So It’s Not Very Accurate: Incomediarycom

get website trafficAlexa tracks stats for everyone who has the Alexa olbar installed on their browser, which accounts for less than 1percent of internet users.

I've found that an average of 1 every out 200 readers leaves a comment, with my sites. Actually, a post with 20 non Nicholas comments was viewed about 4000 times.

Again, it gives you a general idea, this changes with every post and every blog. It'll give you a rough idea of the website's popularity, it's not very accurate.

The URL second half tells you that you left the 108656th comment on IncomeDiary. This number includes spam comments. Assume that 75 90"percentage of the comments are spam and you can get an idea of how many comments a site has had since day one. This information becomes more and more valuable most bloggers stop sharing it, as the blog grows. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. In the beginning, quite a few bloggers share all of their stats about how much traffic their site is getting and where this traffic is coming from.

Total Comment Counts

There's a good chance you'll stumble upon a blog in review or traffic report post, if you peruse through the archived articles on a blog.

They are good, however, for comparing yourself against others. Most ols are surprisingly inaccurate when it comes when it drills down to generating stats. Unless the website owner reveals exactly how much traffic they're getting, every other figure is a best guess. You can start to figure out how much traffic the site is getting today, with those stats.

Check their Archives

Nice post, been wondering some new ways besides Google analytics and SEMrush to both monitor my traffic and traffic on sites I have been trying to match if not surpass regarding unique impressions. All 20 of these ways of establishing how much traffic a site is getting are geared up to sites that have already made it! Fact, imagine if anyone had tried applying most of the 20 to this site in the very early days, Michael may well NOT have made Archives. Check Advertise Here Pages. Build Better Websites.