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This automatically generates the sitemap for you at regular intervals and thenceafter that, submits it to Google, Bing, etceteraand all that stuff on your behalf.

Its literally giving them a map of your website so they can index it better. As I mentioned in my post on SEO secrets you want to now have a big focus on social media for SEO purposes as well as traffic building purposes.

Just throwing in my two cents here after I saw BT mention StudioPress. PlatformPro framework from Pagelines but really enjoyed this plainspeak comparison of PageLines and Genesis, from Bryan Haines at about. Genesis is the base for all StudioPress themes and is an easy and quick start with a bunch of builtin goodies. Now please pay attention. This can be a helpful article, too, since you might be looking into StudioPress themes. Nevertheless, haven't seen any results. Sometimes I think it is necessary when you're striving to find what's best of the website/blog.

And, to be realistic, the most important thing you can do for your SEO is create massively useful content that solves people's problems.

If you are solving problems that people are searching for then it is likely that you are going to get shared on social media and ranked in Google. Search Engine promotionsite promotionSERP optimisation is making art sure those spiders are happy with what they find. It is an extremely complex field that is constantly changing but in all that chaos there arethere're a few constants that have remained true since the beginning.

Amongst the easiest things you can do is install a Google Sitemap plugin that gives a full map of all your posts, pages and archives. The most common one that people use is this one and it seems to work quite well. Of course, another point is to be sure to use title and alt tags whenever posting images as this is a way for search engines to index and rank them accordingly.

One thing you mentioned that is in my back mind for many, many months is developing my own plugin as I figured if it gets tons of downloads while having my link coded inside it, thereforethence the sheer backlinks alone would give a tremendous boost to PR but it sounds like you're hinting at a few other benefits I might be missing so would you shed a bit more light on this specific tactic I don't mind being called an idiot, lol, To be honest I absolutely feel like it sometimes.

Coming from an almost zero background in all things internet, things like your web site have helped a lot.

Of course, the thing that the keyword tool still tells you is what words most people use to think about your topic, if you don't want to go to quite that much trouble. It's still a good idea to pick the phrasing for your post title that is going to match what people largest number are looking for. Therefore, google Webmaster Help videos by Matt Cutts are helpful, for beginner and advanced SEO practitioners. Those videos allow you to get the straight talk from the source, while everyone else speculates on what Google thinks.

I have looked and looked but see no reference to Headlines and that if they are relevant Google and others love them as all they are really looking for is latest news…If we search think engines as news aggregators we won't go far wrong, look at what first appears when you put a general search query into a SE -if it is topical -which all posts could be, So it's generally the newspages that come up first -so, my point is made….

Well many people speculate that if you were really serious about your website you would get your own name and host it yourself. Google only wants to point to websites that are considered serious and trustworthy.

Thanks for the post, it's really helpful! One plugin I recently started using is Easy WP SEO. It's great for newbies for getting 'on page' website optimizationSearch Engine OptimisationSERP optimisation in good shape. Now look. For me it was good, It's not a free plugin. Certainly, quite a few settings I'm not sure I'm using right, yoast as well. Now pay attention please. These three strategies alone are getting me results in a short term.

If thousands of people are tweeting about it then chances are you have written something pretty good.

The best way to get tweets is to build a loyal following and write killer content that they just love to promote for you. You can read more about why in my blog hosting review that I did recently or take a glance at my 9000 word guide on how to start a blog and dominate your niche. It has most of details and tips.

Sometimes it might be worth it to pay for admission to a directory site. This is a site which contains a list of sites. There are plenty of free ones anyways. There are sites like Yelp a restaurant rating site, even the yellow pages, individual business sites Hotfrog is another one. Consequently, all of these add backlinks but you can literally spend days and days submitting your sites to these sites. The best way to find them is to search for free directory sites. Try and use Market Samurai to see where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. You might just find a bunch of them come from comments on well ranked blog posts.

For a long time my SEO strategy consisted of just commenting on other authority blogs.

Not only does it get you more traffic, exposure and new relationships, it also counts as a backlink. That being said, you should take official sources with a grain of salt. They don't reveal any shortcuts for quick results, google is a business with an agenda. Keep reading. Because they're could be next on the Google slap hit list, You're probably better off avoiding tricks like those anyway.

For a good checklist of what NOT to do, check out the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The stuff under Quality Guidelines name specific tactics that could get you banned. They warn that just because something isn't on the list, that doesn't automatically mean it's okay with Google. It isit's, if something feels shady. Considering the above said. Hostgator instructed me to install Gregs High Powered SEO plugin in favor of 'AllInOne' website optimizationSearch Engine promotionSearch Engine Optimisation and I have found it to have far more SEO controlling capabilities on the individual posts and pages, although I have seen Yoast that Jamie above mentioned.

