normally, retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online. Essentially, you need to ensure that your products and their categories are well represented. That said, for each product category and/orand product, set out a list of words -let's call them keywords -that your customers using Google would use to find those products and product categories. These are everyday terms that you would, let's say, use in a pub, as opposed to honeyed marketing prose and superlatives. This task isn't clever subject research and professional insight. So if you can't explain similar language what your products are, Let's face it, you shouldn't be in business! Put these words in those places that Google likes. Just think for a moment. URLs, page headers, image names and description meta tags. Magento has good tools for editing this information either generically or page by page. You don't need to be a SEO expert to do this.

Take your content, photos, videos, guides articles and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The best advice we can give is get a mobile device and do it from that between other things. Next, encourage people to link to your website. Did you hear about something like that before, am I correct? Beg, steal and borrow. Generally, you probably know 10 or so people with their own websites -swap links. On top of this, sometimes, you will find lists of directories to which you can submit your website. Send out press releases online -but make sure you have something meaningful to say. Be active on the social platforms that are relevant to you. On top of Youtube for your video content, Facebook, interest and Twitter.

Each of these sources of traffic will contribute to sales at a different rate, it may seem obvious.

The conversion rate per sales source gonna be an explicit planning variable and something you should measure keenly. We are sometimes shocked by retailers naivety -especially startups -when getting traffic. Certainly, folk imagine that a spanking website + plus SEO will generate 1m in short order. A well-known fact that is. In fact, it's pretty hard work nowadays. Things sort you need to run a business. Now look. There are no silver bullets, such as Facebook and Twitter. Generally, simply won't cut the mustard for the smaller company, this approach may work if you are a large brand or retailer with plenty of latent demand.

The key to success is simple. Nowadays, this is ultimately about generating great content which gains good currency and distribution on the internet. Now you have the model, play with your anticipated figures to derive a sensible and achievable plan for the traffic levels necessary to hit your financial target. Traffic will come from various sources -include a line item in your spreadsheet for each of these sources.

The process for setting up a campaign involves understanding Google Adwords, that could account for over 70 of all your traffic from paid search.

This will include a overall review demand for your kinds of products and services in the search engines, planning which keywords to use, developing the creative and identifying your overall goals and targets.

Read our article about ways to increase your size email database. That's interesting right, right? Even consider putting a pop up on your website to encourage email subscriptions -but incentivise your visitor to do so.

For completeness sake, we include here the use of shopping comparison sites. Kelkoo, Shopzilla. Google product shopping offer price comparison services. Best suited to commodity as opposed to branded products, they can still offer a valuable source of visitors, especially if brand, service and quality characteristics are highlighted. SEO is often seen as website holy grail traffic and the ultimate determinant of success. Consequently, it is also, unfortunately, many subject myths, lots of hot air and is seen by brand owners as a blackish art. This ain't the case.

Our advice is to send as many emails as your customers can take.

This is your duty. You can expect click through rates of between 1030 - relying on the content and offer -and apply a higher conversion ratio than normal as there are returning buying customers. More importantly perhaps -and certainly for generating purposes quality distribution -you will need to originate plenty of engaging, interesting and relevant content on your site -a blog should do this quite nicely. Don't make that a broadcast vehicle -use it a tool to engage with fellow bloggers on a personal basis. Normally, social media is a powerful way of distributing this material.

let's consider how much traffic you will need for your thriving business, before we look at this. Although experienced retailers will work this analysis to really drive their sales, many smaller businesses do not really have an idea about how to plan this. Let's consider how much traffic you will need for your thriving business, before we look at this. Although experienced retailers will work this analysis to really drive their sales, many smaller businesses do not really have an idea about how to plan this.