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Write a resource if you are going to write really.

Quality content does a nice work answering your target audience's questions. You must answer the questions by using keywords in your post to target your audience first and foremost. Edit the old posts and include links to recent articles in them as internal links as it will help in faster indexing of new articles and also pass some SEO juice to them.

By the way I did not lure them saying you can make it would have been a finite question whereas many who earned more or less than that would not read my post further, if I would have said.

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Truely an exceptional piece of writing buddy. This is a perfect example how to write a lucrative yet quality blog post. Now look. As for keyword research well I don't do that for all my posts.

Here is where subheadings and bulleted points come into play. You can use subheadings to tell your reader what the whole content is about. On top of that, internal linking a post not only adds value to the articles linked in the post but also makes your content more relatable by adding related articles that the reader can refer while reading the article.

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This guide really helped me. Thanks! That was an amazing article which let me know how to attract the visitors. Keeping it catchy will help us to drive more traffic, the article title is the one criteria which attracts visitors. Also writing for people query and giving them a solutions will again add up to our visitors count.

People have an average attention span of just 8 seconds and no matter how intriguing your blog post is, no one will read it if they are not convinced that it is worth their time within the first few seconds. Great tips on how to write good content. The more that I continue writing the better I seem to be getting. < >Tips For Writing 'HighQuality' Articles. Tips For Writing 'HighQuality' Articles.