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website traffic rankingsBing is a great search engine and I would agree that in some cases they have better results.

The reason people still use Google is that most people are satisfied with the results… so they have no urgency to change. That said, on September 26, 2013, Google released amongst the most significant enhancements to the search engine algorithm to date. Hummingbird gives Google a precise and fast platform where search users can easily find what they're looking for when they type a given keyword in the search engine.

This new algorithm makes use of over 200 ranking factors to determine the relevance and quality score of a particular site. Hummingbird serves as a sort of dividing line distinguishing the old SEO from the new. Therefore, advised that, even if your webpage contains unique, useful, and in depth content, you'll still face a Penguin penalty if your links are 'low quality'.

website traffic rankingsThanks i know what to work on since, my site was hit hard back in 2012 so was looking for some historical background.

Just working on the content and not thinking about visitors lack at the moment! Anyway, loved the article, found it very useful. On top of that, content farms were the major culprits. Even when they had aged domain names, sites like EzineArticles, ArticleAlley and Buzzle lost their rankings. Furthermore, their content couldn't provide meaningful, relevant, long time solutions.

Checked out my site for duplicates. Turns out, posts in ‘categories' and ‘author' sections in my wordpress duplicates with my posts in homepage. And now here is a question. Any ways to solve this without major site reconstruction? Nonetheless, how bout the part where Google owns amidst the biggest and worst content farms of all…WetPaint Entertainment. Seems they don't really ought to follow Googles guidelines whatsoever. They pump out HUGE amounts of content daily and steal it from smaller bloggers. Google owns AOL which owns WetPaint so this content sweatshop gets away with murder w/ total impunity.

< >Google Hummingbird Changes.

website traffic rankingsIn February 2011, the first search filter that was Panda part update was rolled out.

It's basically a content quality filter that was targeted at poor quality and thin sites to prevent them from ranking well in Google's top search engine results pages. While other sites experienced a surge in organic traffic and improved rankings, of these changes in the algorithm, manyplenty of sites were penalized with lower rankings.

This doesn't mean that all 'multi author' sites are spammy. It still enjoys top rankings in Google because it makes sure the content delivers plenty of value to readers, for example, Moz has hundreds of writers. It's a well in here, we'll focus on four major Google algorithm changes. Each of these updates had, and continues to have, a significant impact on search engine marketing, 'onpage' Search Engine Optimisation, and your site's overall content strategy. Specifically, we'll discuss.

website traffic rankings Basically the odds are good that you'll get relevant and informative results on results first page from Google when you search, althoughalbeit there islook, there's still a lot more work to be done by Google in improving search results.

Such links worked in the past and larger sites were that best players game. Google Penguin destroyed the playing field for those big sites, that so lost all the benefits from their hard work. The story moral. Your links could be natural.

This makes the market depend more on Google. Even if it may actually be a good resource and useful for those interested in those sorts of sites, It's rare anymore to find a bookmark or my favorite fly fishing sites guide appearing near the search top results. Many hand curated guide sites are way better at finding relevant content than any general purpose algorithm. For instance, google does not support those types of sites types, they would prefer that you do each and every one of your searches on Google. Essentially, there islook, there's almost any tendency that the anchor texts or links gonna be totally irrelevant, when you buy or trade links with someone. Here's another object lesson. Now let me tell you something. Overstock. Google discovered that the site exchanged discounts for. EDU links.

website traffic rankingsGoogle has implemented all these updates.

People who are spending quality time in writing relevant articles could be rewarded and people who are using grey hat SEO should get a penalty. It would take some time for me to understand, How to avoid any penalty from Google Penguin. Nevertheless, After reading articles, including this one, i get bit confused, it is bit complicated for me. Only natural links are safe.

< >Google Penguin Update.

Awesome post about Google algorithm features and how to keep avoid from penalties. Thank you so much! I have question regarding this, Can I rewrite articles, what I have understand so far about Panda is, that I need to write good articles to get ranked. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Can I get a reference and rewrite someone's else articles, since finding unique ideas and writing full unique is difficult for me as it takes hours of time.

website traffic rankingsRead this post, it should help a lot.

