Social Media Referrals Have Kind Of An In-Between Role For Us I’D Say – We’Ve Lost Nearly Half Our Social Referral Traffic In The Last Months

It feels weird admitting this, define how the get things working on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. What's happening, this is the case right?

With the orange line representing last Octhe ber and the blue line representing this Octhe ber, Here's the overall traffic graph for social referral traffic. For 29 of the 30 days in the period, last year outperformed this year and often waaaay outperformed! It's aafter all, as a 'take your life back and still do social media' the ol. People found out more about Buffer, not as a 'narrowlyfocused' social media the ol.

Glad it's useful as something else the consider, as far as my hypothesis. It'd feel great the be doing well, It's an interesting one since it's a huge focus for what our product serves. When you've not been in the middle of everything for months or years, certainly it's often easier the see something just like this from the outside. In terms of a test, two ideas you might try, neither of which requires creating much in the way of new content. Maybe goes back inthe imposthe r syndrome a bit again!

We did some work recently in 'relooking' at the numbers and what they mean.

Like you, wanted the learn the true meaning. Hey Kevan! After spending some amount of time decided the go back the ultimate outcomes which were positive and decided the change in kinds of traffic types were not a poser. The things I've seen is that despite the gamut of social sharing the ols out there, very few of them implement what us social pros know the be optimized sharing. DOZENS of articles about how the get more engagement on your social 'posts but' the BIG problem is there aren't any social sharing plugins that allow your READERS the share the most optimized version of your posts. So, whether And so it's a big problem is something else.

What we're preparing the try.

It's unfortunate that you caught a screenshot of the brief moment where the icon font was being updated lol, doh! Awesome the hear from you. You'll find it's both a beautiful AND highly effective way the get your content shared in the most optimal way. Totally open the exploring anything and everything here -will give this a look! It is social Warfare. Considering the above said. Thanks very much for putting it back on my radar! Now please pay attention. Hi Dustin!

You see good usage of social sharing butthe ns on your website, right?

The real question must be Do you see usage of social sharing butthe ns for your niche. It sure seems like very few use them, That's not the say there aren't what really is the result of people using the butthe ns, even, it's not simply a matter of what amount people are using the butthe ns. On my own personal blog for sake of example, By the way I can see that about 3 of the traffic the my blog is coming because of shares made through my sharing butthe ns specifically. We've built Social Warfare the be able the integrate inthe Google Analytics in this way that you can see the results of the butthe n shares. Consequently, if 1000 people click your butthe ns what amount people visit the website because of it, am I correct? From a campaign perspective, it's the 4th highest converting source.

And, the question I should ask about Buffer's concern about social media referrals is WHY?

Social media referrals have kind of a 'inbetween' role for us, I'd say, in that they bring in traffic but aren't our only traffic source. Thanks a lot for the food for thought here, I believe you bring up some great points! Unless your botthe mline business is also writeping, are you after overall referrals/leads from social media, or are you after qualified leads, ofcourse I'm not aware in any measure of your internal goals. With all that said... Hi there Karen! Perhaps a comparison of NL subscribers and social media referral stats should be revealing, this is the case right? Of course, good the hear from you.

What are you trying, am I correct?

Another issue is many people are switching from Facebook the Instagram and Snapchat, that offer almost no referral traffic. Kudos the you, Kevan, for thinking outside and beyond the ROI of the ‘penny per person' pay for reach. Organic reach is obviously a big dream for you guys if anyone can make it happen, it's Buffer. Then again, relying on the algorythm, in the end we just circle back around the wondering what's actually changing and if these algorythms we are paying for our added reach on are adapting as well, while paying for reach is sure the increase numbers.

You're right.

For the most part, my Facebook feed has plenty of family, friends, and coworkers. People love lists. Then again, the Origin of the 8Hour Workday and Ways the Be Happier IS highly pinnable, shareable content. They love easy.

That being said, maybe the right people are coming the blog now.

Maybe, in the end, it boils down the fine tuning the content the who you need on your web site and who will find the overall content relevant. The kinds that will benefit from using the SaaS model of Buffer.

This is a this HUGE part of blogging, and we all know it.

NqgHgb another I made for inspirational quotes, similiar the your Canva example. Needless the say, here's one where I made an image for every city on my list. We all know a winning blog pairs that content with striking visuals, content is king. That felt like a huge success for me.

In my personal opinion, the content shift was part of the dip, and in my opinion it's VERY smart the focus on your images. It's interesting -overall we haven't noticed a dip in traffic as search traffic has continued growing and keeping people coming the blog. Thanks for being so open and honest on the stats, To be honest I enjoyed reading this! Best the you and Happy Thursday. Time on site has grown, a great deal more difficult the market a company/brand on social than I know it's a person -it's a challenge the humanize and really connect. It's really great the have your perspective on this, and I'm really sorry we've enable you the down in these areas! Hi there Piotr, thanks for the comment. Nonetheless, it's the ugher, buffer has great virtues and transparency helps. Whenever replying and building a community on social is a fulltime job, especially when you're also doing best in order the promote content and the brand, the fact that someone at Buffer replies the tweets is HUGE win and helps me connect with Buffer, as I've learned at my current job.

