Many Other Sites Just Talk About Concepts And Don’T Provide Any Details

It is very helpful on each Google document to leave comments on where / when the content was used so you don't get mixed up on whether or not the articles were used.

This strategy has never been shared before and I have had reservations about revealing this part of my process for getting articles written since I know it will likely be copied. Know what, I made a commitment with this site that I would be 100percent transparent so in that name here goes my step-by-step process for creating quality articles.

The problem with my approach is that I don't always get website quality articles so I end up using a lot and AdSense flippers are located in the Phillipines and that should be why they have had better luck than me with Filipino writers. Jon this is another amazing guide. Thanks so much for your hard work on this. Now look. Odesk right now appreciates it as well.

I have some general ideas of what to do with those articles.

WordPress. Bubblews. I think it would be interesting to get an overtheshoulder look at what EXACTLY you do with your lower relevant articles. Nevertheless, oDeskfor almost all my hiring needs. ODesk benefit that I love is that you can easily assign a team manager to take care of hiring/firing/supervising tasks.

Copy all the articles in a Google document -One Google document for each article. Once you have copied the article share it with whoever is required. Typically the team lead who uploads the article shares it with me and for Micro Niche Sites my WordPress Development guy. For this site I will have a VA working directly with me so they will need to get access to everything. Far no articles at all from one writer one article from other each Not great, Know what guys, I gave 2 keywords for each article with clear instructions how to use them and the keywords don't appear anywhere in the articles. Did you hear of something like that before, this is the case right? Oh well.

In fact I prefer the workers who do not have a robust portfolio and contract.

These workers typically have a bunch of jobs and always sense they have the upper hand mentality of I've got so much potential work, why do I need to go the extra mile/I don't have time to go the extra mile with all my commitments and request. I register an account at Odesk before reading this post. Therefore, content Creation team, any way to register your affiliate link?

The job on ODesk doesn't have to be anything special. The key to hiring good writers is understanding what they are looking for and providing it. My ideal writer is looking for an opportunity to get 5 feedback and steady work.

Here are the instructions I send via ODesk as long as I hire them, this email is nothing special but lays out what delieverables are expected and when they are expected.

Manager Tools who teach project basic principle management is defining who is doing what by when.

My best two virtual assistants from the Philippines were contractors with 0 feedback and now have thousands of hours logged with me. Therefore the job assignment I picked them from required a voice recording, it might sound a little cliché. My southern heritage must have a radar for good honest hardworking people and I felt I did actually sense this through a voice recording over any established type profile or portfolio. Thanks for spilling your secrets, bro!

It seems to me that low quality articles don't stick easily at those sites anymore, you mentioned web 0 stuff, and that immediately made me think of HubPages and Squidoo.

Textbroker, born and raised in 'Englishspeaking' America! For relevant articles at very reasonable prices, hit me up at contact@blueinkgirl. No, I do not have a Odesk account.

Hello Jon, I'm late as well i just started. Odesk is now upworker. As well I'm one of your loyal reader I think you already few thinks about me as well you commented on my blog ? I'm really surprised to see your this article.

Do you know an answer to a following question. Where did you find the high quality articles at a better rate, is that the case? Don has covered Upwork which is the obvious for all freelancing but curious to know if I am missing any. You still have the offer for quality writers on the cheap if we sign up to Odesk via your aff link, right, am I correct? Actually I am finding I need to outsource more so I can do more, Elance and would like to give Odesk a spin.

The poor quality articles end up on article directories and you are correct they are not typically adding a bunch of value.

In the end, Know what, I offered my script worker who didn't have the best programming skills or the experience I the language I had preferred.

He was 10x cheaper and dedicated and able to problem solve and produce what I needed in a timely manner and exceeding expectations. Of course, wow, thanks for sharing these great instructions. Odesk so will give this a try if you don't mind!

< > Getting Typical Way Cheap Articles.

An indepth, over the shoulder tutorial would be awesome, I'm pretty sure I know you've touched on this topic.

My name is Jon Haver I am a 31 year old, husband, father of 2, engineer and huge geek when it to comes to automating and outsourcing any activity.

EASY. By the way I share everything I can about how I am building an online business that is hitting 20k per month! More About Me Getting high quality articles written for a very low cost is a key strength for my online business. That's where it starts getting interesting, right? In this article and for the first time I share exactly how I get high quality articles createdcheaply. Websites having good content has always been important and is only getting more important in line with this Matt Cutts interview. Getting Typical Way Quality Articles

I am looking to build my authority site with '50100' on site articles and amongst the most popular options to get quality articles created is to use TextBrokers and get their 4 star articles for phrase2000 articles worth on the website and another for 2 article 1 being website quality and 1 being web 0 quality is reasonable.

The system definitely doesn't work 100percentage of the time and I think maybe my secret sauce is my profile on ODesk having loads of 5 feedback. Whenever hiring writers and stuff is a big help, Using a VA to help manage the article assignments. Once the articles required are available I will trigger the website builder to create the site or if this is ongoing content they would be aware and whenever the Google document is available the post would be up. Getting Typical Way Cheap Articles. Here is how I get a 500+ Word High Quality Article Written for mainverbmainverb2.