Traffic Website – If You Don’T Currently Have Higher Relevant Articles

You'll see a top list 10 keywords that your competitor ranks for, So if you go to SEMRush and type in your competitor's name.

When you create higher quality articles it's much easier to get attention to this content.

Whenever getting highquality links from other websites is still extremely important for search engine rankings, In a report by Brian Deane from Backlinko on how Google ranks content. So in case you have higher relevant articles, use a SEO tool such as ahrefs to find companies that are linking to content on your competitor's site and, then reach out to these sites and request that they link to you instead. Create it, Therefore if you don't currently have higher quality articles. Now let me ask you something. How would you like to steal some of your competitor's traffic, is that the case?

Pick out the most relevant keywords and create content that targets the keywords that have a reasonable amount of traffic.

While focusing on high quality and providing great value to your readers, Make sure you create better content than your competitor. Always promote that content aggressively. There's some more info about it on this site. There's no point writing amazing blog posts if nobody knows they've been published. SEMRush will show you the keywords, searches estimated number for these keywords and the page that gets the traffic. Eventually, this is really valuable information when you want to take some of that traffic for yourself.

If you are influential within your industry you are more likely to get your content noticed even without promotion. One key becoming way influencer is producing content that demonstrates you as a thought leader. You also need to build relationships with key influencers within your industry. Influence leads to traffic diverting from your competitor to you. Moz crawls the Web to collect information related to websites to work out their Domain Authority. Then, this is based on a variety of factors that are important to Google for ranking content. The Domain Authority score ranges from zero to 100 and the higher the authority, the easier it is to get targeted traffic.

Using paid ads is becoming more important to reach your existing fans and potential new fans, as organic reach drops on social media sites like Facebook.

You ever wonder why your competitor attracts a bunch of traffic and you don't get as much, right?

very good ways of increasing authority is to get 'high quality' links, which leads nicely onto the next point. Start to take action to increase it, you should aim for as high a Domain Authority score as possible. Increasing first part your Domain Authority is to know what your score is, and what your competitor's is. You can find this out by downloading the free Moz Toolbar.