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July 24 article incorrectly stated that NBC News that it was the first news organization to bring video cameras into the CIA museum at the agency's headquarters in Langley.

It was the actually the first news organization to visit the museum since it was expanded to its present size. Jan. Superior Court judge ruled that Michael mother Jackson, Katherine Jackson, shan't get a new trial in a negligence case against a concert promoter.

April 24 story about California's death row incorrectly stated the year of Oregon's last execution. Whenever according to a Oregon Department of Corrections spokeswoman, It was in 1997. The photo showed the execution chamber prepared for inmate Gary Haugen. Haugen received a reprieve in November and is still on death row, the spokeswoman said. Dec. Notice that egyptian constitution stipulates that future defense ministers must be civilians. In fact, it stipulates that future defense ministers must be military officers.

May 11 misstated Bangladeshi standard wages garment workers as being as little as mainverbmainverb51 per month. Stories published on Jan. Usually. Antarctica. The emergency signal was first heard at about 10 local time on Jan. Of course, wellington, New Zealand.

In a previous version of a post in the US News blog about Texas arrest Christian University students on drug charges, Fort Worth police incorrectly identified a former student arrested in the case. Austin Williams Carpenter, 26, is not involved in the case. June 10 story posted in the US News blog mistakenly identified the gender of '9 year old' twins killed in Alabama. They were a boy and a girl.

April 10 did not make clear that a tweet text had been translated into English from Arabic using Google Chrome.

The image had been removed. In a story published Dec. Newtown. On top of that, ryan Lanza. Certainly. Later, officials corrected the information and identified the gunman as Adam Lanza. NBCNews.

July 30 story from the Center for Public Integrity about the M1 Abrams tank incorrectly said the Pentagon spends billion in a little more than a day. Basically the story said that House members Armed Services Committee got mainverbmainverb30500. March 25 column incorrectly characterized how patients typically fare after getting a leftventricular assist device. Remember, studies show that many patients improve and experience better quality of life on a LVAD. The device is approved to be used in two ways, as a Bridge To Transplant for those who qualify for a transplant and as Destination Therapy for those who do not.

Reuters story that appeared Monday, May 14, on msnbc.

India's efforts to reduce purchases of Iranian oil was withdrawn by the news agency. It's a well reuters said a diplomat's comments, on which the story was based, were misheard. April 16 wrongly attributed a quote to John Williams of International SOS China. The comment was made by Dr. Tristan Evely.

In a story published on May 20 officials misstated robbers number who tried to hold up a bank in southern Israel. Officials eventually revised down robbers number from two to one. Then again, march 21 story about the siege at the gunman house suspected of killing four people at a Jewish school in France contained reference to a Reuters report that said he had escaped from a prison in Afghanistan in Reuters has issued a correction saying that report was incorrect.

May 3 story on TODAY.

Visa. Although, only 18 parents percent with teens in the survey said they would spend more than million. Known the report, by Reuters, cited Belgian state broadcaster VRT. Consequently, a spokeswoman for the Antwerp Diamond Centre later said the value may be closer to contest on a babyname website to have an online vote determine her child's name is actually an actress, hired by the website's founder to drum up publicity, the actress and website founder confessed.

On July 2, NewsNation posted a Facebook Gut Check question asking whether Disney's slimmed down Ursula will sell better than the original.

Disney responded by saying, Due to a technical editing error, there was a repetition of one question and answer in the Nov. TODAY show broadcast of a Bob Costas interview of Jerry Sandusky.

May 12 misstated the day when Pope Francis washed a young feet Muslim woman. Brigade Commander Col. On top of this, james Mingus was not wounded in a suicide bombing attack in Kunar province, contrary to what was reported in an early version of a Aug. Afghanistan.

The NBC News Twitter account, @NBCNews, was hacked late on Sept.

Ground Zero in New York. The account was quickly taken offline and NBC News issued a statement apologizing for the scare that could have been caused by such a reckless and irresponsible act. In a June 7 blog post and video clip, we reported a Dutch woman's claim that she had her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm and showed supposed video tattoos. In fact, the story was an advertising stunt by a tattoo shop, and the tattoos weren't real.