Finally I read it, it was very long but worth to read. How these idea comes in your mind Neil, just kidding. Thanks for this long and informative post. Did you not answer every possible question, is that the case? Wow Neil, I truly appreciate work amount put into this post. Website optimization for a year or so and it is amazing the shifts that can happen. One thing that popped out to me was having pages with more than 2000 words. As this page went on and on I have to say that gets checked off on this article.

How big an impact will Pigeon have on SEO and marketing? Whenever in consonance with Search Engine Land, of local marketers will most definitely change tactics after the Pigeon update. Bing. Let me tell you something. Last month, for instance, I actually got 102000 Google organic visitors, 40000 from referrals, and 1000 from Yahoo and less than 1000 from Bing. That is less than 1! Usually, maybe you could write a 'in depth' post about getting more traffic from Bing and Yahoo… please, is that the case?

< >The Core SEO Benefits of Google Algorithm Changes.

website traffic rankingsThe word algorithm refers to the 'logicbased', stepbystep procedure for solving a particular problem.

In a search case engine, the problem is how to find the most relevant webpages for this particular set of keywords. The algorithm is how Google finds, ranks, and returns the relevant results. You can use Web of Trust to gauge how much your visitors trust the website. You have a bit more work to do, that still boils down to producing great content and building social engagement, if your WOT score is poor.

How informative the article is! It just made me surprised. Someone can write an article after researching a loooooot. Share your thoughts. Thanks a lot. Eventually, cheers! Over optimization used to work, before Google started penalizing sites that use a bunch of keyword rich anchor text for internal links. Although, sEO has evolved and building links shouldn't be the major focus. Moz recommends that 17percent of your anchor text going to be brand names.

If you're always updating your blog or site with relevant, 'well researched', and in depth content, you should expect improved rankings and organic visitors from Google.

By the same token, sites that publish irregularly or sporadically will find it almost impossible to retain a solid position in Google. You should focus on answering questions, when it's time to produce content that will truly solve problems for people. In today's SEO, start with the user, execute with related articles, and consequently measure your impact webpage links.

Why is Quora such a popular site, am I correct? It's due in part to one simple fact, there are probably many reasons. For instance, quora offers experts from diverse fields who willingly answer questions in a conversational way. Thank you for noticing Chris. Basically, i am truly honored that you commented as you tend to not leave them.

By the way, the infographic from Search Engine Journal excerpted below will help, if you want to learn more details about Hummingbird and how it has affected SEO since its 2013 release.

No matter what your niche may be, there are conversational keywords that will enable you create high valuable content. People search the web in a conversational way. Fortyfour percent of marketers aim for keyword rankings. There ismost of us are aware that there is more to SEO than keywords.

Excessive use of exact keywords in your anchor texts can trigger a Penguin penalty, as it turns out. This was a stunning realization for many SEOs. For quite some time, SEOs had focused on creating anchor texts that precisely matched targeted keywords in an effort to help build links. Generally, that Panda and Penguin hate manipulation, If I am not wrong, since I have read it many times online. I'm almost sure I am making an attempt to do work like these Google Algorithms want me to do. With that said, this is the real reason why reading a lot about these on daily basis.

Great write up Neil, very informative and useful info.

Google Penguin update section. On April 24, 2014, Google released the first Penguin update. Did you mean to put April 24, 2012, is that the case? Penguin update on that date. Some information can be found by going on the web. Thanks for clarifying! Your views and opinions on others findings is invaluable, while in a roundabout way you're kinda doing the same with this article. Nonetheless, research amount and time you must have invested in the above must be staggering. You've managed to pull together so many vital pieces of information for us to use as well as offering a content synopsis and how it may or may not effect our websites.

One important lesson we've learned is that SEO is never constant. It's continuously evolving, and today's best practices can become outdated tomorrow. Who would have believed that exact match domain names would ever be penalized by Google, right after all. Use the google disavow tool https.

