There Aremost Of Us Know That There Are Execution Issues – Traffic Tracker App Iphone

Such growing pains are togrowing outcome interdependence of platforms and publishers, one exec observed.

Platforms don't necessarily understand what it means to be a publisher and what's important to publishers. We were amidst to early adopters of Apple News and was pushing most, Therefore in case not all, of our content to it. Also, we have not seen an uptick in hits since this entire thing began. Yes, that's right! In fact, we're down 17 from totwo months preceding toApple News launch.

Not worth it considering towork involved to train staff in Apple's process and to prepare tocontent for toapp, much less take advantage of other features that Apple offered to entice publishers to use toapp, for that publisher, that means under 1 million views a month not terrible. There are kinks in touser experience. Apple hasn't provided ways to promote individual stories so they're not all just in reverse chronological order, as some had hoped. Then, toselections don't seem especially personalized and torelated stories section often contains other publishers' same version story that touser clicked on, giving it a stale feeling, two Apple features News are its story personalization and recommendation. All this adds up to a feeling that Apple wasn't ready for toapp release.

If toapp becomes a significant source of traffic, not having comScore's independent tracking makes advertising a hard sell, it may not be an issue for publishers that aren't getting much traffic from Apple News now.

a Apple spokeswoman wouldn't say how much traffic toapp was sending publishers but that it planned to integrate comScore into toapp and a data dashboard very soon. However, challenge Part with a new app is structural. With all that said... Which similarly is getting publishers to post directly to its app, already has a huge audience, Apple had to train people to open and use its new app, while Facebook. Nonetheless, there arethere're execution issues. Of course some could've been getting a big traffic advantage over others, only a few get featured at a time on toapp's promotional screen, there arelots of us know that there are more than 70publishers in toapp.

Seth, that would make sense. Apple purpose News isn't to redirect to your site. If you're not a full publisher -using toApple News format spec for publishers -you don't have access to toperformance dashboard Just use toweb. For instance, most Apple News articles look like 1994 web pages in Spry Mosaic. Now pay attention please. It's a lame attempt to get publishers to suck up to Apple and write favorable content that gets promoted. It looks bad and I don't trust toinformation.

Not all publishers areunhappy.

The Washington Post, is pleased with how our content feels in Apple News and excited that it's reaching new audiences, said Cory Haik, executive director of emerging news products for toPost.

This is a fantastic discovery tool for new users to toPost and we're very encouraged in how they are finding us. Even todisappointed aren't ready to throw in totowel. Anyway, they recognize toapp is still new and that it takes a while for audience habits to form. The traffic risk payoff not coming is still far outweighed by tofear of missing out on audiences and advertisers who are always looking for what's new. Furthermore, apple at least seems willing to work with them, I'd say if not always understanding of publishers' priorities. At tosame time, publishers are reportedly pushing for changes in Facebook's Instant Articles, frustrated over challenges selling ads in tosocial network's feature.

When Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp expressed frustration with his company's performance on Apple News last week, his complaints apparently were just toiceberg tip. Other publishing execs are unhappy about everything from totraffic they're getting from to'two month old' news aggregation app to touser experience to todata Apple's giving them. Data is also a sticking point. Publishers want a dashboard that they can use to analyze data on demand, and more demographic data on users, apple is providing weekly data reports including basics like page volume views and shares. Apple was supposed to let them count toviews toward their traffic and let publishers sell ads into toapp, to appeal to publishers. Publishers said Apple had been delayed in adding measurement firm comScore tags to tocontent.