What Actually Is Top-Notch Source Of Web Traffic: Analysis – Traffic Means Different Things To Different People – According To Your Niche

traffic websiteLast year I went into some deeper detail about what constitutes bad traffic so I'll just give some small amount of an overview here.

It's not a problem to track a visitor's origin, actions and exit if you are doing so from a paid Facebook campaign that uses cookies and syncs up with your personal analytics software.

Know what, I encourage you to start digging into your stats and setting up goals and campaigns to really see what actions people are taking after they have arrived on your blog from various origins, Today's analysis was not going to go into that much detail. What I'm intending to do now is look at four traffic sources from my Clicky Web Analytics and talk you through what I'm seeing.

traffic website Loads of us know that there is no point in doing all of that blog writing, outreach marketing and blogging site promotion if we just end up with visitors who do nothing except increase out bounce rate.

Google is by far and away my the best traffic source looking at the numbers of visitors. Google there's no point in ignoring it. As you can see it has a huge low bounce rate but also people aren't taking so that's a perfect statistic and tells me that the traffic itself is quite good. This might mean having multiple websites/blogs, or it should something go wrong with your website. The good thing is that on average people are spending almost five minutes reading the content. The best thing you can do I'd say if you need to go after Google traffic is just you need to have a backup plan or a safety net.

Earlier in the month Blog Tyrant got Stumbled and received a substantial influx of traffic in just a few hours.

Original Stumbler submits the article and others like the post if they enjoy what they see, This particular source of traffic works by votes. Generally, the big problem I've always had with StumbleUpon is that users are generally just mindlessly clicking through submissions using a toolbar that is installed on their browser. Sometimes you'll hit Stumble so often that you'll see And so it's that it can quite easily go viral because of the large numbers of eyes that hit your page. So this seems to be the norm for bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, and stuff You get a big hit of traffic but consequently no real long time benefits since the traffic ain't that targeted.

Here's the stats from last week's Stumble visitors.

The time on site is a lot higher than what Google Analytics reports and I suspect the traffic is quite useless. That normally means paying for it or getting some good mentions. Now regarding the aforementioned fact... The bounce rate is almost half which means you're getting lots of traffic and not many actions. Facebook is interesting since it has an organic component as well as the Facebook Ads section where you can pay for views or clicks. This format is notoriously excellent looking at the quality of traffic throughout the last week or so. The bounce rate was even lower than that which arrives by Google, as you can see they spent an average of six minutes on site. Anyways, during this time I did only one post but it was mentioned by Darren Rowse. Darren has a very active Facebook account and it clearly pushes some good traffic.

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you can use a conversion pixel which enables you to see if people have reached a certain page on your blog.

If I run an advert promoting Blog Tyrant I can stick the pixel on my sign up page and after that see how many people from that advert end up on that page. Very cool and great for removing the guess work. We are looking at really valuable sources of traffic since they have really good site promotion value, are a backing from the website itself and generally pass along traffic that is really highly relevant, in order to me.

Whenever someone links to you blog That's a fact, it's as if that blog/website is saying, Here's a really great website that I trust. The traffic is not huge but the bounce rate is among the lowest I've seen and people spend almost seven minutes on the site. It is this carries lots of weight that can often mean the traffic is highly ready for action. Moz and it has sent plenty of excellent traffic that has converted into a large number of subscribers.

Services like Teacup Analytics can and later work backwards to understand where that traffic is coming from. Often you can find little gold nuggets by looking at it like that. I'd say if you got a link in one of their posts you could try pitching to get a guest post or seeing if you're getting good traffic to one particular post therefore you might seek for to expand on that post by writing more articles or creating new bonuses that go deeper and deeper into the topic and after that adding them to original article.

I added an original infographic to my article about the perfect blog post and it has since been pinned dozens and dozens of times. However, this means that these new items going to be more gonna get shared and noticed.

traffic website

Great post! Reddit traffic is great if you sell services. With that said, google's organic traffic is better. Just let's hope you are sharing 80 of the time other people's content. Eventually, cheers! Pinterest traffic is great if you are selling products. Essentially, you can use subreddits to share your blog content and get the traffic on your email list or to contact you about the service. Crowdfunding promotion, and stuff kind of services, I'd say if you offer web design. Usually, fB traffic for collecting emails.

With an incredibly high bounce rate, sU so I was getting a few thousand visitors from there.

If it's poor quality it can so easily skew your general numbers -this approach of reviewing by traffic source is an effective way of deciding what to do next - do more of what's bringing top quality traffic. Going to try to diversify into other sources from here on out!

For me google organic traffic converts top-notch but the bounce rate isn't so awesome as yours. Other sources are linking to different websites of very similar niche and I get good traffic from there also. Look for to collect huge quantity of email addresses like you. Traffic means different things to different people - according to your niche, and your web site Facebook or twitter might be a great source of traffic, and for others not very much.

Do you know an answer to a following question. Have you had much success using Tumblr for traffic? Know what, I haven't seen many bloggers using this avenue, tumblr is providing loads of the traffic to the site. About a yr ago, I began again, now this time determined not to quit. Great info.

While bing or yahoo, if you get visitors from social sites like Facebook, Hi, Know what guys, I recently started following your blog and its nice, Reddit or Pinterest consequently you are unable to generate high earning from google adsence, thus always focus on organic visitors like from google. Looking at podcasts as a source of traffic but probably from a video first something like a training video webinar format and strip the audio into a podcast all leading to a product or service that helps the user solve a big problem for them will you also create a blog post from this and spin it through community outreach / social media, right? RMS Good postBlog Tyrant your amongst the few people on my list that I follow and read Thank you.

How good is Twitter traffic, this is the case right?

It takes some amount of time to get indexed properly. Whenever leaving comments or doing guest posts, This happens by getting mentioned on other blogs. Twitter audience. Try to find other websites that you can write on and link back to your blog. Now I am averaging about 115 new followers per day. You need more back links to your web site.

Yeah so many people seem to do well with Pinterest. As a rule of thumb, how long do you consistently need to publish content to see some decent traffic from the SE, I'm pretty sure I know this since there are tons of variables. Hasn't really impacted traffic though…. Blog Tyrant defo do get pinned a lot.

Actually I never stick to publishing schedules, in order to be honest.

Hi Ramsay, Great article, To be honest I understand that its always necessary to do some auditing about your traffic and how this leads to conversion, what I was thinking initially, now this audit make sense for bloggers who are having very nice traffic. When it comes to new bloggers who are actually struggling to get traffic anyhow.

Hello Ramsay! That's a very good information. Google first and later Facebook. On top of this, social Media is very powerful tool one can use these days. May be will say that I am getting lot of referral traffic for now but I Google and Facebook traffic is very less for now.

Nice article and I loved it.

Is the launch the most good moments to gain traction? For instance, maybe a feature like the in reality, your website is really fast without the sidebars and look for to see how that goes. Should I expect that day one will have a surge in visitors, and later it will trail off until I generate new content, right? What's an ideal general rule of thumb for steady growth, is that the case? If is because of website speed thats why you dont add sidebars to website after that, you can add the SEE ALSO feature in your posts. What does healthy website growth look like in the first month or so, am I correct? So, your website design is perfect but the reason why you dont get By the way I didn't even think about maximum pins creating backlinks to the website or blog. Essentially, I didn't even think about maximum pins creating backlinks to the website or blog. Basically, thank you for the detailed blog post.