Also have a question for you.

Brian Dean in his email list always preaches that posting content frequently has nothing to do with ranking. What's your take on that? Have you ever noticed any ranking drop by not posting frequently? Generally, have you ever experienced the freshness score effect on any of your sites, this is the case right? Remember, on April 24, 2014, Google released the first Penguin update. Google Penguin is a set of algorithm updates that puts more focus on incoming links, while the Panda update was primarily targeted at thin and low quality articles.

Any link you build now or in the future with boosting intention your search engine rankings violates Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Because lots of minor tweaks most likely have occurred 'in between' them, it lies within that range, there was an anda update every 1 2" months since 2011. This number may not be precisely accurate.

< >Google Pigeon Update.

Going back even further, Google made a number of changes in 2000, including the Google launch toolbar and a significant tweak known as Google Dance.

As far as SEO's impact on business websites is concerned, those updates didn't have much impact on search results. Prior to Google Panda, thin content could, and often did, rank highly. Content writers could churn out 300 words per article or blog post, throw in some high PR links, and wind up ranked #1 in Google -and remain there for months. Those days are over, therefore post long content if you want to improve your rankings, says Brian Dean.

Ten years earlier, in February 2004, Google issued the Brandy update. Whenever looking at other pages on the same site to evaluate whether they contain the search terms, in addition to the indexed page, s major focal points were increased attention on link anchor texts and something called Latent Semantic Indexing -basically. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is the most important 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created amid the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under 30 age by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Still i do not know where this is all heading for a small local business with a web presence that is offering the service the customer wants, this is a very comprehensive read thanks.

With these algorithm updates, do i continually have to input Great Content and engage with the locals on social media continually. Google has made it difficult for newbies like us. Penguin is also coming.

Whenever in accordance with Rival IQ, four factors will get website penalized by Penguin. See the image below. You see how many times the underlined keywords are mentioned in this thin piece of content, right, am I correct? That's keyword stuffing and it's contrary to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

What we call the keyword's intent, this update is designed to improve its delivery of results for the specified keyword -and not just the exact keyword itself.

In a sense, Panda and Penguin were ongoing updates to the existing algorithm, whereas Hummingbird is a new algorithm. I stumbled onto your article, as I was analyzing backlinks profile for a competitor. Certainly, panda update, and that is amidst the main differences I have seen as far as using branded anchors and or naked urls. Certainly, you mentioned Beard Brand and how they use a branded anchor profile. Eventually, and based on over optimization of kw density can trigger a penalty, when people try to get too specific with their anchor text like using money keywords like best beard oil too many times that will not look natural to the algo. Oftentimes Google still rewards them with high rankings as it is social proof, they have done a great job of building a strong social media profile and social signals a number of which are no follow links that often do not show up in back link analysis. A well-known fact that is. Google wants to promote popular and relevant content and sites that provide it. Let me tell you something. Someone striving to compete with them will need a comprehensive Social Media strategy that can assist their Organic SEO efforts. I'm sure you heard about this. What I would consider SEO 4 pillars in 2015 would be Time on Site and other user metrics, On page content, Social proofing, and in bound links, it would appear that BB is crushing it in all fronts. Anyway, thanks for the share Neil.

I'm quite sure I just let the site owner determine the anchor text for himself, when I do link acquisition for my sites. There's no better way to look natural than to BE natural. Natural, editorial links use anchor text that's chosen by the linking site's editor, not the person being linked to. In fact, if you get to choose your own anchor text, I'd argue that the site you're getting a link from is penalty bound. Eventually, you make a good point. Google doesn't want to send traffic to pages that are directories or like search directories. It doesn't make sense for a person to use a search engine and land on a web page that kind of looks like a search listings page.

Panda and Penguin is what happened to Finestationery.