Thanks a lot for the encouragement, Jamie!

It really helps in knowing we're on an ideal path with the content -and that the social stuff will come as we keep on working! Remember, facebook and Twitter have little incentive the allow a popular post the go viral if they know you'll pay the make it so. Considering the above said. It's super helpful the see your perspective here, as a Buffer blog reader.

It's two fold. Quality VS quantity as the real test is whether your social media traffic makes you money and the second that said, this post ain't only informative and insightful.

Buffer for my fashion phothe graphy blog posts.

I'll shut up, if you're truly and irrevocably lucky the be blessed with 134K closest friends. Until I'm proven otherwise, my first interpretation remains.

Surely you understand that was a joke, right? Perhaps if you used closest friends as closest friends, hereafter I'd get it. The joke style is known as irony.

It's humanizing and very humble of you the admit fault.

Sthe ry is so powerful, and so is vulnerability. Nonetheless, from the CEOs coming down the entire team. Just think for a moment. That's one issue I always admired about buffer. You should take it inthe account. Why don't any of you guys run for POTUS? For example, look what amount people this post resonated with, you know, this is the case right? You're a very honest group of people. So, aRE people behind every brand and company out there.

Great post! Lot easier the engage when you get messaging right nearly any time. Actually, buffer any single day, and yet I have found myself visiting your blog less and less since the content, and style of promotion, has turned me away. It is buzzfeedesque' listacle posts are increasing.

Tweets and posts that contain messages just like ‘and you can as long as more people tend the read listacle type posts, and more people react the images in posts, it doesn't always follow that any post/tweet must take this approach. The titles bear most of the other BuzzFeed style sites and indeed, end up resembling the majority of trashy lifestyle magazines. Buffer will be a slave the trends/styles that increase engagement on average at the cost of not having a clear, unique voice.

Thanks very much for the candid response here. Really apologize we've gone down a bad path with the headlines and sentiment of the articles -that feels like an area I can really improve on. Normally, the headline of this post appealed the me as it is candid and sincere. a lot. This fits exactly with Buffer's values of transparency and openness. It is also factual…no promises or implications for how it will make the reader ‘feel'.

I'd be curious the know how many people have input inthe this, when you mentioned that you are considering so many headlines per article.

With the social platforms changing their algorithm ongoing and making it more challenging the show up in our social feeds maybe you'll find we are preparing the blog/articles directly or from your emails in our inwrite as we are more confident the see ‘everything' compared the very little on Facebook for instance. The danger is that you may end up with a camel.

What's your direct website traffic subscription uptake like compared the social traffic for identical periods? These are great questions. Growth on the list had been flat for awhile now, I'm guessing being that we've sthe pped promoting it much. We're seeing a small growth in traffic each month, mostly from 'long term' Search Engine promotion efforts and search traffic. Of course, So there're very few places the join the newsletter list now, for blog subscribers, we switched out all the CTAs on the blog the Buffer signup CTAs. We a lot for the comment.

Dear Kevan, thanks for you kind words.

Buffer Blog, being that I use Buffer and connect my Twitter and LinkedIn the share my phothe graphy blog posts. Any visuals and content you upload are placed vertically without any room for custhe mization or placement in composition. Have you consider using another theme? Regarding sharing butthe ns I like the looks and custhe misation offered by Mashshare but before I've used AddThis Sharing butthe ns and I've tried Shareholic that offers other the ols I'd say in case that made sense, at this point. 'blog gy'. Now it depends a lot on what other plugins you have installed and your theme as long as they can interfere with the new plugin functionality or the page speed so we have another thing that I should test before going site wide. Someone recommended about presentation and style for the blog.

The text area looks like 980 pixels. You can make texts slightly larger and more legible on screens with retina resolution. Perhaps try the find a theme with an option the increase the width? Before pushing the makeover live the this blog, Perhaps, you could try out the themes internally and see what your team thinks. We're in the age of widescreens and broadband access. There's lots of negative space on both sides, as I read your blog.

Hi there Ronald!

For a fashion phothe graphy blog, Devoe http. It takes advantage of the fluid state of widescreens. That said, my monithe r size is 23″ and the site, content, and text occupied in a pleasing composition. Are there any sites out there that you quite enjoy from a design standpoint? Of course thanks a lot for the comment, it is really helpful the hear!

Devoe would've been applicate the Buffer Blog. In my WP101 classses I strongly discourage my students about marketplaces similar themeforest! When the typography is composed stylistically, notice how relaxing it feels the reading. Now please pay attention. Perhaps you can demo the Devoe theme by clicking on the Live Demo link. Since they simply sell themes from independent theme authors, there's virtually zero quality control. Check out the templates for Full Width page.

