Place Them Right After The Article: Embarrassed By Your Adsense Results

 adsense trafficRemove the AdSense ads from the headline area.

Place them right after the article. They need something else to grab their attention, once the readers have achieved their main goal. Otherwise they'll leave your blog without taking any further action. And now here's the question. You like bounces, right? Basically, one visitor who clicks on that ad without reading the article won't come back. Of course more visits, more clicks, more money from one single visitor.

Did you see any ad above or under the headline? That's my article about. Consequently, my ads are on the right side widget and after the article. That's exactly what I recommend for AdSense too. As a result, there's no contradiction between what I preach and what I do. Hi Daniel, you still have Chitika ads, haven't you, right? Generally, be sure that you comply with all their requirements, as for Google. Keep reading! Read this. So, program Policies.

 adsense trafficIf you place the ads above or right below the headline you increase the AdSense earnings but you lose readers.

You earn or do you lose, right, this is the case right? Just think about… How much potential money did you actually lose for the cents earned for such clicks, am I correct? Fact, if your page includes low or medium quality and outdated content, yes, the best position is at the top, as mentioned in my article. Yes, the best position is at the top, if your website is an article directory where there are other people's articles. I'm sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn't it sound familiar, right?|Sounds familiar, right?|right? yes, the best position is at the top, if your web page is actually a free online tool. Anyways.

While according to Google, AdSense only targets ads based on overall site content, not keywords or categories. That's not very good. Sometimes your blog may display such ads. For instance, don't copy a business model that is different from yours and expect the same results. Usually any article directory has AdSense ads right below the headlines. That's fine, it works great. Don't forget that the articles aren't written by the directory owner. Whether the articles are read or not was not important to that owner, we will be honest. That's a different business model.

The content from the third category becomes outdated or not interesting anymore, as time passes by.

Over the years it goes to the second category, even if initially that content was of high quality. News comes and goes. Somehow AdSense never disappointed me, as it was never a part of my main monetization method.

Thank you for your comment. The best position? There's no such thing. You know what Google AdSense recommend on their website, right, is that the case? It is consider your users and they also recommend you to ask yourself What is the user trying to accomplish by visiting my site, am I correct? Such pieces of advice are normal, don't you think, is that the case? With all that said... What's a blog value if the readers aren't welcome there, is that the case? Zero. Respect your readers first and therefore you'll cash in. More money than the case when you do not give a crap about your readers.

Does a page get plenty of traffic from social media sites?

Don't even think about greeting the visitors by showing some ads right from the very beginning. Anyways, give them quickly what you've promised.

Of course, the article! They didn't land on your blog page by mistake. Then again, they have a goal and that goal was not reading an ad. Placing Adsense ads makes sense when your site gets loads of visits. For example, personally I would prefer placing banners and links to affiliate offers on your pages because I think this has greater revenue potential. By using this you're also in control of targeting for your ads.