Website Hits – From Layout To Copy To Design

Affiliate programs are an ideal way to automate your traffic generation because other people are marketing your web site for you.

Your sales increase on a daily basis but your affiliates do all the selling for you, and it doesn't cost you a dime until they send you paying customers. Essentially, I'd like to make one last point, before I wrap up this article. Over the years, I've noticed a common thread that links all our most successful clients who have internet businesses. They have all focused on implementing one or two marketing strategies really well.

There arefor the most part there're an infinite number of things you can test on website to help you increase sales, as you may already know. From layout to copy to design, there areSo there're limitless combinations of changes that may improve your visitortosale conversion rate. Nevertheless, what's enough when you're just starting out? What elements should you focus on testing before rolling out your traffic campaign, is that the case? Furthermore, you certainly don't want to leave this to chance, while the spiders do index sites and pages that haven't been submitted. Take the time to submit your website to be sure you're included. Expect it to take two to six weeks for your listing to appear, once your site's been submitted.

Every engine has a slightly different process for site submission, and it pays to follow their guidelines.

Google doesn't charge for their submission process, there's a fee to list your website in the directory at Yahoo. Here's a tip. As a result, you stand a better chance of getting a good listing on search first page results, Therefore in case you submit website exactly as they ask. Normally, my advice is, be stingy, when other businesses request links on the website. Just as links on others' sites serve as a personal recommendation of your website, links on your website are recommendations for their businesses. Certainly, only recommend the best!

The solution is simple. Buy traffic through PPC Yahoo. Besides, payperclick Google are a lot like auctions they allow you to bid for top ranking positions under keywords of your choice. Generally, for each visitor who searches the keyword you bid on and thence clicks through to the website, you pay whatever you bid. Prices typically range from five cents to a few dollars per click through for popular keywords. Make sure you write a few comments about it in the comment section. Following up with the addresses you gather is quick, easy and simple with 'email' management and automation software. Now look. You can create e mail messages called autoresponders that potential customers receive automatically as long as they optin on your website within seconds no matter what time of day it is or whether you're even at your desk!

The numberone challenge faced by 'brandnew' internet business owners is a lack of traffic.

Obviously, Therefore in case your website ain't getting any traffic, you're not generating any sales. Then, what's worse is that without traffic, you can't test your key components sales process. Therefore if you roll out a large traffic campaign before you've tested your web site to be sure it converts maximum visitors into buyers, you risk losing sales and looking unprofessional to potential business partners and affiliates. That's where it starts getting interesting. These are the four critical parts of your sales process that need to be tested before you start driving traffic. It is later on, once you've generated sales and have some steady traffic, you can move on to testing other parts of your website.

e mail other website owners in your industry be sure to choose sites that receive attention and visits from your target market and invite them to use your article on their site or in their newsletter at absolutely no cost, to locate sites that might be interested in your content. They'll be more than happy to post your articles and it won't be long before those articles start driving traffic back to your website, many site owners need fresh content. Bid on targeted, descriptive keywords. Bid on light red wool sock, don't just bid on sock. With all that said... Not only are targeted keywords and phrases usually cheaper to bid on they'll also attract more qualified potential buyers. Actually, use a keyword selection tool like Google's AdWords Keyword Tool to research targeted keywords that attract maximum traffic for minimal 'cost per click'.

You don't need to be the next Hotmail to get started with viral marketing, as you can see.

By simply encouraging people to share this resource with friends, you can attract some great wordofmouth traffic. The first step in getting a top ranking in the SE is to submit or suggest the website to them. Now please pay attention. You have to provide them with details about website. You want to make sure that the spiders automated programs that crawl the web indexing sites for the Yahoo find website and include it in the search results.

Bid to appear in the top three listings whenever possible, in Yahoo Search Marketing Yahoo, AltaVista, InfoSpace, AlltheWeb and NetZero reaching 80 all percent internet users.

This is also a great time to get started with Google AdWords Google's own PPC contender. You get instant traffic with no waiting, with Google AdWords. Your ad goes up and starts working for you, since for awhile as you put the money down on your keywords.

You want your request to be thorough and professional.

You stand a better chance of forging a connection, if you can present a persuasive argument for why the link request benefits both of you. If you're really eager to get your link on their site, be prepared to up the ante by offering them a commission or a link on your web site in return. That said, the investment will be indeed worth the extra exposure your marketing message receives. You get cheap, instant, qualified traffic provided you bid on targeted keywords, with PPC SE. Bidding on traffic in the PPC Yahoo can help website get ranked in the free SE, too, not only that.

Your articles will automatically be made available to thousands of websites seeking free, quality content and all you have to do is submit your articles once. Need an example, right? Try Hotmail. You should take it into account. At every bottom single Hotmail 'e mail' sent by Hotmail members, there's a simple one line message.

Another question is. How much time do you think it took Hotmail to include that signature line as part of their email service, am I correct? Not much at all but look at the impact this simple strategy had on their growth business. In my personal experience, more than 35 all percent e mail users have Hotmail accounts! Then again, you can be testing your key elements sales process for a while whenever two weeks from now, you can be rolling out your traffic campaign in full, even if your website is getting no traffic right now.