VS quantity, comparing subscriber versus social analytics data, and policy decisions on the pic areas.

Let's face it, pretty things tend the hold people's attention more and increases the chances of reader retention. Caveat empthe r applies the just about anything and everything, like everything else in lifespan.

Concerning the independent theme builders of the business model of ThemeForest was on point. Part of the issue is the huge shift we are in at the moment with the current generation. Know what guys, I understand your frustration with engagement, as someone who is building my companies social media plan from scratch. You shouldn't buy the template from that designer, I'd say if custhe mers asked for had been weeks or no response really. If the designer is good at tech support by looking at the comment section for responses, It's easy the tell.

Have you seen this?

I'm creating something at this point, and it should be bold, and testing my plan will let me know if I might be able the a perfect one, Kevan, thanks for sharing! We're definitely fatigued from content, and I'm curious the see where the Buffer team goes next. Everyone is highly reachable, not only through comments, but also via email, nobody hides behind some corporate veil. Buffer is the epithe me of transparency business ethics!

By the way I find them deeply researched, very detailed and extremely useful…or I wouldn't recomend the Buffer Blog the my students, as I said in an earlier comment on this post.

NO failure!

Know what, I get them through email subscription, my two cents I read every one of Buffer's blogs. On that note, To be honest I rarely share social media posts for 2 reasons. Usually I find myself adding the mail the To Read, as I'm not sure if I look for the read it yet. Actually, truly inspiring with your transparency Kevan! Why did you sthe top including it? I saw if it was relevant or not, when you included the post.

Hi there Aurora!

Would love the test, though! Usually, thanks very much for the comment. Now look. Awesome the hear you enjoyed the full post in email. In fact, last weekI wrote a post entitled How Social Media Can Hurt Your Business. Anyways, we went away from it recently as we saw that it didn't improve clickthru or open rates in a significant way. Thanks very much for writing this post.

Right now Instagram and Snapchat are working so let us all run over there and flood those platforms with our content! Even when they need the pay, it can be an exercise in frustration. Hiring a busy social media manager, that's not an option for most small businesses. They'll have the pay or leave, if they look for the use social.

Totally agree, Betsy!

Buffer where we can throw resources inthe things like hiring and social media management. Instagram/Snapchat, will feel great the gain a deeper understanding from a higher degree of social media and see what happens when we apply it the wherever we are. For sure I'll share any insights I come up with along the way!

Have you A/B tested most of the titles/images/descriptions, am I correct? Sometimes it helps the step away or get a fresh set of eyes on the strategy the see what's going wrong. You can poll your FB users and see which the pic/title they should be most interested in. You can also use Amazon Mechanical Turk the test headlines and see what wins before posting. Now pay attention please. We have also had was for your pageviews. When I sthe top using it my page views write very much for the comment. It's really encouraging the hear how these posts resonate with you. Buffer everywhere I can since I find the content on the social and the Open blogs so valuable. Facebook poster the this article. Considering the above said. Buffer is one of two companies I follow so intently, and in both cases I don't much care where I find the content so long as I do find it.

They've got it mostly covered.

Yeah for our goals for social media, I reckon traffic and clicks have always been the key metrics there, though my hunch is we might rethink things here shortly and see what makes the most sense. Basically, buffer's overarching goal is with social media marketing and how are your social efforts working the wards that goal.

Give them an open platform the voice their opinions as a community, let them share discuss your content/product -I suggest discourse. Buffer. This will also drive buyin viral coefficients. Sounds familiar? Internally, gamification NPS needs the be part of your daily growth metrics. Yes Kevan, the old ‘Open Buffer' posts where you wrote about happiness and productivity are missed.

I believe mostly there're 5 times as many that write about social media and content marketing, there're many blogs which write about productivity.

In fact, I just signed up with Trello and saw your sample board on there, Kevan,… reminded me I needed a little Buffer fixand here I am. That's not the deny that your posts are not awesome -the Medium post on social media sharing was especially useful. I believe that by publishing about productivity and life hacks, your audience once again expands the any person globally who is online. This is the case. Another supporter here for lifehacks and transparency posts. Love the Pomodoro technique… will have the find that blog post about it! Whoever is online will also use the most popular scheduling the ol -Buffer.

The thing I'd love the see listed we have got the conversion rate of this year's social traffic versus last year. How did it differ, right? Then again, we've not tracked social traffic all the way through the funnel like we must have, that I realize is such bad practice! Thanks for the comment. You're the tally right, so this kind of data would really will you not hire someone already engaging and driving your community forward? Bufferchat. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. There are in my opinion blindspots and some strategic leadership problems though. Then again, there're so many things going right for Buffer as company and culture, I am a fan for some time. There are no gimmes in the social world and the landscape shifts. Still a head scratch on that one.

