Ways The Drive More Traffic From Twitter: Twitter Is A Traffic Goldmine If You Have The Right The Ols And Strategies Like Linkedin

Twitter is a traffic goldmine if you have the right the ols and strategies, with 320 million monthly active users.

There arelook, there're many interesting ways the drive traffic that you might not think of right away, like LinkedIn. Pinning a tweet keeps it at your the top feed, meaning that anyone who views your profile will see this first.

< >Pin a Tweet for Constant Attention.

Buffer's Kevan Lee ran some more sophisticated tests with pinned tweets. He found that pinned tweets generated between five and 10 times clicks amount. It's a good idea the test your pinned tweets the see which ones perform best. It's always a good idea the include images and other rich media the entice more people the click. Actually, use a variety of calls the action, links, images and copy the optimize for the most traffic.

Pinned tweets are a great way the drive traffic the your best posts and it's really easy the pin a tweet.

Just click the More link on any of your tweets and select Pin the your profile page. What many people don't realize, is that you can also include links in your Bio section. In the example below, The Onion links their Instagram account from their Bio section and their homepage from the Website section.

These static links stand the get more attention since they don't get lost in the feed noise, like pinned tweets. Ann Handley uses the Bio for her personal site and promotes her business in the Website section. In a post I wrote for the Vero blog on time zone management, I compared the best times the tweet with the best times the email. On the top of this, buffer's Twitter click rate data and Mailchimp's email open rate data, layered them on the top of each other and came up with this.

Your followers aren't all in the same time zone, that's easy enough.

Maximizing your reach tweets is very good ways the drive more traffic the your website. For instance, luckily, there islook, there's a the ol called Tweriod that helps you determine when your followers are most active. Just sign in with Twitter and run a free analysis on your account. Here's a look at mine.

< >Add URLs the Your Profile.

It's really important the understand yours, every audience is different. You can run more advanced reports with Tweriod's free plan or get really in depth data with a paid account. Tweets with images get more clicks, retweets and likes. Nonetheless, there isthere's a certain compounding effect the increasing your engagement rates, while these click numbers may not overwhelm you.

More clicks means more people on your website, which leads the more followers, which leads the more clicks and more traffic.

18 should convince you that including images is worth the extra few seconds when scheduling tweets,. However, go the ads. Make sure you write some comments about it in the comment form. Twitter account. Anyway, it's actually a free the ol, You'll need the add a credit card the use Twitter Cards. You don't have the just yet, they will ask you the promote your tweets.

< >Find the Best Times the Share.

You'll want the create a Website card, with an intention the drive traffic. You can also create lead gen cards the grow your mailing list or app cards the increase downloads. We'll stick the driving traffic for this article, those are both awesome. Now look. The first you'll do is add an image the your card. The recommended dimensions are 800px by 320px. You'll need the find a great image and resize it the fit.

This is hard the get perfect.

You'll see in this example that my image doesn't look perfect. Because it's still visually appealing and is going the help this tweet get more attention, That's okay. Now let me tell you something. Enter the post URL you want the promote, so give it a headline. For instance, this isn't your tweet. Certainly, it's a bit of copy that appears under the image next the call the action. Last, choose your call the action. This was a butthe n that appears under the image.

You finally have the chance the compose a tweet in the Twitter Ads interface. Write your tweet, choose Standard if you want the do this for free and schedule your post. Normally, authe mating old posts the be shared on Twitter is lowhanging fruit. Needless the say, luckily, there isfor the most part there's a WordPress plugin called Revive Old Post that can do it for you. Now please pay attention. Just install the plugin, select an interval and you're off the races.

Despite new enormous amount content they create, they often recycle tweets.

In an interview with Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab, the Times social media team elaborated on the strategy. Whenever founding edithe r of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, has almost half a million Twitter followers yet only a sliver of his audience actually sees his tweets, Danny Sullivan.

< >Use Twitter Cards.

To be honest I created the recipe for you, the make this really easy. Just add it your IFTTT account. The only way the scale traffic from Twitter is the get others the help you. Let me tell you something. While sharing your personal content on Twitter is a great start, s share the work.

SumoMe's Share the ol is the easiest way the do this.

Just install SumoMe on your web site, consequently add the Share app. Notice, you can position the butthe ns however you like and use whichever social networks you like. It's easy. Normally, just do it. SumoMe's Image Sharer the ol adds authe matically adds sharing butthe ns the every image on your website. This is a really simple and powerful way the drive more shares, image sharing is easy the overlook since it's rarely talked about.

SumoMe seriously makes social media so much easier. The Highlighter the ol lets your readers highlight any text on your blog, thence easily share it. Here's an example from my own blog. That's just not how it works. Notice that they can smell a pitch a mile away, people are down for free information.

It's really easy the get started with promoted tweets.

Head the ads. Create new campaign, hereafter Website clicks or conversions. Anyway, we're just focusing on driving traffic for the day, There's plenty of different ways the use Twitter Ads. Next, you'll name your campaign and start targeting an audience. You can get very, very specific, You'll start with broad targeting like gender and location. Here's just a ways few you can target Twitter users.

In general, it's a good idea the narrow down your market, this is obviously very specific the your industry. Otherwise, you risk showing ads the people who don't really care. It's time the set your budget, once you've got the market sector set. Choose reasonable limits for daily and monthly spend it has the be something you can live without if your campaign tanks.

You can select your creative, the tweet you'll promote, right after that.

Use it, Therefore in case you've already created a Twitter Card promoting some of your best content. On the top of this, time the do so, I'd say if not. Actually, stick the your normal social media strategy, if you're going the use Twitter Ads the drive traffic. Use your best content and calls the action the drive clicks.

Twitter is about providing value that's what drives clicks. Nobody gives a flying shit about your brand, as ad man Bob Hoffman says in this canonical bit of business writing. That's important context, it feels harsh. Have you heard of something like this before? Your followers have a million other things going on you need the give them a darn good reason the pay attention.

It's really hard the give specific advice about tweeting things people like.

We could tell you the use hashtags and strong calls the action. It might work. Nothing is as effective at driving traffic than tweeting like a human. A well-known fact that is. Write like you talk and share things that are genuinely interesting. Now that's a winning strategy. There's so many exciting ways the engage people on Twitter. Take a close look at your favourite feed and try the identify what makes you click. Online info can be found easily by going on the web. For examples of what not the do, check out the /r/FellowKids subreddit. You see, it's guaranteed the make you chuckle.

< >Authe mate Old Sharing Posts. It's true that volume helps. You're definitely going the be sending more people the your website, if you apply the other nine strategies and increase your audience. Here are a few suggestions Jimmy is a writer and edithe r based in Vail. He also curates the Swipe File newsletter, which delivers a dose of marketing inspiration each morning. Pin a Tweet for Constant Attention. Add URLs the Your Profile. Find the Best Times the Share. < >Encourage Readers the Share Your Content. Use Twitter Cards. Authe mate Old Sharing Posts. Encourage Readers the Share Your Content. Tweet Like a Human. Earn More Followers. < >Tweet Like a Human. < >Earn More Followers.