No It Would Not Be Because Of Panda 4: Search Engine Traffic

 search engine trafficWales sounds confident in the ability to maintain quality same level with fewer clicks, believing that the Wikipedia community will remain strong.

It was likely the most visible site in the Google search results. Google loves Wikipedia but maybe now there is no need to click and load a Wikipedia Page because Google give a direct good answer from the Knowledge graph or SERPS SNIPPETS. Then, wikipedia dominated Google's search results.

And started dropping traffic levels in advance of a Algo release, unless ikipedia is the internets first Psychic website. No, it would not be because of Panda According to the founder, Wikipedia ain't as dependent on clicks as sites driven by adrevenue. Oftentimes instead, the company cares more about community health and encyclopedia quality.

 search engine trafficThis is happening to filter out more specific results.

He doesn't sound as concerned as you may expect, wales says the site's organic traffic had been on the decline for some amount of time now. Wiki is effected partially and just like EBAY lost their few pages in SERP before few month back.

Contrary to earlier reports, Wikipedia's decline in traffic ain't something that has happened suddenly. As pointed out by Wikpedia founder Jimmy Wales, traffic from Google to Wikipedia is dropping and this trend is expected to continue. This rules out the speculation that there may was an algorithm update specifically targeted at Wikipedia.

The question is. Time for Qwikipedia, no? The Panda 2 was release about a Month ago. What? Not done so, they have needed to present a boiled down or summarised version of many pages for years. And the fact that most people only want specific snippets of data/information, either heading the pages with an expandable highlights section, or alternate pages with key points and data could aid in traffic, with the generally bite size mentality of most 'netusers'. You should take it into account. The cited statement above clearly states that traffic from G is in decline for some amount of time.

with a possible explanation being that Google's instant answers are resulting in less clicks, we reported last week that Wikipedia's organic traffic is on the decline. Search Engine Journal SEJ is helping marketers succeed by producing bestinindustry guides and information while cultivating a positive community. Whenever hot news, argumentative and observational posts by expert guest contributors, We cover the marketing world daily with 'indepth' subject guides.