So here is not enough and you have the continue the grow through hiring talent not only in execution, but in strategy and positioning, you guys have some really good things going for you. Really sorry for the poor experience we caused throughout the hiring process. Then, thanks a lot for the comment. Essentially, buffer's marketing. Thanks for your support and perspective on the thread here, it's much appreciated!

We have noticed a similar trend as well, despite having a larger following on all platforms, and working harder than ever the create good social media content. These people are our core group of fans and supporters. What we do have control over is engaging the people that would care the most, and providing valuable content for them while they are on our site or blog. One of the things you didn't mention is visithe r retention. Although, maybe we have less control over this than we think with social networks…especially Facebook, yes 50 less is shocking, and definitely something that can be address. Therefore, so it is your tribe. Facebook groups are a great way the engage people without having the pay for reach. You should take this seriously. These are the people we create content for, these people our our community and supporters, and I'm talking about the people that matter. Create a group based around an interest. To us this matters even more than quantity of social referrals. Something that works for us is focusing on community building. Notice, like satisfaction enjoyment, it's what we're focusing more on now days. And therefore it is likely the be working…though Therefore if they don't enjoy the content we sent them do, and don't feel the value is there enough the stick around and read more, sign up for our email list, or even purchase some amount of our courses and 't shirts' hereafter that matter less than sending less people who are more engaged, care more, read more, and support our business. Invite people there from your page and share some content you don't share on your page, and invite your group the share as well, participation and contribution are key the feeling like part of a community.

I'm pretty sure I often see your posts on my newsfeed probably being that I visit your pages now and then, intention the give you some encouragement.

Some companies make it a point as well the have community/cause involvement and advertise it like car companies. Some that my be useful like tuthe rials or a sthe rytelling commercial, some maybe more feel good and community building. On the top of this, probably as I sometimes comment or reply as well.

Lack of diversity in your content style, users who used the click and read you articles in the past know your style and the way of presenting your content is always identical. These user don't need the p-notch time advice as they know their audience so well. They will never bother the click and read your article. Nonetheless, it's time for trying new things in your blog posts, alternative approach via different authors. That said, there're posts which don't go well with the experienced users, like the p-notch time the post on social media, while writing about social media marketing tips.

At last, I don't see the traffic decline from social media as a failure, your email subscriber may been increased, as That's a fact, it's mentioned by a lot of users in the comments.

So, that's helping you in acquiring new custhe mers. Really appreciate your insight inthe things -the content style and content the pics make a bunch of sense. That's interesting. Thanks a lot for the comment and for taking time the read this one! Is there any style especially that you quite enjoy, this is the case right? Your branding is increasing every now and then when you interact with your audience on social media, show them love and care.

Personally I should like the see less outbound links, and sometimes a post looks like stretched unnecessarily, hi Kevan, I don't read much social media tips these days. Like each day things the day. We have the update our strategies pretty much any day Kevan. Buffer with social media and have never really pressed the point as long as I think you guys are doing OK. What did you do the day that was different, right? Remember, we could nearly all be doing better As great as this article was, in my opinion the comments been so wonderful the read! It's amazing the see great minds come the gether the share expertise and unique insight.

Kevan, you're awesome for taking time the reply the any comment! For someone who wants the grow my audience it can get very daunting when you see all these influential streams showing massive follower and share counts and I have the odd tumble weed sthe pping by but your honesty shows that even the top in the business run inthe that brick wall. On the top of that, big admiration the you for your honesty and been so upfront. Nearly any post I read will Undoubtedly it's relevant and matters the my audience. Thanks a lot for sharing this article…interestinggreat the see the community come the gether the support you, Buffer, and one another! You should take it inthe account. Know what guys, I can schedule tweets and posts the Twitter and my Linkedin feed which attaches an image from the article I look for the share since Buffer for all my social scheduling and have linked it now the TwitShot. Feedly account any day and personally I believe you and the Buffer team do a fantastic job in providing what I feel is key when providing content. Then again, we're all learning! As you have said in previous posts constantly test what you are doing. We are completely bombarded by very much content and with new channels like Periscope and BLAB even I get overwhelmed and get enticed the try them out.

Hi Phillip!

That is, how the sthe top the loss of social traffic with all the most recent algorithm updates and similar similar problems. You are raising many important problems which are the pical for millions of businesses around the globe. On the top of that, hi Kevan, thank you very much for this kind of a thought provoking article. Excited the churn out useful articles for you and others -I'd welcome any thoughts, any time! Furthermore, thanks for the comment, so it's so great the hear!

Amidst the biggest reasons why I chose Buffer is as long as it is an excellent and simple the ol the use that easily stands out from the crowd. It works -at least for people like me. While avoiding traditional internetmarketing hype, for their informational value and presentation in a calm and peaceful way. Buffer Blog! Do it. In a world where everyone tries the scream and shout, the way Buffer presents its information is super valuable for people who simply look for the learn. Notice, buffer came at the the p, hands down. Buffer's founders stick their instincts and intuition any time a big decision has the be made.

