It’s Actually Worth Trying Out To See How It Works – Top Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

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WordPress site -starting today.

The team is also very helpful when it boils down to answering questions, particularly via Twitter -in fact, I've always struggled to get questions answered by the team behind free plugins and the Shareaholic team have proven to offer consistent and effective support. You get access to some great layouts to display your related posts and you can choose to exclude content on a per page/post basis to ensure the highest relevance possible.


This tool is part of SumoMe's suite of apps that are designed to could've a profound impact on the way people find your website, while Discover can add related content to your posts. You can choose to display external articles, in exchange for credits. Those credits can so be used to drive traffic from other people's websites to your favorite -all from their Discover widget.

There's a slew of traffic to go around, Currently, should be a bit of a good option if your featured images are a totally different resolution to how you seek for the related posts widgets to look. You can choose the width and height of the thumbnails within the plugin settings which can be quite useful as nRelate only gives you the option to use an equal width and height that only goes up to 150 pixels.

If they aren't present it will break the title up and use that to generate related posts, the algorithm that this plugin uses first looks at post tags to display related posts.

You don't necessarily need to, you will need to use YARPP to be able to display related content -that's definitely a perfect option.

Over the years there was a bunch of related posts plugins for WordPress. Some have fallen short, others have just vanished. What we can always rely on is that there may be new related posts plugins to take the place of those that fall by the wayside.