Search Results – Sounds Like They Overhyped Their Service A Lot

He also expressed the sentiment that if his company does not use such tools, his competitors may.

As long such usage tools do not get into trouble with any privacy laws/rules, To be honest I would think it's fine, he said. Also, found they could only identify their companies and provide general contact details, computer security expert Mikko Hypponen said he tried Relead out of curiosity to see if they could pinpoint individual visitors. Sounds like they overhyped their service a lot. This would are a very worrying service indeed, he said, if they would are able to produce the results they claimed.

EnVistar tested Relead and other sites seeking to generate more targeted leads including and He estimated such cost services as between 2000 a month. Guai said that such tools helped track what pages competitors visit and indicate when current clients who can be ready to 're engage' are returning to the site. Normally, muhammad Omar Khan, CTO of Dubaibased information security firm Rewterz. Relead did not generate any marketing leads when he tried it. This is the case. He ended up having someone gather 300contacts from phone books and online and he conducted a traditional telemarketing campaign.

Gogan said a lot of the tracking companies look at the person IP address visiting their web page and cross reference it to a database of contacts at each company.

It's possible to say ‘that visitor has a IP address which is part of Kraft Foods,' but it doesn't track to a specific user, he said. It's not particularly useful, without this specific tracking.

Gogan said a better tracking service could employ a computer's digital fingerprint to identify specific users, a topic I recently wrote about here. Some rival companies make more modest claims about what they can identify. Tomas Berger of Leady. Also. Internet and says his clients include Canon and Vodafone. On top of that, berger and Welsh of Relead both pointed to Google and services just like Google Analytics as an accepted example of using IP addresses to determine someone's location and company.

Lisa Marie' Karvonen of Crafty Coding, a website design and promotion firm in Parola, Finland, said she had used Relead.

No, in my industry it's really next to impossible to make people feel bad or like killing themselves, By the way I don't think I take things too far and people should just be more careful about how they use the Internet and what sensitive information they put on here, she said. Actually, muhammad Omar Khan, CTO of Dubai based information security firm Rewterz. Plenty of information can be found by going on the web. Relead did not generate any marketing leads when he tried it. I'm sure you heard about this. He ended up having someone gather 300 contacts from phone books and online and he conducted a traditional telemarketing campaign.

I had not found its clients, the companies exploring unmasking possibility their website visitors, recently I wrote an article about Relead, which offers this business to business service for