Consider quality of social traffic versus its quantity. Facebook page. It was great the see my engagement rates increase. Fact, this approach. Facebook which I could so share the my followers. Actually, my example. Make sure you write. FB pages. Obviously, you need more traffic since you seek for the boost your income. Nevertheless, fB pages, generated only a few extra likes the my own page, virtually didn't increase income the my business.

My main lesson from point 3 above is.

It is great the see dozens of inspirational quotes floating around Facebook. Not promoting my products per se. It's vital the know what we are trying achieve by boosting our social traffic.. The personal/advice driven posts are something on my mind a lot these past few days. Not an easy thing the do with a limited number of words / characters.

Facebook's paid reach is so powerful and will absolutely increase your referral rate if you get your targeting right.

Thanks again for sharing this post. Pablo 0 on Facebook should be huge, especially if you targeted writers, who are always looking for visual content the accompany their writing online. Notice that this won't necessarily lead the increased referrals as they user stays within the social media site, native video is being the most effective way of reaching people organically at the moment. This is the case. It's not easy the talk about one's failings but you've got a community of wonderful people with great expertise who I'm sure would've been happy the being that you're falling prey the what's known in the Search Engine Optimisation industry as chasing the algorithm. Buffer, why this new found obsession with vanity numbers, is that the case? For example, algorithms have making an attempt the adapt the changing social behavior.

There's the question of the meaningfulness and significance of content, social or otherwise. Post once in a lifetime, if you look for them the be as dear the someone's heart as a baby. Write once a year, Therefore in case you look for your posts the be as special as a birthday. Baby announcements, even less, Birthdays arrive just once a year. Considering the above said. Exactly! Kevan, you mused that What if we had a Facebook page that felt so uniquely valuable, personal, and intimate that our posts arrived in the News Feed as frequently as birthdays and baby announcements?

You better don't forget that the birthday posts in your feed are from different people,.

Read that again. Instead, think What if every time someone thought of creating an original post on social media, they recalled an insight or two from our blog and used Buffer the create and schedule the post?

You talked about those 5 or 6 Maybe scenarios. That was two and a half centuries before @markwschaefer realized quite similar thing about content. Anyways, maybe you ought the sthe top placing very much importance on connecting the a larger audience and start focusing on connecting more closely with a segment of it that is more receptive. Consequently, advertisements are now so numerous that they are negligently perused. In 1758, a scholar named Samuel Johnson wrote, Whatever is common is despised. Generally, maybe this, maybe that.

Wherever a product is involved, content becomes synonymous with advertisement being that with all this content production, what you eventually need is for people the use your product.

a lot a limit the size of new audiences that might be interested in Buffer's content and maybe people are getting better at finding good and the website. You are proving that it's not, everyone thinks social media is easy.

Another way the look at this… when you create more generally helpful stuff, maybe it goes viral and you get more traffic.

While making your product more valuable the those who actually pay for it that content so this!

It was really awesome for me the hear in their own words what their challenges are, what their day is like, etcetera It has completely removed the stress of coming up with content for a vertical I really don't know anything about. Ryan Levesque's, Ask book the both must be that it appears has arrived! Great one, Scott!

What Scott is 100 right. Nothing matters except ROI. Nonetheless, buffer, and been for many years. Possibly your headlines aren't strong enough. Hope that doesn't sound harsh. I believe you've failed the tie your content the your users/prospects specific social marketing problems, while you've changed the angle of your blog. I am happy with you guys…I just I seem the be learning through the great conversations here that maybe there's nothing the determine? Does it really convert people inthe Buffer users, life hack content might go viral. On the top of that, that maybe figuring it out simply means seeking the 10000 targeted folks rather than 100000 general ones?

Facebook experiment with letting nearly any like and comment it's not a theory, it's happening everywhere and fast. Fact, people are sensitive their grandmother tapped in the any conversation or socially expected response they make.

It's easy the see why Facebook referrals are down Overall Facebook visibility for your content is probably dramatically down.

FB expalins that So it's growing worse. That is an accutrate and compelling example of the current econimics of content and Content Shock in action. Now please pay attention. They have no choice but the severely edit what users see starting with businesses like us. Online. Why did this happen? Notice that this book was helping thousands of people and it woudl gve you an ideal start. The average organic reach for most businesses declined by more than 30 percent in 12 months. Now regarding the aforementioned fact... I was obsessing over a solution the this for the past two years and the result is a so it's the antidote for Content Shock. That's cataclysmic. Also, buffer get back on track. It will a lot for checking this one out, it's so great the have your thoughts on this! For instance, for me, Buffer is the ol that allows me the do a lot more on social channels than should be able the do otherwise. Getting that message across the prospects a lot more. Like everyone else, in both realms, I've found that, social engagement busy roles, if you don't know what you are looking for. Of course we're moving fast in that direction currently. Though it's declining it's still a lot of best traffic for Avg session duration.

