Website Hits – If No One’s Ever Heard Of You

 website hits

 website hitsJust so we're clear.

As Tim O'Reilly has pointed out, for most creatives obscurity is a greater threat than piracy. They won't even bother to rip you off, let alone pay for your work, Therefore if no one's ever heard of you. Be generous share more of other people's content than your favorite. That way, you not only help others you also position yourself as a goto authority, a source of cool stuff who people want to follow.

None of these methods is a quick fix.

 website hitsThey require time, effort, and persistence. The good news is the benefits are cumulative -as your blog attracts links and subscribers, as your free content gets into circulation, and as you get known as a rising star in your niche, you'll find yourself attracting more and more new visitors for every hour you spend on marketing. No, website visitors don't necessarily equal customers otherwise there'd be a lot more Internet millionaires! Read my next article on turning visitors into buyers here. On top of this, use a Creative Commons license to make it clear what people are allowed to do with the work. You can find more information about it on this site. Be sure it's something genuinely valuable. You're on the right track, Therefore if you feel slightly uncomfortable about giving away something so good. I'm sure you heard about this. Otherwise, why would anyone get excited enough to tell their friends? Consequently, don't give away the farm. I'm sure you heard about this. Make sure you have plenty in reserve products, services, artworks for the folks who want to take things further and buy from you.

There isn't much wrong with the site itself it's professionally designed, and the portfolio is full of gorgeous work. It just sits there, in an obscure Internet corner, being quietly ignored. While taking a website from zero to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month is not easy, s eminently doable as long as you recognize a harsh truth about the Internet. Then, the game changes when you start applying your creativity to your marketing it becomes more fun as well as more effective. Here are four ways to use your creativity to attract visitors right kind to your website.

< >Empowering the Creative Community.

The actual question is. Have you noticed three that tips so far, only one of them is centered around your site? You have to go out and find them, So in case you really want more visitors. Behance members weigh in on why carving out your personal artistic voice is the most important thing you can do as a creative. Now look. Whenever something you can lean back on regardless of trends and something you can sell that others can' The ultimate goal is artistic expression, and not necessarily artistic perfection, s defensible.

Social networking sites are not just for networking they are ideal places to get your content in front of other people. Use Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to share links to your content. Make use of portfolio sites like Behance to showcase your work in places where people go to look for it. Note the word ‘amazing'. Empowering the Creative Community.