Feb. Research in fact revealed that about 40 students had information about threats leading up to the 2001 Santee, Calif, Vitals blog about teens and PTSD following school shootings incorrectly stated that a number of students had information about threats prior to the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. March 6 post in the TODAY Moms blog incorrectly stated money amount Debbie Stier has spent in pursuit of her project to achieve a perfect SAT score.

a April 18 article on a massive blast at a fertilizer storage facility that West, Texas, stated that the plant operator did not disclose ammonium presence nitrate in a risk management plan filed with the Environmental Protection Agency in Reuters subsequently reported that ammonium nitrate isn't covered under the requirements for 'risk management' plans.

Then the facility also was not registered, as required, with Homeland Department Security. Of a misunderstanding, a story published on Dec.

June 21 misattributed a quote to Masha Lipman, Carnegie head Moscow Center's society and regions program. On June 1, NewsNation posted a Facebook Gut Check question asking viewers whether a middle school dance should have a VIP room. Furthermore, the middle school in question, New West Charter, responded saying the following.

May 20 headlines alert about Robin death Gibb misspelled the late singer's name as Robin Gobb.

The error was also transmitted on the @msnbcbreaking twitter account. July 19 article on private use of license plate reader technology misstated Michael Katz Lacabe's position on the San Leandro. He is a board member and a former board president. It covers 77 acres, The article also misstated the Arden acreage Fair Mall in Sacramento.

a April 22 story about Frida Kahlo incorrectly cited her year death. The Mexican artist died in 1954. March 1 story in the Bottom Line blog included incorrect data on small number businesses offering paid sick leave. Keep reading! The story was corrected.

March 19 post in the Life Inc.

Florida's labor laws and employee terminations. The story is corrected to say that Florida is an atwill state, where employees can be terminated without cause. Considering the above said. Due to an editing error, a May 15 post in the Open Channel blog about alQaida leader Alman al Zawahiri releasing an audio message about government change in Yemen incorrectly identified location of the Arabian the location Peninsula country.

On July 5 in a story about employment. May It gained 69000 jobs. June 7 post in the US News blog on a college graduation ceremony at Sing prison incorrectly stated the recidivism rate among felons in New York state -the correct figure is 40 percent and inmates number who have attained degrees through programs funded by the Hudson Link nonprofit, that is 81.

July 26 story story misidentified the pets owned by Olympians Jonathan Horton and Merrill Moses.

The dog Harley belongs to Horton and the dog Bella belongs to Moses. Essentially. March 1 misstated the State Department's projection of construction number jobs the Keystone XL pipeline project would create. Then again, the department's draft environmental impact statement said the project could create about 42000 jobs during the construction period, about 3900 of them directly employed in construction activities. Needless to say, the report noted that after construction is completed, the project would generate 35 permanent and 15 temporary jobs, primarily for routine inspections, maintenance and repairs.

July 9 article on a lawsuit seeking to force the American Quarter Horse Association to register cloned horses said quarter horse racing is equine secondmostpopular form racing in the It is third, behind thoroughbred and standardbred racing. May 6 misstated luxury number hotels in the occupied West Bank.

June 13 story in the US News blog about a newspaper report on a fatal gunshot in Texas incorrectly described the wound as occurring from a ricochet.

Then put the gun to his head and fired, hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino told McAllen Monitor. That the '17 year old' victim aimed at a butane gas tank. a Associated Press story on June 13 incorrectly translated a speech wording by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as troublemakers instead of lawbreakers. Eventually, it also incorrectly stated that Erdogan had set a '24 hour' deadline for protesters to leave Taksim Square.

March 2 misspelled the name of Cuba's Miguel DiazCanel. May 7 post in Technolog incorrectly referred to Justice Dept. Of course when in fact they only applied to location data from cell towers, jason Weinstein's comments about location based warrants as applying to GPS. Seriously. Ron Wyden, a Democratic senator from Oregon, was incorrectly identified as Ron Wyden, a Democratic Representative from Massachusetts.

a April 27 story reported that a Mexican woman is pregnant with nine babies.

According to according to El Diario de Coahuila, her story turned out to be untrue, the local newspaper in the town were the woman lives. The TODAY show broadcast truncated a portion of George Zimmerman's conversation with a police dispatcher, and that truncated interview appeared on TODAY. The video was removed from the site on March 30, as NBC News launched an internal investigation. On April 3, NBC News issued this statement. During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret. We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.

March 29 TODAY health story contained the incorrect recommended serving size and nutritional information for Smucker's Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich. a related TODAY broadcast video contained an error and was expired and removed from the site. a Aug first version. US News story and headline on a federal court decision on Texas redistricting included incorrect information from Reuters. The decision dealt only with redistricting.