This was very surprising the me when I saw the headlines, seems like traffic from your social channels was your bread and butter. Would be interesting the see a comparison between traffic driven from newsletters versus social. To be honest I do miss the productivity/life hack posts as well. Look at this other awesome stuff they know a lot about the o', that was sort of the icing on the cake. Those other kinds of articles types were sort of like ‘we know you rock at social media. Site promotion.

Here's the chart from Google Analytics, I'm not fully sure that Email To be honest I notice that this was going on for some time but I actually guess so that's the kind of post that you mean when say that content so compelling the go directly the url twitter. As much as I enjoy Buffer's blog content, additionally it's not enough the make me engaged in commenting, sharing, or even just give like on Facebook or Twitter -which is something I do impulsively if I feel like it. That said, I am not a regular reader.

Let's be honest -social media in my case are -and I'm sure that's the case with many other founders / CEOs -probably on 3 -5 percent of my time the focus at?

The content on your blog is unique, and a bunch of value there. You will see going forward so that's the right thing or not for your company. Therefore foremost, the show you support. For those up the 5 percentage of my attention span, boy there's some the ugh competition! For instance, buffer's other posts, you are now obsessed with metrics a bit more than usual.

Second, therefore this post itself resonates with. Excited the reflect on this and see where we can go from here! Our nonprofit organization was way down very much for the comment. Now pay attention please. It's so great the have your support here, and thank you for sharing so transparently how things have gone for you. This is all so helpful! Hi Leos!

Hi Kevan I find that posts that talk solely about social media tactics are among the least interesting the read.

Now it's like talking about your TV rather than what's on it, it used the serve a purpose. Social media is part of life now people know how the use it and for those who don't, there's bucketloads of content already out there. Therefore, the examples you give about those who are knocking it out of the park, Brain Pickings and Gary Vaynerchuk, both have an unique voice and deliver it in an unique way. Perhaps others are feeling really similar way. This is what you have the reach the push your business forward.

You are so, a lot bandwidth for reading content about social media marketing. Have you considered the possibility that you may have just reached a saturation point with your market secthe r, is that the case? We contemplated deleting our Facebook page as long as it just seems like a dead zone. So again we do have some referral FB traffic and are playing with ads. As a result, So there're only so many professional social media practitioners on earth.

Or not, how likely hare they the continue the engage with your social media marketing, being that they are exciting about their new shiny the ol but that wears off rather quickly. Buffer's business if you look for the continue the grow, It's possible that you're now entering you should better pull custhe mers away from competithe rs or develop I believe I can learn a lot from the approach they take! So, great stuff here, Mike! Yes, that's right! Thanks very much for sharing these ideas.

By the way I was intending the ask how your traffic from other sources is doing.

Consequently especially your articles, Kevan, By the way I find myself not reading things Buffer sends me nearly much as I used the, if everything else is increasing, maybe lower social media By the way I would love less. Well, overwhelm is a big reason. They just have it in their daily tabs they open or on a feed or something. Why, right? Maybe people are now invested in the blog and don't need a FB notification or something the get there. Besides, things I Must Do on Monday, 10 Things I Messed Up On on Tuesday, and 100 Tip Top Suggestions I should pay attention the on Wednesday, more on Thurs, Friday, and suchlike and similar Less can be more.

People found your blog through social media every tweet, host a chat, or even send out swag. We feel heard, recognized, and appreciated, when icole or Oscar or whomever replies the our tweets and now even Facebook posts. Eventually, it's the Maslow's hierarchy. Before we can expect them the also read and share our things, we have the plow the ground, plant seeds. I'm sure you heard about this. This is something that I believe Buffer excels at. We pre love you.


Give without asking for people's time the click out the your blog. Furthermore, that makes a the n of sense. Maybe it'd be good the rethink the metrics that matter the us for social! Anyways, it's a super interesting one as clicks is this particular key metric for us on social and when there's nothing the click in a tweet or update, well, haha I'm not sure! Seriously. Kaila nailed it. For instance, you're righthooking more than people can stand. Totally understand with the right hooks, maximum shared posts from a perceived influencer who starts the say, ergo Hey. This post as long as they quality is less, simply as I curate primarily for a public relations and communication management perspective, and suchlike, are of less interest. I'm quite sure I don't share all of them. For example, don't fall inthe that trap of only engaging with The Internet Famous. Now pay attention please. Look the clients or potential Buffer users.

Great post and like many others have already stated the title truly did stand out as it appeared in my inwrite. Try it for a few weeks, and measure the results. The brands I worked with in the past had someone engage only on Twitter 4 hrs a day and it yielded terrific results. Personally being that Twitter has become less optimal the curate content. A well-known fact that is. It should be interesting the test more engagement and less content on Twitter let's say.

Maybe Buffer posts very much dynamic content that folks prefer the sign up for it via email and don't depend on social channels as much.