The content on their blog might be a little over your head to begin with but you will slowly start to absorb ideas about trends, tactics and best practices over time.

Even if you only check in every couple of weeks and read one or two articles you will find that your SEO knowledge just grows and blossoms. You can link to sites that go offline or the webmaster will change where their posts are and so on.

You are right about Twitter to an extent I think. Twitter as like the lunchtime meeting you have with a potential client. Generally, your often not actually discussing business but building the rapport that helps to sell down the track. Anyways, the number you get doesn't mean anything in itself, it's just a basis for comparison. A well-known fact that is. As traffic increases, or competition decreases, or cost per click increases, the keyword becomes more valuable.

So here's the question. You know anything about the WordPress theme called Thesis, right, right? Know what, I installed it, sEO themes available right now. I haven't gotten into all the nuts and bolts yet of what it can do, It's very easy to customize. The first thing that beginners need to know is that you need your own domain and hosting. Needless to say, free blog set ups do not do any favors for your SEO efforts.

Most forums allow you to have your blog in your signature. Canadian Money Forum quite often in the real estate section. After I started my blog I noticed that other people had their blog links in their signature. I put my blog in my signature. That's right! Plus you can easily help people out if they happen to need advice, you get a little traffic, and…once they know you are not a spammer or nut case you'll probably be allowed to post the odd article there. Kind of like a FYI here's some info.

Google Webmaster Tools.

I've targeted a couple of 'lowcompetition' keywords where the sites on the first page have a huge number of incoming links and it's very hard to get to page 1, and contrariwise some highcompetition keywords where the site ranking at number 7 has about 3 backlinks. On page SEO is more important than anything else, and good that you are suggesting to gain links naturally instead of pointing to a mass link builder.

Google has developed automatic algorithms that rank your web site. They send out what are called spiders to crawl the website and check it for over 100 indicators that determine whether your website is valuable or useless. These indicators include things like backlinks, domain age, traffic, fresh content, and all that stuffand similar Aside from great content, which is a given, I think your best bet is to build relationships with big websites and traditional media. That's good networking, will result in highquality PR links, and will boost your SEO anyway.

Going from what you said about anchor text, By the way I actually read a post that said that using bold or italics on the keywords highlights them for Google -I tend to use keywords in my anchor text and hereafterhereafter bold the link, it doesn't look out of place and it still helps my SEO.

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins out there that you can install to get some help with your SEO. One of a few ones to begin with is the All in One SEO Pack which does so quite a few of the nasty little things for you.

In particular, To be honest I am interesting in the SEO plugins. Basically the actual dollar amount is pretty low, I'm pretty sure I only get about 20 visitors per day. Which is a great conversion rate. Rand does a Friday Whiteboard session which, perhaps, is the most valuable video series I have ever watched. He is a super cool guy.

It isit's very important to have a good permalink structure.

PERMALINKS and tweaking the options, You can change this in WordPress by going SETTINGS >. The best option to have in there, in my opinion, is just the post name. Now look. You should select CUSTOM STRUCTURE and sothence add / postname / even better than that is to research what keywords you are making an attempt to rank for and thencethence shorten your URL to match those keywords. Now please pay attention. Take a look at this post and have a guess what key words I was doing best in order to rank for.

What do Darth Vader and his two cronies, each using different modes of transportation to get somewhere, have to do with SEO, this is the case right? Even SEO for idiots? Much as it matters that you are using something to transport your business blog and/oras well as website, to keep it moving, t doesn't matter if you are a leader or a follower. On top of this, oh, and this isn't really for idiots. None of my readers are idiots. Basically, if you are learning about SEO so you can grow your blog you are a long way from being idiotic. Follow this guide and you'll be well on your way to getting over 100000 visitors from Google per month.

By the way, lest I move away from making correlations between your blogging imagery and the amazing content you offer, I must point out that I could not find a match for the word alorythms anywhere in a Google search.

And, sorry, Actually I didn't find a private route to subtly bring that to your attention Back to the SEO. Tweeting big players. Anyways, I do see the concept working according to some individuals and working well, while I still struggle from time to time with believing that Twitter does any real good for the small fries. Comparing on a much, much smaller scale, By the way I have a colleague in my circles who got over 3000 tweets on a guest post that I wrote for his blog. The posts on my own blog rarely get over 10 tweets. This proves to me that because his Twitter base is much larger than mine, sheer numbers do matter.

Neil Patel has just written a really cool list about how to use Twitter like a boss. That is a good place to start if you want to really amp up your social activities. For a relative newbie like myself these tips are a great help in what appears to be a complete mine field. All the other comments there are much appreciated too to help get me started in understanding SEO.