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Now let me ask you something. What do I offer them if I contact them, am I correct? On the homework, I'd like to get a link from Robert Kiyosaki's http. Generally, my blog directly targets his readers books so a link from Richdad.

If I could get a link from any it would be the http. Pioneer Woman http. It's definitely aimed at people who cook at home, my food isn't quite as country kitchen as hers.

I'm almost sure I never thought of resigning, >, my website is 3 months old with hardly any traffic, sometimes I feel like I'm at a dead end.

It's only a helping hand for people who are already reading your content. NOT intended to make money. A well-known fact that is. They're for journaling, for sharing family updates, for giving an inside peek at a individual entrepreneurship, etceteraand all that stuffand similarand stuffand all that stuff I do think there arefor the most part there're still a significant percentage that do think they should've been making money somehow with their blog.

My piece of advice is this -look at the blogs you want to get links from -what do they all have in common? They all have an unique voice. Certainly, it's not always about saying something completely different. Sometimes it's just about saying in your personal unique way that resonates with people in a way that it just doesn't with others. The other three sites that I would like to receive a link from are http. In my personal health and fitness journey, I'm quite sure I have utilized theses sites to assist me and my clients. Consequently, they all present valuable information in a way that is attractive to me. Many things in fitness been repeated at length, however, what I like about these sites is that the information is presented in a fresh new way and from a totally different perspective.

Kris Car -http.

Because she was a major player in inspiring me to do what I do. When I saw her documentary in 2007 I was hooked. It's a well dOABLITY. It is a strong part of what I try to bring to my brand. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. No one wants to work any harder than they already do to get healthier and I am about to step into making howtos it easier. Fact, food Matters -http. By the way I love their brand, close to 100percent of their content.

To a different audience, my other 3 sites would be Scott Mcgillivray because he does much the same work that I do. Suze Orman because she is a brilliant woman and addresses finances, which are a huge part of Real Estate Investment, and Royal LePage?

My target would be first time or young moms who are just attempting to figure it all out!

The tricks you mentioned are really worthy. By the way I believe usually the other dream blog from which we would want our link from will turn down our request. What should we do in that case, this is the case right?

Great tactic for this blog post but also great content for us bloggers Very informative post.

Thank you Derek.


I had a question… Do you think the bigger goal is to get a guest post on their site, or just simply somehow get a link to your blog from there, Derek, I know I'm a late commenter. Is the secret in leaving valuable comments in the post? However, well after reading this post I realized I need to focus more on blogging about jewelry instead of random content that I think may attract my target market. Thank you Derek!

Back in February I published an article in Huffington Post which got a wink and a nod from don Miguel Ruiz and republished via BrightStar Events.

That was MAJOR and I had nothing to follow up that success with. Nope. Sigh. You have me thinking. Florida. Search Engine Optimisationwebsite promotion.

CalorieCount their content is great, very helpful and inline with some of my own beliefs. We definitely share the same demographic. Thank you for the great idea. Known see if I can get a realtor to bite.

I have met http, as for shout outs.

Maybe it's time to just ask her for a link? What it would take to get one from her. Next Choice would be http. Now regarding the aforementioned fact... Microbusiness. This is the case. Vistaprint. Every start up finds free cards there and what if you some helpful DIY Health Insurance Consulting, this is the case right?

Think about it. How does creating as much content as possible on a site that doesn't rank well… on a site that doesn't have readers… help you GROW THE SITE, this is the case right? You think waiting around for Google is the right way to do it? Your statements on overproduction make me feel so much better. Notice that recently I reduced my output by 40percent so I could work on side projects and promotion.

Thanks for sharing some great tips about why most bloggers fail in achieving up to their potential.

Each and every point you made is so true for many bloggers. Therefore, whenever generating great results, Only if we would narrow down the niche, it would have the exact targeted audience. Needless to say, my dream site that I would like to get a link from is http. She has a global reach and also with her launch network, Oprah is able to create shows and documentaries that peer into the unseen lives of others and shows, just like lifeclass, that focus on increasing the potential that we all have inside of us. Her brand is one positivity comprised and self improvement through self discovery. My views on fitness are tailored specifically to improving one's body by first improving the mind.

I'm quite sure I follow my competitors or better inspirational blogs and love what they are doing. It is sometimes really a problem to look whatsoever this beautiful content. Usually, the top bloggers a content machines and seem never to run out of ideas and wonderful photography. Thanks for this Derek, exactly what I needed to hear. Everything I learn lately points to guest blogging and I haven't done that yet… why? Too busy writing content! Anyways, hahahaha… why is it so clear when you say it, am I correct?

My dream site.

BiggestLoser. For ages range plan includes a weight reduction program inspired by another reality tv game show. Lots of my off line clients love The Biggest Loser. Biggest Loser has the numbers to send me, plain and simple. Good Tips and some of which I have failed on myself.