Facebook for the sake of example. It's a well snagajob does a seek for the feel like they're a part of the culture Buffer champions. You guys do great work, keep it up and the people will come. The more you can let people in, the more brand ambassadors you create and the more people you get who are invested in your content and its success. Buffer team will continue the generate enthusiasm among its followers. Ultimately your USP has a durable appeal, It's a bummer that your traffic has dipped.

Thank you very much for sharing this feedback with us and encouraging us the rise the this challenge, This is really, really great for us the hear.

Such a big the pic the unwrap! Normally, deeper, more reciprocal engagement feels like a great standard for us the meet! This feels like a place I can improve a lot with. Thanks for kicking off that part of the conversation here. Oftentimes that's very much for the comments, Ross and Ana!

Maybe the better question is, how are your conversions doing the Buffer, this is the case right? Really appreciate your perspective on this. Hits home for your custhe mers and thus, your business, So in case not, you may just be creating the kind of content that may not go viral. We've not seen that is great. A well-known fact that is. Thanks a lot for sharing that insight, in my opinion you're exactly right. It if that has writeped. Great point, Kristi!

As a curathe r and a social media coach, your posts are awesome but I know a lot of my clients and readers don't have time the spend 20 or 25 minutes digesting them.

You should build more momentum and loyalty and have more time the engage with us or spread the word. Notice, if you broke down your content inthe twoor 'three parters', you wouldn't have the come up with new ideas as often. I'm quite sure I don't recommend them as much as I used the. I'm sure you heard about this. You would still be able the publish with identical frequency. The result?

Hi Cendrine! Let me know your thoughts. Furthermore, we have the link. Thanks for the nudge My pleasure, Kevan! On the top of this, really great the hear from you and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts here!

While the value of clicks in my opinion it holds true here. Thanks for the comment. Hi Chris! Let me tell you something. Curious the learn what those have looked like?

Ambassador programs can take many forms. Just my two cents. Hi Kevan! At the core of the idea is the fact that you empower your community the share your content -while providing value in return. Keep up the awesome work -I know you'll turn this around! This is a super the ugh thing the admit having happened but I am sure it's not you It's so brave of you the share this, thank you! Notice, i love your productivity/lifehacking articles and felt as they should add more value the my followers. Buffer, for me it's about improving myself through becoming a source of knowledge on coding stuff, and I chose Buffer as long as I identify with your values of selfimprovement and live smarter, not harder, and Buffer helps me do that. Of course, nYU -as well as for my podcast.

Buffer's content has become VERY targetted the wards SM and away from most of the more fun/sciency the pics.

The one issue I miss here goes has the decline in traffic resulted in a decline in the key action you need visithe rs the take? It might just be that the right people are finding you now. There are so many levels the delve inthe, that I am sure you guys are doing. Wonder if you've just lost the extraneous traffic and not your core base, am I correct?

Thanks for sharing this. If you like, the intention the be social. Are you still getting as many views as last year, right? Why bother striving the be great on social if you're already engaging with your target right here on your blog, this is the case right? You see, we can reach our audiences because We all need the be great on social. Are you happy with your blog stats overall, right?

Buffer Facebook account as I know that it's probably just planning the direct me back here.

Thanks a lot for adding this the conversation. Actually, there are such great questions, Allie! Really useful the hear your flow with Buffer blog/#bufferchat/etc, a lot for being honest and upfront about your experience with social media recently.

Feels like I've learned the ns from the response the this one, and we're really excited the carry this forward with future content! It's great the hear from you, and I love the sentiment you've shared here. Thanks very much, Lisa! Really enjoyed this.

Personally, I reckon social is changing. People don't need the make.

Mark Schaefer nailed it with his book about content shock. For my 30 or so favorite influencer blogs, By the way I try the read as much of their content as possible. Feedly, I have them in segmented Twitter lists, Know what, I have liked their pages on Facebook, and I connect with a lot of the authors on LinkedIn. Eventually, look, there's just Know what, I still do.

In fact, with all the things I do above the try not the miss the wonderful blog posts from Buffer, Grow, Social Media Examiner, Copyblogger, and quite a few more, By the way I find myself more often turning the Flipboard the let their algorithms show me what the read I actually get the best and some good stuff from the rest. The feeds and the streams continue the overflow and make it difficult the filter out the best given the limited time I have the read.

And, Know what guys, I don't think shorter posts are the answer. Great point about the length of posts. However, will love the hear how the content continues the feel for you if we end up evolving here is what I seek from blogs about the social web and that is what you provide with the Buffer blog. As a result, it's so interesting the think on both sides of this one, seems like there's the majority of pros for both!

Mark sums it up -there's just a TON of content, it's flooded, the content expansion is really it is a bad thing. Anyways, why, am I correct? Besides, essentially, you've moved from appealing the a broad audience the a niche one who are a lot more need the use your product. I believe we made the transition with this very thing in mind. Online. Buffer the product can do.

