In The Wake Of The February Ruling

Net Neutrality opponents are working everywhere from Congress to the courts to dismantle or undermine the FCC's Title I classification.

In the February wake ruling, 10 lawsuits designed to gut Net Neutrality been filed and legislators have introduced numerous deceptive bills that would demolish these protections. Of course, most recently, the attack in Congress has come from the appropriations committees. Then, both the House and Senate committees have passed bills containing riders that would sabotage the Net Neutrality rules. Net Neutrality is crucial for small entrepreneurship owners, startups and entrepreneurs, who rely on the open Internet to launch their businesses, create a market, advertise their products and services, and distribute products to customers. We need the open Internet to foster job growth, competition and innovation.

I know that the next Google would never get off the ground, without Net Neutrality. Without Net Neutrality, millions of small businesses owned by people of color wouldn't be able to compete against larger corporations online, which would further deepen the economic inequality in our nation's most vulnerable communities.

< >I want to ask you a question. Why is Net Neutrality important for communities of color? < >What is Net history Neutrality at the FCC, right?

The open Internet allows communities of color to tell their own stories and to organize for racial and social justice.

Net Neutrality lowers entry barriers for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses by ensuring the Web is a fair and level playing field. It's because of Net Neutrality that small businesses and entrepreneurs been able to thrive on the Internet. They use the Internet to reach new customers and showcase their goods, applications and services.

The open Internet gives marginalized voices opportunities to be heard. ISPs could block unpopular speech and prevent dissident voices from speaking freely online, without et Neutrality. On top of this, people of color would lose a vital platform, without Net Neutrality. Eventually, no company going to be able to interfere with this open marketplace. Anyway, iSPs are by definition the gatekeepers to the Internet, and without Net Neutrality, they would seize every possible opportunity to profit from that gatekeeper control.

The mainstream media have failed to allow people of color to speak for themselves.

Thanks to economic inequality and runaway media consolidation, people of color own just a handful of broadcast stations. So, diverse lack ownership is a primary reason why the media have gotten away with portraying communities of color stereotypically. The court didn't comment on the rules merits. Now regarding the aforementioned fact... Instead, it ruled against the FCC's ability to enforce Net Neutrality under the shaky legal foundation it established for those rules. Rather to determine whether the Commission has demonstrated that the regulations fall within its scope statutory grant of authority, the court specifically stated that its task as a reviewing court ain't to assess wisdom of the Open the wisdom Internet Order regulations.

The cable and phone companies and their allies in Congress willl doeverything they can to dismantle the big win at the FCC in February 2015. The cable and phone companies and their allies in Congress willl doeverything they can to dismantle the big win at the FCC in February 2015. The question is. Why is Net Neutrality important for communities of color? What is Net history Neutrality at the FCC? What can we do now? < >What can we do now, is that the case?