Another thing I plan to do next is sort of like an inverse guest post. I'll interview important people in the tea niche and introduce Japanese tea companies too, that way I'll get exposure to their customers and increase my authority I would like my blog to get a shout out from Bodybuilding, like you've advised in your blog before. That is my ultimate goal.

In my Free Ebook.

How to Get 5000 Subscribers, I'll show you how to build a profitable blog. LOVE LOVE to get a link from Upworthy. This website is filled with so much humanity and has this sense of everything can be good in this world.

Next three would be yogadork. For the more 'spirituallycentered' mom/business owner, The Organic Sister >. For instance, tara's site would put me in front of a whole new audience looking for ways to take a more holistic approach to health.

As for a while as he has so many fans who are also aspiring writers, tyler Perry's website.

My business offers story development, editing, and author branding services. His fan base is the motherload! The best reading I've done so far in 2013! Today's lesson taught me that my blog lacks a specific target which is why my bounce rate rate is so high. Now that I ‘m empowered I'm going to update the 'sub heating' of my blog to target a specific niche. Thanks a million!

Followers number is growing but very slowly. Top influencer for me would be Oprah as she is the top in inspirational connections. Know what guys, I feel privileged to read this post now, I actually wouldshouldwouldshould also be honored to be promoted by lennon Melton at Momastery, which will hopefully prevent me from doing plenty of mistakes you mentioned. For 3 months I wrote an entry for my blog about every other day. The next 3 months, I wrote an entry once every week. My traffic -and subscription rate -hasn't changed a bit. Something else has to, So in case altering content doesn't work.

The additional three sites that I'd like a link from are http.

Not to mention, theblogabroad has featured articles on huffington post and is sponsored by air bnb and other traveling companies. Essentially, possibly I could get sponsored, is that the case?

I read the article anyway just because with your blog I find myself something of a completer/finisher and I just like the way you wrote it. I've come this far, let me think about fulfilling your call to action too -I don't really have a single ‘dream' site I'm afraid though yours would be close with a few others -I'll just give you my top four that I seem to come back to from time to time. Approach and people opinion writing them also looking at the quality and content, as I said I probably have about 50 sites I really like but I think these would be my top 4 mainly because I respect the voice.

Now after just a week or so it's picking up again and what's coming is much closer to the peeps I want -so it was worth that risk!

My blog is http. Fingers crossed.

I wouldshouldshouldshould also like http. Recently married and moved to Germany from the states for the next few years. While sharing my new passion for taking lifestyle photos and my love for finding quaint, quirky and beautifully designed restaurants and cafe's, Started a lifestyle blog to share our experiences of living abroad, holiday weekend travels.

My problem is knowing what other types of blogs types would feed into his. It's not a traditional real estate blog as he isn't handing out real estate advice but promoting the reasons why someone would want to live in our hometown. He has actually garnered a couple clients who read his blog and decided to call him because of it. Regarding the views and subscribers, the numbers are low so not sure where I should try to get referring 'links travel' blogs, is that the case? Appreciate any advice you can toss my way. That's where it starts getting very interesting. THANKS.

Hey Derek -first I want to say THANK YOU for posting an article and not a video this week because I am working on a cruiseship with internet that doesnt lod videos Dream site.

Marie is one of my mentors and I admire her business mind, success, confidence and presence. Then again, my target market spends time on her blog.

April and I thought to get more viewers I had to produce as much content as I could. I totally understand your point about how its not about how much content you produce but how your promoting the content you already have. What's a post point if nobody but your mom is reading it. Dream blog appearance -Social Triggers. Because its respected as a blog that is original and very authentic and any link would carry loads of weight. On top of this, social Triggers because I think its main audience are people getting their head around websites and online marketing and they would have plenty of questions I can answer.

Great things in this post.

Know what, I wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading and are watching your videos on your channel the ones you've done with Marie Forleo and enjoyed them all, in my opinion this is my first comment on your blog.

Now that this is clearer I can see exactly what you mean regarding promotion. This really paid off for they put the link on and even gave it a showing in their newsletter. The result was 9118 visitors that day, over 4600 the next and after that, a few thousand each day for days next couple. An excellent result.

The easiest way to get readers for your blog is to convince another blog that has readers to send readers your way.

Be active on other people's sites and be valuable in their discussion. People will want to check you out then. Is your blog targeting a particular demographic? Oftentimes can you find any blogs or online communities writing for this group related to either the local area, or relocating general theme for a better lifestyle anywhere in the US, Therefore if for example you're targeting over 60's and retired.

While these examples and my blog share a readership base, in a similar voice/style to which they've become accustomed after reading these sites mentioned above. Thence readers would gain additional knowledge by visiting my blog. Thanks for this post! Great post and very timely for me. That said, michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach. She has cultivated a real, genuine connection with her incredible legion of fans. Doesn't it sound familiar? My focus is on debt and voting for 3rd party candidates only however debt and lowincome is where I will make my mark. Laura, I agree with you 1000percentage! KNOW what my problem is, what my hang up is. While hoping that I‘ll gain a nugget of something useful, s taking the time to read article after article just just like this. Help stream articles is never ending.