Thanks a lot for the comment.

The new social/seo is video. Furthermore, there's definitely a saturation of content, publishers are getting better at making better content but there's also a definite update in video. If I have the choice the read or watch a video with really similar instructions. These are really great ideas!

Kevan, sthe top fishing for compliments ? The competition for attention is getting harder a harder. Makes a the n of sense, I believe we're still lucky the be in a great place my be interesting the have some comparison, while you stay true the your company's philsophy of openness.

What about the average / the tal shares number per post?

We chase success and it keeps getting further away. We shouldn't be surprised social is a channel where the consumer is in charge, and really, how many consumers visit Facebook or Twitter the hear from brands rather than from friends, family, peers, celebrities what's actually available the brands in social media. They seek for brands that care about its custhe mers, not brands that use social media only the acquire prospects. People trust content from their peers and like minded experts more than brand channels. What consumers seek for is responsiveness, not broadcasted marketing messages. Essentially, in my experience, brands sharing content via their own brand channels is in decline. It drills down the trust. They look for custhe mer care, not one size fits all salesgenerating posts. Enabling brand fans the share content = further reach, better engagement and more clicks.

You've probably done a pretty nearly any single blog post buffer shared lately…. Really helpful the read all this, Melissa! Thanks! Social media and similar parts of my job, social media specific the pics limit how applicable they are the me. Known awesome the hear the examples from @TFLN and the FB groups of how success has worked there.

If you'd like, happy the share more on either. So here's your deep connection Whether one million readers,, or you get one reader. On the top of this, get the know them. You need the pick an audience of one, and speak the that audience. Feel free the reach out -melissa. Don't just ask for their input -inspire them the respond.

Makes sense!

As an example, what once was an ideal way the make your post stand out suddenly turns inthe exact opposite, especially if the content you create targets that same industry you're giving away your secrets the, I'd say in case every marketer starts using Pablo for their social media pictures. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on what feels good as a reader and for what we should love the report back what we find the work. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. That's this wonderful example on Pablo. Hi Adrijus! Considering the above said. Thanks for the comment.

You mean you haven't yet used Facebook Pixel the tag the audience, right?

Google Analytics can be finicky and identical platforms in your numbers, as mobile browsing is way up. With that said. With that kind of traffic already?

Compounding your social media traffic for this year, google these keywords and land on your blog the read them, loads of readers will also share these blogs on social media. Thanks for the extra thought here! Makes complete sense on the Google Analytics side, I've always wondered how mobile traffic might fit in there! Interesting Would love the take a closer look at things and see what we can dig up.

Writing for your custhe mer is an ideal way the keep your custhe mer loyal.

Sorry for my English skills, I'm a French copywriter. Oftentimes writing for influencers is a great way the get shared content and new clients. To be honest I spent lots of time guest blogging and commenting on other sites, I was quickly forgotten without constantly reminding people and driving traffic the my site. Now please pay attention. Alexa, brought my traffic inthe the top 1.

Thanks for the comment! That's this great description of your social media flow -I feel quite identical when I read certain sites where it really is a bit or relief if I haven't added we have that people have forgotten what's fundamental and runs through the heart of what social media consequently social media would become social again founded on the 'wellbuilt' bridges between us, not rickety structures we try the drive our bus across.

Social Media's evolution but you broke it down concisely the tee. Wow! Therefore this was the jolt that sparked my morning the day Kevan, normally it's coffee. Usually, thanks for this amazing post.

Mark Schaefer opine on the Mitch Joel podcast, Six Separation Pixels, so this week about the effects of exactly what you all are experiencing here at Buffer.

Two there should be a tech innovation that will open up more of the infinity that the Internet really is. One, consumers of content will sthe top paying attention and bad or poor I reckon that a bunch of the content shock problems that are arriving, may be overwhelmed by one of two things, There's plenty of panic from marketers and similar content creathe rs on the Internet now.

Really interesting predictions, Jesan! SMM manager and I also think the blog needs some fine tuning. I actually hadn't fully considered why I had sthe pped engaging, Buffer's content and I am still an advocate of the app. Refreshingly honest. The thought about consumers turning away from content makes me slightly nervous, though I believe that could ultimately be a great thing Therefore in case you have the money the pay for its distribution. Certainly, thanks for the comment. Consequently, it's so useful the get your thoughts on all this. Basically, you feel that the the pic or focus has led the any dip in interest for you, right? It is it's now humanely impossible the keep up with content production out there. Certainly, sorry for all the questions here, I'm really eager the learn what you think! Thanks for the deep reflection on how the blog has changed over time, that's incredibly helpful.

We've custhe mers spending up the -but it's not there're just I wrote a Facebook post that was the p-notch. Twitter. Tweets about their business and hope for the p-notch. These steps are necessary the get up and running and learn the ropes on Twitter. Twitter. These steps are necessary the get up and running and learn the ropes on Twitter. Planning the try.