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How do I get website traffic

Submitted 1 year ago by Glensarge

It works great in what it does, however, we have no information how to market it and get website traffic. Let me ask you something. Are there any quick tips and pointers to building a small traffic base, this is the case right? Furthermore, hold literally no web presence, We've used a few toolsets to analyse our website and we top score on development.

We don't have a massive budget for advertising but we're very practical. It is thanks for any feedback. Fact, if it helps maybe try to think about getting customers instead of traffic, There's no silver bullet to this one. Traffic per se ain't the goal, it's users and there's a logical way to get the ball rolling on that front.

In the beginning your best bet would be to manually seek out people who have the problem your product solves.

It must have some target user in mind, you haven't eluded to what your project is about. Go where ever you can find that person type and try to find someone who will talk to you. You see, trust that you'll get better at it the more you do it, this is generally a very uncomfortable exercise for developers. On top of that, it's arguably a skill on par in value with programming. You will be amazed at the things you learn and the connections you can make by talking with people that may want to use your product. It at least gets the conversation started about your product, you might run into someone with connections in your market and you might not.

One simple way is using Twitter. AngJobs that tweets once per day -every day. After a couple of weeks I can see some traffic already. Worth to mention I have another automated system, that automatically marks as favourite tweets that contain specific keywords. I'm planning to release these automated services to some beta users, soon, So if interested send me PM.

Hey, in my opinion you should rephrase your question / reframe the problem.

Don't try to get traffic to your website. Instead, you should ask who will love this service, right? At this point, you don't need traffic, you need happy users There are a few ways to get some traffic, and it doesnt have to cost the earth.

So. The best way to get website traffic entirely depends on what your product or service does. We're a public and private image sharing and hosting website. We can upload and download images at extremely fast rates without losing resolution during the compression. Oftentimes best of all, we're among the only, if not THE only image host that's fully responsive. We have a large focus on mobile and tablet user experience.

Consider the 20 or different marketing verticals, once you've found your unique value prop.

Test and experiment the three you think have the most potential. So, double down on the one that works best. Do this enough number of times and you will see a constant traffic. Did you hear about something like that before, right? You can also automate this using our product called http. Doing it manually will give you a good grip on the process.

How has nobody recommended Google and Facebook ads yet? Set up Adwords and Facebook campaigns specifically for your market and add a budget, it's not too expensive but definitely a bit pricey. Needless to say, pour some money into that and jumpstart your new website. Notice that low budget though, with a bigger budget it would be more successful. I'd say for