Thanks for the sound advice. Please everyone go ahead and take a look around my blog, By the way I have no technology experience, no mentor and no funds as such. I do have a plan, a strategy, a goal, a market sector and very little content. Keep reading! I'm listening, it's keeping them and getting them to subscribe that might be my next trick, paying attention and learning, far, I've grown from 0 unique visitors to 430 in one month. Known that being said, To be honest I highly doubt you are going to get any lawyers as clients at either of those sites. Lawyers who are reading Myshingle or Lawyerist are doing so because they are self starters with small budgets. Although, they are going to be doing everything themselves. Just think for a moment. They don't have either the money or inclination to hire a legal marketing firm. Generally speaking, only larger, established firms hire legal marketers -and they're not going to make that decision based off a guest post or mention on some blog.

Trolls please be kind, attempting to have my own voice and write in an unique way…still early days, relatively few posts.

Good, good advice. Working Mother and ABOW.

Other 3 websites to receive links from. Having a shout out from the top bodybuilding, my business is a Network Marketing business, centered around a nutritional product, nutrition, fitness, and networking sites would definitely be a help to my business. Now just to wait for you to show me how to get my information in front of more people!

When I wanted to break into the marketing space, as a personal example, I didn't just write about marketing.

Steve Pavlina -http. Steve's blog. By the way I love that fact that he is himself, covers you unique and different topics, goes into a great amount of detail, he challenges my prejudices about things, Know what, I willwouldwillshould image that Steve and I are very different people.

When I wanted to break into the marketing space, as a personal example, I actually didn't just write about marketing.

Steve Pavlina -http. Steve's blog. To be honest I love that fact that he is himself, covers you unique and different topics, goes into a great amount of detail, he challenges my prejudices about things, Actually I willwillwillwill image that Steve and I are very different people.

Corey Taylor, Henry Rollins, Wayne Dyer, Leo from Zen Habits, Byron Katie, Bryan Clark, Julien Smith and comedian Joel Rogan… hell maybe even you… into avid readers and raving fans… Wow Chris, great new site.

The voice/style of this blog is similar to mine, not to mention the leading your best life content type crossover.

How many posts would you say you've written on blogging and traffic, or just on blogging all in all, am I correct?

While posting times, length, etceteraand suchlikeand all that stuffand similarand suchlike I was doing it for 5 years now, On the blog I'm highlighting here I've written 350 on blogging alone, inspiration. On different facts of it, Frankly, you and I write on the same subject once again. Why wouldn't I see a beneficial connection there? I'd like to be on it is http, Next, it is a big blog. Because they will learn and get YES.

At the moment I feel that if the Urban Outfitters blog linked to mine, that would be my ‘dream'. I do not know if that is perhaps simply doing what you describe as ‘aiming for other industry professionals'. Does that make sense? Very sound advice. Thanks for sharing. I had the good fortune to been picked up a few times by bloggers, and when that happened sales soared, at least briefly, althougheven if I have not actively pursued it. There is still a trickle of sales from one of them two years later!

We do an average of mainverbmainverbthe companies send us fee product in the mail.

We are not rich by any means but we started this about 4 months ago and are regularly making about 800 a week in revenue. Nonetheless, my goal there is to provide great information to people that can't afford to hire a marketing firm -people like myself. Very soon I'll have my book completed. Now look, a membership site will also go up. It's all about information that produces results at a great price. REAL VALUE.

The first question about the DREAM website that you would LOVE to get a link from, the SEO in my would first think about the most authoritative website I could find -but that would be wrong, what I actually would NEED it the website that attracts a large volume of my target clients. Hi Adrijus fancy seeing you here I approach guest posting a bit differently. Basically, don't write the same old shit. If you are getting posts publishing the same stuff then they are probably shit blogs or glorified content farms. Instead I give my best content to other blogs and the results can be dramatic.

My DREAM blog would be Leo Babuta's zenhabits.

John Maxwell at http. Odd choice, is that the case? Not so much. Everything I write about comes from something that is faith based. On top of that, john's work removed my fear of sharing how the Bible is the best business book ever written. If in some small way, I'm quite sure I could help someone who was struggling in their business, and they grew in their faith…well that would be the best prize I could ever want.

In a nutshell I am a personal rebranding specialist. Derek is in growing business, achieving. That's his gift. Now please pay attention. He sees potential, he has drive, he's a visionary, he has tremendous propulsion. Nonetheless, growth and financial reward, he'll promote this for all he's worth, if there's any possibility of expansion.

We have a similar message and I think her readers would relate, leonie is a life coach and she works plenty of sequinsandbody paint hippie stuff into the mix.

This exercise is helping to answer, who are my readers and where can I find more of them? Not easy for a very broad topic blog, though there isthere's an overarching theme -self reliance. My #1 dream choice blog shout would be from lifehacker, with that in mind.