While The Following Content Types Vary: Actionable Seo &Amp Content Marketing Tips

. One of the great things about marketing with content is the inherent SEO value of all that content. While the following content types vary, they can all increase your website's optimization. Just remember to write naturally and provide lots of value.

Creating valuable kind original blog content that increases website traffic takes plenty of time and effort, which you sometimes don't have.

One way to get around that is by curating and commenting on other people's content on your blog and social media accounts. Anyway, even a simple roundup of great information from the past week in your business counts as curation. Known discussing how to use that information or what these resources missed counts as commentary. You need both parts to make it work.

Everyone comes to you for the latter most recent information, curation and commentary can increase traffic to your website by reinforcing your position as a thought leader. You'll get plenty of referral and organic traffic, this content type marketing is also very timely. Remember, for proof this content type works, take a glance at this case study from B2B Content Engine.

You can do a lot more with your business blog than simply write.

Other types of media types, including videos, audio recordings, photos, and infographics, can increase website traffic just as much as, or even more than written content.

In fact, most content that goes viral ain't written it's visual. With that said, this infographic from HubSpot illustrates visual importance content.

Using a variety of media in your content marketing increases social sharing and is one way to provide value, which search engines love. There's a reason that sites like YouTube and Pinterest are so popular. Once you have a visitor on your site, you want to give them something to do while maintaining your high reputation as an expert, business blogs are excellent at increasing website traffic. Enter downloadable resources.

Positioning you as a thought leader, downloadable content encourages repeat visits from people who want to know what other resources you have.

You're likely to get referral traffic from partners and fans who love the resource you created, and social sharing can be very high for super useful resources. Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing, which works for lead generation by attracting prospects to you via your website, social media, or blog. By the time prospects come to you, they are already qualified to become leads and eventually customers.

Email is a great way to use your content, and can be very effective for getting new leads and customers. You do have to have permission to send them your content. Then, downloadable resources, invitations to webinars, or sales pitches without getting permission and developing a relationship with them first, that is definitely spam, if you send prospects your enewsletter. Giving free stuff is a great tactic to increase our website traffic. Also in social media marketing, email marketing, display marketing and even relationship marketing, content marketing is vital to success, not only in SEO.