Since Its Implementation In The Beginning Of January 2015: Sujan Deswal

 traffic to website Google now gives higher credibility to websites which have a responsive design, right after the recent 21st pril update.

At AdPushup we use GetResponse as the email marketing software of our choice. Since its implementation in January beginning 2015,we've been able to amass 5x email subscribers than what we had in the beginning. I'm sure you heard about this. We senda weekly newsletter that has an average unique open rate of 2217percentage and a click through rate of 84, that has helped usbuild anarmy of loyal subscribers.

Distribution means a greater outreach among the relevantaudience which then results in higher shares/reactions. Because of social proof and verifying the content value, those visitors stick around and increase the overall session website duration, once newly arrived visitors see the shares then. Actually, it automatically places your page above the competition because the algorithm learns that the page and its content are truly valuable and start ranking you for that keyword, once Google notices this. Eventually, Google sees that as a positive sign that the search engine result from which the visitors originated is truly providing value, since the longer visitors interact with your website. Of course, this page is ranked higher than the others.

 traffic to websiteThis research was carried out way back in 2012 and most experts now agree that postsabove 1600 wordsare considered eligible for the first rank.

They can be easily picked up by the Google web spiders which are responsible to make sense out of each page element and attribute them to their parent keyword/tag because Tag your images properly. In order to add alt text to you images, just include alt=lorem ipsum into the img source code.

Along with this, help Google help you by indexing your content with the Fetch as Google Tool. John E Lincoln,Founder and President of SEO and Social Media at Ignite Visibility, explains just how to do thatlike a SEO Samuraiin his article over at SearchEngineLand. Site promotion experts recommend that you should always begin with OnSite SEO because its effects are site wide. You can start this process by making your site indexable as well as 'crawlable' by Google bots.