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Bard alumnus Peter Aaron '68 profiled Joan Tower, on her occasion 75th birthday, for Chronogram in September In May 2014, she was interviewed on WAMC Northeast community Radio by Joe Donahue and Alan Chartock.

Important Margins. To listen. Simply keep reading. Contested Landscapes in SinoTibetan Borderlands, edited by Emily Yeh and Chris Coggins, published by Washington University Press in June 2014. Frontier Politics and Ethnic Identity by Lihua Ying appeared in Mapping Shangrila.

In July 2013, Maria Simpson was a guest faculty member for the Southern Vermont Dance Festival. During the fall semester, Pavlina Tcherneva was invited to participate in the inaugural panel Institute for newest economy Thinking's INET Seminar Series at Columbia University. She as well performed 3 episodes from Crush, a duet by choreographer Sondra Loring. With that said, she gave several lectures at FLACSO in Ecuador on topics of unemployment and fiscal policy, and was invited by Bulgarian Association Economists to a roundtable discussion around her paper Chartalism. In March 2014, she gave invited communal lectures at all Hofstra University and Middlebury College. In August 2013, she was a performer in Built On Stilts Dance Festival, in Martha's Vineyard. In January 2014, her oped piece Sixteen Reasons Matt Yglesias Is bad About the Job Guarantee vs essential Income, was published in Truthout, and her community lecture at Columbia Law School on similar topic was featured in Jacobin magazine, Nation and modern Inquiry. She as well appeared on the nationally syndicated communal radio and TV program David Pakman Show.