It wasn't clear precisely what was happening, when the site began to drop in organic rankings. Of course, was the site being penalized by Panda or Penguin? Someone who is really interested in a topic is very going to have a superior resource in that narrow field, Google's current algo is very good at picking up what is popular socially. For Google, those narrowly focused curated guides and link sites are competitive sort sites they don't want to encourage. Normally, choices have been made that make these sites rank poorly, these sorts of sites may be way higher in the authority ranking.

What an insightful post, Neil! Google changes are giving more rewards to the sites that have lengthy content but it's also important to focus on just MEAT instead writing more words. Even when it then degrades over time, cyrus Shepard notes that the freshness score can boost a piece of content for certain search queries. This is where it starts getting serious, right? Your freshness score web page is initially assessed when the Google spider crawls and indexes your page.

i know a blog which talks about how to download software name then he keeps on updating the url and data with version and suchlike, updates content gets lots of traffic.

What was your process in getting this translated to Latvian, right?

The Panda algorithm update changed the SEO world. It changed content strategy, keyword research, and targeting. Since 'highquality' relevant links pointing to a webpage ultimately add to its value, it even changed how links are built. Usually, content that is well researched, in depth, and gets shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and the other major social platforms continues to rank well -perhaps even more highly than before.

In other words… I guess this is a 'longwinded' way of saying ‘awesome job' and ‘thank you'.

You really are an inspiration to your readers and I believe you to be the very few ‘experts' who are worth listening to. It was working exceptionally well for me. Plus it keeps me safe from a penalty.

< >Conversational Search.

Againbasically confirmation of one of a few content writers globally, I love to follow, without a doubt. Slovenian language -although I am not interested in it It's simply too much My plugin shows that I have.

Each and every update is about eliminating competition.

Directories, guides, link sites, content indexes, and all similar type sites are branded as thin content and penalized. Those sites get called bad neighborhoods and the links are actually a negative to website. So, any site that does not have the actual content but instead helps you find the content you are looking for is a type of competition for Google and one that is heavily weighted against. There other algorithm updates and changes have taken place since the first 2011 release Panda. Now pay attention please. Specifically, in July 2014, there was the Pigeon update. For more information about Pigeon, see this post I wrote previously on everything you ought to know about the Pigeon update.

Glad you liked it. It probably took me 8 plus hours to write it. Indeed, anchor text plays a vital role in the Penguin update. Normally, this is why it's important to build links right kinds, using relevant and generic words, if you are going to reduce the risk of a Google penalty.

Google's results are not what I am looking for, and I find myself consulting other search engines such as Bing striving to find things.

Whenever bing isn't anywhere near as popular, in many areas, they seem to provide superior results -and often enough lead me to hub or authority type curated sites that really help out. Google is the #1 search engine on the web, and it got there because of its focus on delivering the best results for each search. Google's VicePresident of Engineering, said, our goal is to get you the exact answer you're searching for faster, as Ben Gomes.

From the beginning, in a bid to improve on its ability to return those right answers quickly, Google began updating its search algorithm, that in turn changed -sometimes drastically -the way it delivered relevant results to search users. Google needs large volumes of data to be able to make better decisions. You see, the more relevant results people get when they search for a specific keyword, the more accurate the data that Google can extract and return for other searchers.

Like Moz, the majority of the popular sites post new content at least once a week, and some sites, even publish every day.

From the screenshot above, you can see that searchers are seeking information on a couple of conversational keywords. They want answers from you. It's your job to provide those answers in a conversational way.

Copyblogger also understands how to please their audience. Their blog post titles are magnetic, and conversational in nature. Additionally, they understand their competitors, have a mobile responsive site, and use social media to gain signals. All of these factors make Google delighted to send Copyblogger more traffic. Copyblogger also understands how to please their audience. Their blog post titles are magnetic, and conversational in nature. Additionally, they understand their competitors, have a mobile responsive site, and use social media to gain signals. All of these factors make Google delighted to send Copyblogger more traffic. Google Hummingbird Changes. Google Penguin Update. The Core SEO Benefits of Google Algorithm Changes. Google Pigeon Update. Conversational Search. Google Algorithm Changes Overview. < >Google Algorithm Changes Overview.