Whatever You Do Online – The Best Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

website visits You could go as far to say that every internet user has.

There is ample reason why so many publishers show you related posts or articles. Quite a few articles previewed are often not even related publisher articles but sponsored posts. Whether it is reading your favourite news site or browsing through some blogs you like, whatever you do online, you cannot help but notice one of the issues after almost any article.

This is the case. Whenever increasing page number views, You as a visitor will spend more time on their website. Besides increasing the time a visitor spends on a website the related posts widgetcan actually make the website owner some money as well.

We agree.

website visits While doing all the work for you, You can actually install loads of WordPress related post plugins which automatically link the related articles below any new post. And now here is the question. How do you get those article recommendations below your blog posts? The question is. Furthermore, luckily, there is. Nevertheless, surely there must be a simpler solution? Besides, you could go through older posts manually, search for matching ones and after that add thumbnails and links after every new posts.

website visits

Fear not. The idea here, of course, is to give you all the information at a glance. We identified a lot of key features, put them in a table and hereupon checked each plugin for these features. This is the case. As you can see above we did what every fairly organised individual would have done facing comparing task the vast array of plugins. You don't have to do, After comparing the many plugins we decided to share our results. Then again, on the detailed review pages we also give you a handson impression and more detailed info on each plugin. Of course in no particular order, the 10 best related posts plugins forWordPress, without further ado I present to you.

Beyond a short term boost in page impressions it is really in your long period interest to make visitors read more than one article during their visit.

Well, a related posts plugin is a start. As a result, thank you for the different indepth analysis related posts plugins. You should take it into account. I've discovered monetization, personalization, and performance are three key factors people are looking at for related posts, with nRelate closing down. That is interesting. Who does not dream of turning 'drive by' Google, Twitter and Facebook visitors into loyal readers?

The post was loads of work and it's great to know you appreciate it. Related post plugins are really important for bloggers because it helps them retain their readers, gives their readers option what to do next when they have finished reading your content, and improves your bounce rate website -very important for SEO.


We built Limk as related posts widget for WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. Thanks for great article. It is speaking about plugins, usually I will try out all of them first from http.

Launched early in this year and the platform served over 500 million recommendations with hundreds of happy publishers. Good for SEO juice. Limk related posts widget is using the direct internal URLs, no redirection urls.

Mobile ready, looks great on mobile phones and tablets Bloggers can give it a shot.

Would love to help anyone to try our platform. Thank you very much for your 'in depth' article. The table helped me to compare the plugins very eficiently. Based on your post I definitely would choose Zemanta, after playing around with ARPP for a week or so.